Chapel Hill reacts to UNC's NCAA championship win

A look inside the UNC Dean Dome just before fans celebrate the 6th Men's NCAA basketball championship.
4:33 | 04/04/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chapel Hill reacts to UNC's NCAA championship win
A everybody I'm on in the live in New York the latest now what are the biggest sports story we are following for you. Redemption was the word of the day yesterday for the UNT Tar Heels the today. It's celebration we're gonna go live now it's at Chapel Hill where Anjelica out whereas it's a waiting for the conquering our yields to return home after picking up another NCAA men's national championship. And just imagining people there are a little bit excited now. Together they like it was last night when that buzzer went off we. Paul banner set up it says 2017. National champs they're going to be lined up sitting on that stage along with their coach ready to hear from fans stands. Believe Marty saw a lining up outside here at the dean down. When I tech on the line a little bit ago it wasn't. As long as we thought it might be the we know everyone had a really late night last night celebrating. On Franklin street and hardy campus so we are here we are waiting adding trying to get some more information about what to expect in tonight's program but we're told everyone. Planning the party is up in the air with the team so we are going to be stating by apparently waiting right along with and then waiting here to celebrate. Our right you guys are in the right spot and we're gonna stick with video and hopefully see them about later but give it and the like it was like. Last night for anyone who remembers the year before you and seeking its clothes and got beaten in an absolute buzzer beater by Villanova still last night. Could not have felt any better for that team while the celebrations like right there. You know I really sad steaming out sat on Franklin street every bar every restaurant is packed full of people any or even pouring out seek its evil. Peeking in windows watching a little bit TDs and that they could just watching their reactions yard he could tell it's happening in the game that directly watching the game and then when you. That. Cheer starting getting louder aid to see erupted into district. You okay. We just want we are national champions here at UNC they just started pouring into the street. Along with having safe side first and foremost by Yang who is Hugh but to build up to lasted hours we stock. Without kids climbing street's large trees rather we saw them climbing street poles and traffic scientific climate they were going up but the celebration was. Happening in and so many different. Angelica I think we're seeing some of that video now the celebrations for the last 98 and as you pointed out it must've been a sight to see a do want to point everyone out there. Dot com I think we have some really cooled to rodents lynch. From last night when those crowds first poured out. It took Franklin streets though it's it's a cool cool thing to check out. But and not give us a sense of what it was like especially from last year leading into that last night's. Championship this must've been. So highly anticipated there what are you hearing from folks on the ground there. You know we're talking to expand a lot of them are saying that they they were there last year watching. Eight. And they lost and they came back to frank ST to re watch the arc to watch this year's game. And they were saying you know again we're just not coming back they must be some bad luck charms a single computer a lot of echoing last night. People just really looking forward to win it did not want to see a repeat of coming so close and then locking away with no change in check this out. Sallyann it's always now lot of excited and they were hopeful that alliant there's lot of nerves up and down. Franklin street and wherever we went we also read a watch party over the weekend there's liners there there is nerves. All -- going up until last night's game. Call the nurse I'm sure just floated away when that final buzzer went off Angelica Alvarez thank you so much for joining us live there from Chapel Hill in North Carolina. And they tell you for joining us of course remember you can always go to for more on that story and many others hang right here for the latest live streams. I'm ominous taas and be back in.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"A look inside the UNC Dean Dome just before fans celebrate the 6th Men's NCAA basketball championship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"46577568","title":"Chapel Hill reacts to UNC's NCAA championship win","url":"/Sports/video/chapel-hill-reacts-uncs-ncaa-championship-win-46577568"}