Hockey-obsessed boy who lost foot to cancer back on the ice

Bretton would not let losing his foot to cancer to stop him from playing hockey.
2:54 | 11/03/17

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Transcript for Hockey-obsessed boy who lost foot to cancer back on the ice
Victories are Peru's on the ice retired. Every hockey player nodes it. And knew what has fought harder to win it all out of this in Britain Chitwood. Again flawed site. And so I'm I never knew. Britain was a scrappy center for nearly a decade the fifteen months ago he slid on its feet. For the final time. This was his last practice with the renegades. So well. Before doctors would he would complete his foot. Britain was just beginning his battle with bone cancer. He needed thirty rounds of chemotherapy and six surgeries. And every day and meets the pain he dreamt of returning to the rink. Alice the hardest part about you know I mean I I saw my friends continuing the hockey career. And I wanted to play so batten. So we battled first to walk again you. And he did. And tonight he's taking the next step. In front of proud parents I can't believe actually hear what he's a hockey player this is where he needs to be. In customs skates Britain suited up with one goal to skate with his team again but. The seventeen year old was off balance and puff and exhausted. And loving every second of it or not democratic not yet but it can be like how used to be a pathetic bill back. Kids who changed break. Good I seen him become millions through all this knows dying of cancer about it still laughable his humor. Is still a staple of his recovery. We come rub my right. Until I don't know it's amazing and come on. I mean this has been an amazing ride after. And it's hardly over. In August doctors found three more tumors on Britain's lungs he needed yet another surgery. But right now with he shows no evidence of disease. I've lived for every day that we can't say that he is infantry this. They've thrown in the toughest times. Won't either a fighter. Armed and all the odds I mean I I'd look at him he's my son Britain hopes to become the first UT VN HL. I just. Please anybody could do that this did it but the truth is by no hurts no matter the outcome of any game on the ice. Britain chip would. Until ready more. In Bellingham he'd come. Lot of stuff yet but we'll leave.

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{"id":50910817,"title":"Hockey-obsessed boy who lost foot to cancer back on the ice","duration":"2:54","description":"Bretton would not let losing his foot to cancer to stop him from playing hockey.","url":"/Sports/video/hockey-obsessed-boy-lost-foot-cancer-back-ice-50910817","section":"Sports","mediaType":"default"}