Former MLB pitcher Ron Darling on new book, Lenny Dykstra and MLB

Former baseball star Ron Darling discusses his new book, Lenny Dykstra's response and the 2019 baseball season.
21:07 | 04/02/19

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Transcript for Former MLB pitcher Ron Darling on new book, Lenny Dykstra and MLB
Ironic or joining ABC Sports Radio I'm Eric Malo alongside. Someone you may know for a long time baseball fan if you watch basically pricing them on TV. And if you're for the Mets like I do you deathly know who we will seize a former Major League pitcher Ron darling and he was kind enough to set with a city BC Sports Radio today to discuss his latest book 108 stitches and some of baseball's early story lines run this is very exciting make so much for joining us well thank you so much for how men really appreciated that so this is the book right here Rhonda seizing your first book it's actually her third in second. And really the pats like to which years so what did you write this one specifically. This is a one that a kind of want to write but I wanted to make sure I have a little more experiences. To talk about. Kind of my stuff on the field. Well this certainly is on the field also but it's also almost forty years of of one the full characters people who have. Poppy lot. Ends and some other navy. You know some unseemly things that. Certainly others and I've been involved than her. So can fans expect Mars this the Ron darling trilogy is at the finish well I I don't know the that's a that's a good question. I enjoy the process of writing Obama's on the lot of time alone on the road. On the seems to be a passion that I like to take up time. That being said. I don't know why I think it's very organic writing books are either in your brain or they're not end. And you act accordingly and. Oh through a lot of individual players is up personal accountability you talk a lot about. Roger McDowell sand ticks. We've heard about letting Daschle get on and a little bit era in hints its air Lloyd use it in your time playing so. Was part of the reason you wrote this book a nod tube major league baseball players take today to consider. Being more thoughtful about their actions or reactions and conduct as ballplayers or something do you wish you wouldn't. Well I think that there were a lot of random acts that players. Like myself I can speak for anyone else. Oh would love to have back you know one of the ideas for the book was underneath it chooses. And we stitches go around baseball. One of the stories to. Out because of their connectivity. And and I think you're right about the same thing was not only you know genteel fund kind of ha Haas stories. Also you know anyone that's my age when you look in retrospect. On your life you'll see. A lot of things are proud of and something silly enough so proud of and listen million not today at today's skies because I think they Acton and they. And that and a great way. I think they're a ball first other things second. And and that's a good thing of includes left became in the hands of some new Leah. Thoughtful people her well. Staying on that topic in expanding a little bit beyond the book are also at a point with athletics whether we look at Colin camper next. And in this age of social media. You know I think about adds I was reading this I was thinking about you know Josh Peters tweets from last year that were uncovered I was thinking about Bruce Maxwell. Kneeling and he's the only baseball player to date. April 2 or in the morning and April 2 that as kneeled. Com and I wonder just as someone who still very involved in the game as a broadcaster and in you talk with these players. It's easy and logical for players to say no I don't get paid to eke out this is part of my Johns know how hard is it today. To find that balance in did you encounter that often in your area as. The I think in in my error when things were said and done you had to let them roll off your back because. It just wasn't. Allowed to speak out. Thumb that being said this book was probably written right at the beginning or sort of the be written right at the beginning of this. Entire cloned cabinet. Or deal with the NFL. I think we're looking Colin whatever the size and you are on I think it's incredibly brave what he's chosen to do. Jeopardize his career over something he believes and very few athletes including myself my day would ever to that. And that I admire imports and in that kind of avenue. Of writing the book with that in the air. I think you maybe think of other things. We just talked about this you mean person I don't want a mole on muddied picture as we said this is not when he decked. Ron darling spoke and has a lot more content in it but we've seen in the headlines recently. Yell Lenny Dykstra has responded to comments he made about him and allegations. Comments that he made while he was a player. Did you expect this type of reaction when you wrote this and what was it like being there for you Martinis being Wynette had personality. DL we'll just explained groups who. People you know this book was. Forty years in writing. Movies kind of things than just hop into my head. They've been resonating there for years. Much never chosen to talk about them I'm on TV every single night panel formed to talk about them. I never have I thought this oak would be a place. I think the visceral reaction that led Lenny has had. And I can't speak for lining. Maybe to me means so he's a different person than he was in the past maybe feels different about things than he has in the past. And maybe. This makes them feel bad and the very oh awful way. Member who my intention. My intention was it was my book. It and it been in my head for a long time. And tonight I just needed cathartic wise to. To went Tia and to. And that's really where it came from there was no intention. 200 Lenny what I was trying to explain as we're speaking earlier. Is that you know 37 years ago. The atmosphere. And dug outs and locked rooms. Meant many times was. An awful place. To be. And I know that for myself. Players are much more aware of much more intelligent much more. Hearing of each other. And not as mean so you know it's something that. Popped in my head it's it's in their forever. An amazing memory never been accused of among a mind of lying or my veracity ever in my life. And now so. That is so it it is what it is. I think clemens' reaction is his reaction. And that I can't do anything about that all it's into his. Is hope folks see it or it is what I hear what I've seen. In the history of my time in forty years is that it's in my brain forever. And you be cleared to spoke. No hopefully. At some point will be a move on metal could be a planning. Her well hold on to the next question here and a stalled in baseball seem to go hand in hand in. Up for a lot of reasons why and there are a lot of heartfelt moments a lot of things that you look back on very fondly and clearly your time the ball player was Foreman is enjoyable sometimes not so enjoyable but he taught you a lot and I'm curious you know. And passing steroid air continued steroid era tweets big contracts different strategies employed by manager's does baseball. There's still a purity in the game that you talk about so much and. Yeah I think there is I think and you know you can pick apart all the little things in the game but did via. No the game itself is still as beautiful if it ever was homeless and moved them around back to feed. It's I think it's just one of the most beautiful games ever so past floral. And to be some things that are changed. Oh absolutely. I think you know people talk over time became. Pacing team I don't know why the Q volume young people. The attitude that you can't. Pay attention five he can guys pay attention. As well or better than them than my generation so. But there's certainly. Things that we to do. Two make the game better and a lot of that honesty starts with a team that doesn't start with the legislation of the game for example. Last year there were 41. A complete games or more but somewhere rain shortened. 41 complete games than the average time it came was two hours twenty minutes so if you wanna speed up the game. And your biggest strongest athletes that you pay the most probably let them stay out on the mound the long. And I think this far is pace of play is concerned. Three true outcomes in Al strikeout. Walk in the home run up in something that have really been a big part of the game and a big part of this first month. I've noticed since spring training with a lot of ball clubs a lot of talk. About going back to threatening to strike hitting all of those things I think it'll be difficult in the short run yes for. This tighten this hitter today. To make that adjustment really quickly. But I think that when you get that feeling and you start employing it in the young release from the trouble ball all that stuff. Well we're gonna reap all those benefits oh for the next generation players. Everything and now. Could I millennial bellows friends here spelled on message theft. Now I paid attention. Press. So I'm curious though because I just spoke recently we've had the ball players in the end we just had Tommy John and here's old grave and his son it was a lot of I I eight absolute logged in Wheaton son wrote that book right a response reasons affinia here a united paper corresponding and it's really interesting so they talked about Tommy Johnson and I just recently spoke with them on the phone with Steve Dari and he economy and mines last year it made me laugh about millennial baseball and strikeout rate. Com which you just alluded to and I'm curious is that something that's. You thing that's happening at the youth level in his it's it's being reflected in Major League hitters or is that something that Major League Baseball has taken a step to you know. Rebel power particularly. You know assuming that we're not austerity air anymore but you know from promote power in you know not worried asthma attack. You know baseball like moths most things I think you can follow the money. And I think today's player. You know looks and and and coaches also look at what gets paid you know with kids paid his guys to be controlled 95 miles an hour. And you're 1819 years old you're gonna get paid a lot of money can you get people out wall that's secondary. Natural power Kenneth balled the ballpark you very very attractive and the players know that. So until they start. Understanding of paying her defense and paying for to strike kidding. And all of those things. Clubhouse presence leader all of those things. Until they start thinking about that then is going to be a little harder for those guys to change. On a 320. One way to do it. Probably a lot of whole. And semi theory. This baseballs one of the few sports without assess. And may be. You could start thinking about getting a guy over getting the guys in sacrificing could be assists. Like so that at the end of the year. A brave be able to use this mystical analysis. Play that is not a home run that is not a strikeout that is not on percent on base percentage walk. And the player that plays the game. In a team first mode will be rewarded for interest eight. And you know you talk about that it's kind of like the holds now for relievers and you talk about following the money that summing it they negotiate contracts now you know it's and as many holds name and that's mania says. Is that if he struck out he ended up and AAA. Another strikeout his not thought of in that way because with two strikes is still trying to maximize your exit velocity and and power. I think they're gonna come off that I really do think nom we saw the Astros and seventeenth. World Series winner the least amount of strikeouts and baseball. Same with the Red Sox last year and they had what 43 of 46. I think a team's gonna really look at. Real quick before a rapt just a few. A contingent sorry of young everyday players. Seeing that happen for the Mets makes you smile. And sprinkled in there are assumes. You know cagey veterans like Wilson Ramos and will Robinson to know. And they stay on the field that's a question you know. It's a dollar hasn't been able to get on the field yet. Are starting pitching of course is something that most teams would love. Pooled their bullpen rebound from the third horse theory last year and really rebound because of the waited replenished it. Lot of ifs and if this happens in this happens when this happens. That things can happen but. As the Mets are a good place. A are in the division where this four teams and who if they don't win the division. Are you going to be angry. You might get a couple teams that are unhappy but one will say maybe I can use that muzzle on jumping off as a while Clark. I really see that happening in in the NL east of the these guys gonna butt heads. And 86 and 76 to win that division and so a I'd like to mets' chances as as well as some like Philadelphia's chances. As well as I'd like. Washington's chances. All click. It is a weird division some Beers adding it's really bad than others and it's really given this seems like a real powerhouse. Not retooling. This is taken a couple of years to restock. A quick I'll ask you I'm looking at the overall and Albie picture. One team that's gonna surprise this year one team attendant does point and one teenage you think really has the best shot at the world. Knew not request and I think they're young pitcher burials is gonna have a you know a breakout year it's easy for you say excellent quality in two batters hitting an anti. Some jumping on the bandwagon but said that before the season started I just think he's a special. A tolerance I think to Minnesota Twins with a new manager we've seen approve a new managers can now in candid done. As far as. A disappointment. And it's hard to say this now mound jumping off the bandwagon. And I was thinking that the Los Angeles Dodgers could be a team that a disappoints. Only because. Our aren't going to be difficult for them to overcome in the short run to they have tons of town guests who hit the ball ballpark probably better than anyone else. In the National League. Not the best and I also think the Rockies are coming. Good that the Rockies are an up and coming team to Murphy entry of courses really gonna hurt and that's on the figured out how to. Out of Pittston the last question will Orleans the World Series. I think we're gonna end up with same time the teams are thinking and end up with. Best teams in the American League you're going to be the Red Sox and the Yankees and Houston I think they're the best of all the teams in the came. I think you're gonna see some surprises. And the and the other side. Milwaukee is quite a team although I think accounting course naval out. Will affect it at some point. I think the club's aren't strange position. They're either gonna have a a breakout year or a disastrous year I'm not figured out. Plate yet but I think the Rockies. Our our my pick to to Medicaid big move I think panera. A pretty amazing team and I think whoever comes out of the NL east because of the competition. Is going to it is going to go along when the post. Yet it could be an 86 when Tina gets the World Series with that this agreement so where we only have a a minute or so left a real quick again your book is one underneath stitches this leaking her talk about him you're displeased and and the message of what you know they can expect from the Balkan what you hope they take. In this book just trying to tell some stories about some of the characters. In my own time and baseball. Warts and all excellent. Ron darling former MLB pitcher former all star and now a every time author. I think you so much for taking a pianist and speak and ABC's or to thank you so much appreciated yet a Q and brown will be out promoting his book I will be right here thank you so much or by for watching and listening all talky. UC.

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