Former U.S. soccer midfielder talks equal pay debate

ESPN's Julie Foudy explains why the U.S. women's soccer team's fight for equity and equal pay has been a decades long battle.
5:25 | 08/19/19

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Transcript for Former U.S. soccer midfielder talks equal pay debate
Some guys were moving to the US women's soccer team who fought hard to defend. Did this year's people World Cup. But one fight continues and that's for equal pay for example the prize money for the women's World Cup is thirty million dollars across alt when he fourteens. And the prize money for the men's World Cup in 2018. 400 million but that was just with fifa. This week last week the women had a mediation between the team. And the US soccer federation that didn't go so well in the champions walked out so where is the fight now on I wanna bring it ESPN's Julie Saudi. Julie did you see you I'm so. This this case is heading to court right. Well and they won't say that necessarily talking to spokesperson from US soccer actually this morning in he says that she you know we don't have any formal mediation plan right now. But that doesn't mean that that process has played out entirely on the mediation side that we could send proposals we could work touring towards it. And if that doesn't work then a trial and going to court is obviously the path they will take but I think that. Eventually there. They know US soccer that there are on the wrong side of public opinion right now. They will try and work something out. And just for everyone who's watching can you just remind us of how long. This fight is actually been going on. Well it's interesting I'm back in the days and I've played so way back. You know in the ninety's we were we were having this fight and it was more for equitable treatment rather than equal pang. And it was something that wasn't just and still to this day is the same argument is not just about compensation obviously. It's about equal investment equal marketing equals staffing I mean there's so many elements to it but this is a fight that's been going on for very long time. The difference is this time three months before the World Cup the players put that flag in and said all right we're gonna sue are in employers. And for equal hang. And it we're gonna play a World Cup you know with this lawsuit pending over our heads of all those distractions. And really fight for what they believe they deserve an equal thank. So. Julie I want to ask you YE. Is it so tough to reach an agreement why is this that's a difficult situation. Well it it it it's interesting because a lot of you have the pool of money that US soccer pays both national teams the men and the women. And it's. They US soccer have gotten much better at how they pit pay the women with that pool of money. Meaning. How much they pay them to play for the national team how much they pay them in terms they give them insurance coverage they give them. Pregnancy leave they. Have all these other things injury protection that the men don't have because the women wanted it structured that way so the way they pay the men and women is different structurally so that's why it's hard to equated. But really the sticking point in all of this I think is the fifa bonuses see you're mentioning off the top Kimberly how different the bonuses are paid out by fifa. That's money that comes directly to US soccer fifa doesn't pay the players. They pay US soccer. And so what happens is for example when the men. Got two in 2014. World Cup. They got to the round of sixteen forgetting to the round of sixteen feet that paid US soccer nine million dollars just to get to the round a sixteen. When the US won the very next year 2015. For the women's side. The US one and people only paid US soccer two million dollars C conceded disparity right there in fifa bonuses because people argue well the men make so much more money. The men as revenue is in the billions whereas the women are only making in the million so we can't pay out for the men sorry for the women like we can the men. So US soccer then turns around and says to the women who we can't pay you the equal amount of bonuses because we don't get the same. And so that's the big sticking point is what's gonna happen with that feed them money because the players contend that US soccer is passing on discrimination and that my is money they control. And that they should gate equal pay to what the men get US soccer contends that feat has not given them that money it and they don't have that money to give to the players. And that's going to be the interesting thing that I think is the last sticking point in all this and how it that's gonna turn out in court. Hiding is going to be the big issue. Yes no doubt a big sports story but. Before we go we have to talk about where you actually are right now on so can you give us an idea what you're standing in front. Confess that's. I am the greatest sporting event I cover and let her out Olympics and World Cup's and all sorts of fun Special Olympics MEI cover some great events. But that Little League World Series here in Williamsport Pennsylvania. This so much fun because you have. 1011 and twelve year olds that are playing here. To trying become Little League World Series championship eight and national team's eight domestic teens from all over the United States. And there is a joy to this event there's so much fun in energy and passion and it takes you back to your days when you're playing. It's one of the best things I covers so I'm here at Little League World Series I'll be probably sliding down that hill today at some point because oh my job requires. Got it eating of hot dogs. Cornell odds writer Lori knows the best gig. That's gig ever. I love it living your best life on ESPN's Julie found evening views so much for being with us we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"ESPN's Julie Foudy explains why the U.S. women's soccer team's fight for equity and equal pay has been a decades long battle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"65057631","title":"Former U.S. soccer midfielder talks equal pay debate ","url":"/Sports/video/us-soccer-midfielder-talks-equal-pay-debate-65057631"}