3D Cameras: Practical Tool Or Techie Gimmick?

From body scans to furniture measurements, ABC's Tina Trinh found new uses for the high-tech cameras.
3:07 | 03/23/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 3D Cameras: Practical Tool Or Techie Gimmick?
There is here tonight we live in a 380 were also wouldn't make sense that our cameras see what we see it now more than ever think really do that three cameras are servicing everywhere making there. Way into the living room even onto our mobile devices that are tech contributor Tina trek shows us the very late. McCartney into the accident diet and David Lum is about to have his picture taken and in order to capture the best shot have to get as close to them kids as possible. It's a 3-D body scans that captures nearly every curve milk into Kinney of his brain. Tech start up body Lance is behind me up close and personal photo session there work to create the most accurate 3-D models of the human body. A lot of the experiences you have in the world the blues considers. That this season you've taken to relate to your body shifts away urgency on the plane and wore a dress that you're wearing that don't exist and beat. Into your body kick. Capturing an analyzing three shots of real bodies the start of this working with groups like the US army then what I understand it but maybe it's something my body donor whose benefit had they need to adapt their designs of comedy we didn't come back we hate us yeah. History will follow the body understands human host machine. How can move power relates to other people it's really a proxy for true human body. Three. With devices that determine dad this is Dell's latest tablet it's the venue 87000. And it actually has three cameras and attack which taken all together creates a photo with depth perception. That means if you're out saved shopping for furniture you could snap a picture of it you know actually give you the dimensions that couch that you're looking at. I'm tried to gains of pictures of stuff for an office we'll see how it measures up I get some mixed results with the tablet some measurements come really close to exact and others are. Its way through according to that photo I just take his TV is five feet nine inches across but in reality life. Trying more like a little longer to happy the technology may need some tweaking. But it's an exciting snapshot of the things to come and in the real world where bodies in objects have real curbs in May just be time to see in 380. And we're starting to see all kinds of applications being developed for these high tech cameras from health and fitness. To fashion in the games look atlas is Belgium's though. It's a that was one of the ideas that was for another by body labs and imagine going to the gym and each time you at the gym. You get a 380 scan of a picture of your body. After your work out there right now actually had to work out for this trend toward Tuesday's yeah. I don't know how I'm trying to get to see how your bar shaped changes and hopefully you know you get. Figured to smaller than yet here. Yeah. Those that don't that's what I like out of them for fashion firm when you're online to write for custom fitted shirts and dresses this means an even batter. Custom tailored. Outfit for you an agency as these cameras get better and better really the possibilities are endless. How bright Tina trend thanks so much for joining he's got.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"From body scans to furniture measurements, ABC's Tina Trinh found new uses for the high-tech cameras.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"29835095","title":"3D Cameras: Practical Tool Or Techie Gimmick?","url":"/Technology/video/3d-cameras-practical-tool-techie-gimmick-29835095"}