Amazon Launches $50 Android Tablet

Amazon introduces an inexpensive 7-inch Fire tablet.
0:53 | 09/18/15

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Transcript for Amazon Launches $50 Android Tablet
Hey guarantees tech bytes Amazon's new low priced tablets it features a seven inch screen front and rear facing cameras and. Price tag of just fifty dollars it goes on sale September 3. T-Mobile and sprint are expanding international coverage plans both wireless carriers. Just added dozens of destination Spencer both companies include free texting and cheaper calls and Pennsylvania mom is taking a baseball to make a leader her son at. Was just gone off to college. Connie. Do you remember me. I'm your money me. I gave birth to you know. Or and Pinto McCartney posted this video after not hear from her son for three weeks has 300000. Views in just two days a lesson. Call your mama don't take two minutes today more than two minutes. The Izard tech by its.

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{"id":33854199,"title":"Amazon Launches $50 Android Tablet","duration":"0:53","description":"Amazon introduces an inexpensive 7-inch Fire tablet.","url":"/Technology/video/amazon-launches-50-android-tablet-33854199","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}