Apple Likely to Cut iPhone 5c Price

Apple launches new 8GB version of iPhone 5c.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Apple Likely to Cut iPhone 5c Price
In today's tech -- lots of apple news today there are reports that it's releasing a new version of its colorful but struggling iPhone 5 -- today with eight gigabytes as opposed to sixteen or 32 games. That would likely mean a lower price. It looks like word and PowerPoint are coming to the -- patent Microsoft will reportedly unveil the iPad version of the office software suite later this month. No word yet on how much it'll cost. Apple is reportedly working on a new health and fitness -- Nine to five -- reports that helped book will help users track their vital stats sleep and activity. -- expected to be unveiled as part of the upcoming IOS eight update. And after 24 years in orbit the high tech Hubble space telescope is still taking incredible images like -- of stars being born. NASA says the pictures offer hints of what another satellite -- to be launched in four years will deliver. Those -- tech -- I'm Marcy Gonzales.

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{"id":22951536,"title":"Apple Likely to Cut iPhone 5c Price","duration":"3:00","description":"Apple launches new 8GB version of iPhone 5c.","url":"/Technology/video/apple-cut-iphone-5c-price-22951536","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}