Self-driving cars in Paris

ABC News' Molly Hunter takes a ride in a self-driving car through the streets of Paris.
5:24 | 10/17/18

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Transcript for Self-driving cars in Paris
Hey guys that night and there inherits you're watching ABC news by the we've got eight. Different kind of well adventure feet today we aren't taking a drive. But no hand self driving car. It's coming out about it and maybe bring my heart rate at that is young of us out. I mean really America. Do you think media Valeant they do not the technology and you know that she tells someone who might be a little ancients and her pants and sweat even by Pampers dry. It's really welcome. I think food cellular guy always do it themselves being able to drive. You know than a minute in such definitive position as in Paris. Think get nutrition at this themselves himself you know you don't think we're doing it says Phil. I know you. I appreciate everything fat and fat enough to keep I think. A student return guaranteed. They can carry on until the other 55 engine else we drive that and get they vote this which. In a couple of muted student assistant there anyway you that's what they're does this decision and we just assure you. What is behind this some says it hasn't been brains. Did you hit. Standard laptop that's supposed to give me confident they stand I was not a young the other guys have been through them. Well we love theme wish me luck let's got. I am extremely back. IRA it. So that grew. It's not recipient doctor Leon I'm here leave comments and hearing the case and anything right. Everything I had everything. It's an hour here we are just cruising totally relaxed. I really so that. I wish you didn't get kids was unbecoming have bikes and helped it to NASA on the supposed to but they do. For the goth kick consistency distance so what makes this so different than anything else on the market. Just because this. They've cellular must patient's own cells could cause a spirited if you have gone better windows people. Everywhere in the granite possession of social. That's it we've gone and an expanded Bloomingdale's. How many years do you think every car. In Paris had every guy particularly on time with the riff justification for open and goes we go on terrorism through my confidence is growing. So this would be unique situation because though on welcoming job we. I. If there. Everybody on how to do. I think I'm column there is a big band coming and source like garlic is an individual news no moron hey I'm I'm just glad we have out there that we have yeah that is. And star is writing good his sister's situation. You'll see it's still so what happened and explain what I love that everything fans coming is guess it was a reckless driver. Hello I'm. And I think. We've. He's in a drive. When any doubt that I mean I prefer that asthma. I don't know well coming right at the timing Sherry. You appreciate because it is for yeah. So rebel we've seen. Has basically just us little Smart Paris the last thing that yellow light and here we are not stopped eight feet safely behind China act. Hey guys this is a reference to real intersection we've gotten bad over there on pension. And we'll hopefully I'll out of bed. Slightly by air. You can all enjoy the ride. It's just that this risky because you don't think if they just and people can have put it on odd into that kind of morning pregame. Prison until he melt but to them. I think it would be very freaked out I was driving and looks over and the guy next week but there was temasek not just reading through like that motto tonight for signing it. Comes into the history. We're finally. Explains they're not crazy kid at what they like from my parents to teach me how to drive with others coming in kind of don't ready to reach children and with the site and. So this is it against you refuses deal of that yeah. They were getting thank you. That maybe I'll listen I'm I'm sorry. Apparently survived that mean streets of parent has. This technology they Tommy is developing so quickly and we'll hopefully be in cards available actually on the market. To buy and Jack a couple of years very sin is where it. That he is that things so much for joining us on our little joy right thank I'm I had her in parent you're watching ABC news.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter takes a ride in a self-driving car through the streets of Paris.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"58563951","title":"Self-driving cars in Paris","url":"/Technology/video/driving-cars-paris-58563951"}