Electric Cars: Avoid Paying at the Pump

Tina Trinh looks at some of the electric cars on display at the New York International Auto Show.
3:40 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for Electric Cars: Avoid Paying at the Pump
Gas prices continue to rise more water makers exploring alternative ways to get around that's right ABC's tech contributor -- train visited in New York auto show and check out some of the cars that could have you bypassing the -- These days the high cost of filling up seems unavoidable. Keep chasing this. The idea behind a growing number of all electric cars that -- only run on batteries no gas required. A live person yet pricey but behind me is the Mitsubishi I need which is probably one of the cheaper ones you're gonna find but the starting price at 29000. So in the federal tax rebate and -- -- get that dissect down even a little lower while conventional cars might be cheaper initially. Electric vehicles get and it's saving you more in the long run. If this is the traditional gas guzzling -- -- -- it would get a 112 miles just one gallon of gas. Italian automaker Fiat is releasing an all electric version of their popular Fiat 500 this -- I'm sitting inside the Fiat 500. The fighting -- 87 miles on one charge and even has his own apt to hope he keeps tabs on the battery level. The F takes away any insight you may have -- and are being charged. College of surgeons what -- Rangers of these particular point and you can also plan your roots in the -- can make it there and one check. Plucking hybrids are another type of -- that are part gas in part electric. This is the Ford Fusion energy which is Ford's plug in hybrid car and has both a traditional gas -- And apply in port for the batteries. A button in the car lets you switch TEV. -- electric. You can actually choose whether you go all electric. Part of the time has -- -- -- tying them. All of -- time yup and articulate cards news this little she is the most division of Korea. With plug in hybrids drivers get the best of both worlds and can switch to traditional gas engine for longer tricks -- What's -- on the roads the car's -- can help you locate charging stations for now mr. Evers who find it easier to charge at home. -- more on the makers and consumers get on board. This could be the future gas station. Tina -- and ABC news New York. Upsides to the electrical our slot and -- let's talk about the downside yet there are some I'm not a fan at all. Putting gas in my car -- elected three or four. Minutes that it takes I'm just not a man hey my kind of look better than my favorite jet there but here's the deal with these nice towards Jackson little things that. Around here if you can't -- -- you gotta sit around for hours to get recharged that would be -- apparently you can. And -- often just plug in for a few minutes. Has to do the whole thing it does take hours and listen to this also. There 8000 these these electric up what insights yeah they're a 150000. Gasoline stations to find that a quarter of those 8000 plug -- sites are in California. How so we can be hard to find them -- got. Finance everywhere in the embassy. -- electric cars and jewelry royal. The germ of the idea it's a good -- is still without power grid in national power grid -- everybody went electric tomorrow guess would be able to handle so. Baby steps. Anymore eventually get their but for people like me who not only evil and don't like to put gas that we until the very last drop is in the car before you go to -- -- say that's not good on the way home right now it is a few objectives it won't bug. Now my report card that really don't treat them well they're not the -- from me they're gonna get better and I'll eventually -- -- your heart which is what everybody should act that is solid story.

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{"id":18877171,"title":"Electric Cars: Avoid Paying at the Pump","duration":"3:40","description":"Tina Trinh looks at some of the electric cars on display at the New York International Auto Show.","url":"/Technology/video/electric-cars-avoid-paying-pump-18877171","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}