Fitness Tech

ABC's Tina Trinh looks at apps that can help you get in shape with or without fancy electronic fitness devices.
5:04 | 12/26/14

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Transcript for Fitness Tech
This time of here when that many of us might be discovering that we enjoyed Iran's. Maple glazed ham way too much we doubled to wait too much a now's the time to work off. Some of those extra pounds here which some fun fitness apps to get us off the couch and moving again as ABC tech contributor Tina trend right now and picking out as a little premature guest as we still have to go through Christmas Day. Dinner but yet needs to start thinking about it. We shed and he hung up. I'll be in the person and I'm milling on into this. Exercising being inspired you to meet doesn't perhaps in the mix in you the game took and so the first wanted to talk about his called speed probe. Multiplayer. And I had a history here in its. About really inviting really nice bright colors I really let the user interface looks like crusher yeah. Cooley read it but what I what is that you can do any activity from walking or running to biking anything that gets you moving because it uses GPS tracking to basically. Tracking you as you're moving back and keeps track of how much distance you cover and how much time. And the fun part is that you get to challenge your friends to us something as simple as like. A five minute walk. About basically around the block and see who can do it faster veterans and other aircraft any. I don't keep tabs on that to you I mean hey Karen you're covering your justice you're lifting something they prayed. Saying you can tell sends up sign and walk around the block that you know and then keep tabs on who did. But who won faster need each other and motivation I think is is kind of keen than competing with your best beds and seeing you can like keep each other's butts I think that's kind of like what gets. Some people going so mean they're motivated by yes yes mrs. you have to count we have to. Have a little bit of motivation that maybe your imagination is beer so that's my intent is nearing. So if you have no clue on the other hand what you need to do I am recommending the Nike plus training club which is awesome because it has over a hundred different workouts full yen to what's really cool is that. That eight are partnering with. Pro athletes like greasy goal that you see here she's a pro figure skater. And you think could basically do workouts that are inspired by and sometimes even led by pro athletes like Serena Williams Maria Sharapova. So. Can you need inspiration to get in your rear in gear and you can just start with with the Nike plus training club and isn't free. Thanks Tony think that's that's part. And that I didn't really cool thing is that you can actually stream these workouts to your TV wirelessly if you haven't apple TV at home or. Google Chrome cast you can actually stream from your mobile device whether it's a phone or air tablet. Straight to your TV. And work out in the comfort of your living room so I really like that and didn't really. Comprehensive in terms of you know the types of workouts and how long you need to do them for they have instructional videos as well too so it's a really good starting point for. Somebody has no clue who he estimated Shantee an insanity when you have that aids clinic so. Next step. Is Jim surfing this is really cool because it basically gives you discount Jim passes to whatever city you happen to be end. And it's over twenty cities nationwide we have a New York up here so if you don't wanna commit necessarily just yet to a gym. You can look on gym surfing. And find your city and trying to discount pass for as well it's like five dollars fifteen dollars that's almost like hotel tonight for June and that's it. That look exactly at. And it's great because I. I sometimes get this friend emerged to work out like once and a blue moon but this way I don't have to join a gym I can just download the app look up New York. And find you know all these. All these different engines that are really cool that offer you know for 11. Day and fifteen dollars every lucrative the last one you got. The last one I had is. Actually we're gonna take a step back and go into mental health and I do. Relax and rest and guided meditations this is there really soothing app by because I want you to take a listen to what has is two groups. So it's going to guide you through five minute meditation and thirteen minutes or 24 whole body minute meditation. And you have music and very soothing female voice guiding you through that so. We could only get somebody who could view of homicides as well that would be not right right had fallen we can get the app that actually sucks a fat for me started on yachts and where a worker thank you so much CBC's tech contributor Tina trim thanks for the tips and by the way we're gonna puzzled me. Information on our FaceBook. Page at WNN fans dot com we'll bring back.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh looks at apps that can help you get in shape with or without fancy electronic fitness devices.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"27835758","title":"Fitness Tech","url":"/Technology/video/fitness-tech-27835758"}