Hitchhiking Robot Hits a Dead End in Philly

HitchBOT was making its way across the U.S. as part of an experiment monitoring the relationship between humans and technology.
2:51 | 08/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hitchhiking Robot Hits a Dead End in Philly
Would go to Philadelphia city of brotherly love frank give us rocking the chiefs today this is soulful place worth summit wealth of health it was nobles of Eagles getting. That's a reputation in mind that we report now an unfortunate into a social media sensations called its spot. The BP BI's Jeff jerk up reports. Somehow. It came to me Annan part of this journey for the baby robot. This is one of the last images of a hitch hiking robot that's become an international celebrity. A Canadian experiment that tests the kind is in curiosity of strangers gone horribly wrong just two weeks into its cross country trip. This was repo market the city of brotherly love it it's not robot while we just picked up let it take you robot is so weird popular YouTube Evers Jesse well Lindsey and always testy where the last known people to have seen hit spot. Well in tax they stumbled across it at the art museum post their adventures online. We drove it around so it for a while much rooted out taller. Paula Newton's. To close this thing with ticket to a Texas based in the two listed on a bench Saturday morning near helpers Alley hoping someone would take it to Washington DC. But hours later hitch spot was found headless its electronics still win an arms ripped off budget problems like going to mean with a robot did anybody think this is where hit spots body was found in a pile of leaves and trash here in old city. This after the social experiment made its way through Canada Germany and the Netherlands and just last week. New York City you are inner city. Let's say it's. Yet but it gets the strike Williams aren't you the hitch bought pose for photos at Fenway Park in Boston and Radio City Music Hall in New York. Lifelong Philadelphia and Kathy McMullen is the only thing more tattered then hitched spot is Phillies reputation. Elected to. I mean. Somebody put a lot of work into that robot and a lot of money and it's been all over the world and. The Philly let us kill you but just shows that don't hitchhike in Philadelphia and yes. Philadelphia police aren't investigating this because no police report has been filed the Canadian researchers say they want to focus on the good. That hitch bot did and not the vandalism meanwhile folks here in Philadelphia. They are intent on finding out who did this to hitch box. Jeff Jericho ABC news Philadelphia. We'll check chair comics very good point and fact and hit spots website it's that we wish to remember the good times that we encourage hits spots friends and traveling to do this. OK we should that's fifth picture right there that there decapitated the robot until May be maybe here it's if somebody had an accident. Maybe somebody hit it you don't expect to see something like that out maybe there's the next please report. It's possible on view the benefits I'm trying to give Philly the bill of Buddha good folks of buildup.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"HitchBOT was making its way across the U.S. as part of an experiment monitoring the relationship between humans and technology.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"32848630","title":"Hitchhiking Robot Hits a Dead End in Philly","url":"/Technology/video/hitchhiking-robot-hitchbot-reaches-dead-end-philadelphia-32848630"}