The Latest From CES 2015

Smart-home tech, robotics and "wearables" take center stage on day two.
13:38 | 01/07/15

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Transcript for The Latest From CES 2015
CES states do well under way in Las Vegas for gadgets connected services and Yoon name meant. More drones more Smart devices for the hallmarks back at us a few other things you might not have imagined. Are popping up. On the floor of the show this year and when I'm down Cutler in New York ABC's Neal Karlinsky is in the thick of it all has a few things he wants to show us and the IC a caged behind you there I dare I ask where are you. And they're going to be paid match now it's going to be the drone fly hock your coats. Taken up hopefully it won't go road here. Drones are used this year Fiat and this one by the way. Which is one of the larger one that we've seen actually had the camera mounted underneath which I believe. Me right now with the thermometer over there Chris you Donna Hanover and show the monitor to get. Men take that up a little higher Larry us you can have your own aerial shooting platform. It's telling that they help you went out for 800000. Dollars worth like all the drug companies here are not sure exactly what the long ago. Yet for the adult film dealing with that but there is such. In threat despite the fact that there. Illegal in the United States it's incredible how many different rounds played there are actually had this thing took off how many people have started. Crowding around to take a look to see that live. So anyway there is why not to be confused. You by the way with the cool mixing drugs like yesterday which actually wearing your wrist and then pulling it off they'll take it felt being come right back into the boomer. Thank you thanks very much I'm gonna hop out here. Because. Band Victoria. And if questions and things but I have someone I want to introduce you to and this is this is really cool all right this is Sara media. Center it's. California. You can't get it immediately theory and I. And end leakage and pardon the description my wording here Sarah's full body because she's actually. Just a talking head on a screen here. Role on around. And the companies that the home team right. The company's digital technology and you're looking I didn't eat there and it's not that. Hottest product and you know I actually met someone earlier said that he had a conversation with someone who uses this. Into the real life was apparently. And it's really expanded her world because she sends her her unit out and has conversations and visits. Many applications for having access to virtual body odor that unit. Bill Clinton he on its humanitarian wind it down we you've been the scapegoat. On the business world learn keep pushing me and power and its economy. Even if he gets look at that you aren't able to look forward. And let's walk a little bit there's people crowding around and you know. She goes I mean we've been walking around and talking it's a little harder now that we're sort of doing television and all that but. It's amazing to me to get the connection on why filers got a cellular connection came over here and Sarah how many cameras they happen I think. You can't Atlanta Atlanta's forgotten is that went eighteen during the healing pattern I agree. Our feelings and her friends at an avalanche. I could type in your youth so fatally heat and wind behind me hoping relief act ordinarily pardoning hundreds. Yeah you know what it is still crowded here there are tons of people and she I'm the only one hitting anything we Jesus didn't. The does your wife literally walking around with her laptop. I think it. All right so. Give me questions for Sarah by the way and let her go as well. The chaos that would what what it's just talk with a cut that this is so incredibly met on the new York and how much. Oh. And England's and yet every clinic where I can't really eat. And eat at him. So Denver started asked the question but I'll just tell you. As we're letting her go here that there there are two models right now in the coming up new ones this is actually twenty brands when he thousand dollars but they had it lets you. Q let's camera plus range battery life all the normal things and that is 2000 dollars. There was don't need to talk in your kids at night are. You know the scary function is to have your boss. Surprise you at work if your out of state like so many of authority views him and elsewhere homes and have your boss Bob in over your shoulders creeping up behind you. All kinds of applications. That isn't. Wilde Sarah thank you for jury joining alongside that is really. Like I can't Wear jeans. Actually jokingly calling them pretty young lady you're content rent it. He's there on what you're telling you know I apologize to stand as volume right which we've got new York and California Las Vegas and people it's going crazy over here. Don't you go back to your home base are actually will walk back there and I. It was a real quick then yes go ahead no. I think you you brought place that does make you right there on the college with a medic is that we've got three separate locations that are not necessarily be tied in coordinated by 1 central area. And you point out the fact there's actual practical applications for something like this to me we see a lot of the cool what's been playing around with Neil. But there are some actually uses the academia. Thank you Sarah. Here's your daughter go to our home base for that you get is a lot of people running around a lot of interest is actually get giant ones I had seen before but I think that's as well. But to think about your life happy you know and actually listen I was walking through the hall here and not there are a lot of our colleagues. Sort of rolled up to beat that hey I do it and I didn't know what it was had a conversation and that's how I learned about it. But later on. People here who have nothing to do with the company with limited told me about people may have met were actually you. Let's of the woman who was a paraplegic. So there are real applications for companies were doing similar devices that. You know maybe looked a little more tech here have arms that we over something and eventually you know I'm monitor on wheels but it works. It's easy pick up a piece you've got. Walking rolling robots are you've got drones announcement that you constant Smart Sox with a technological advantage. Tell overtime sari club you've also got some Smart Sox is that what I understand. Some parts not yes the Smart sock I mean. You know wearable is a term that's been overused and we all know about the various wrist bands account your stats and all these other things. So we came across this part. By the way here's our homework passing ticket tickets were gone by. Connected lightbulb you know all sorts of things. They had the smarts not actually has sensors woven into hot stock. And then there is K a almost like half a wrist band that magnetized gone through what would be one of your ankles. And then that Bluetooth to your phone and if you're serious runner apparently. This not you know the figure out if you heel striker toast right. Or you know you know I'm not an expert on this but if you're leaning one way or the other and I'll correct you running style. Record cadence so many other things it's not to market yet but you're serious runner perhaps that's been true. That is fast it's it was on the isles in present you don't. Not only of those individual products you know look at smarts on or like Sarah the robot they're making an appearance at CBS but the the carmakers were getting into it right Audi. That is right we took a really cool drive last night in his self driving out. And Delphi actually the third party company that makes so many components automobiles they outfitted howdy to make it self driving car I have to say. Like you live you know I've seen the story that read the story softer or whatever. This was extremely cool the car looks completely like a normal part you don't see any weird sensors on it even though as many 22 in fact. Radar cameras all kinds of things and we went for a drive in it in Las Vegas at night. So I mean it's at night for one it was. You know around rush hours of busy for two and for three hits Las Vegas you have all kinds of people drunk and otherwise were walking out potentially. Dangerous situation where are the doesn't have a driver. And this thing was perfect. And you can see a readout on an up with the video there of what the car is seen that identifies all the different targets slows down the link Iran makes a turn. We need to turn in traffic with a huge tour bus I was sitting in the front passenger seat right next to us it was a little bit like in out. Regan careened into this box. Perfect really interest. I want to read this delicate -- appointed panic get it you wonder you hope anyway the technology is gonna kick in their. What are the people there actually at what you're on the floors there are they trying to like you know cut some deals with some of these vendors the they can take on the floor models to some of these toys are very cool. You know I have to say there there's a lot of cool stuff and then there was a lot of just repetitious. I mean there's so many people making. A band that counts your steps or does something help boundary lines. Aurora watch. Or an action camera I mean I saw on action camera earlier gulf are obviously the leader most of them make cameras that are similar but little bit different. We saw one earlier that looks exactly like cobra they have an image I did this guy did the exact clone though. Eight people and frankly a lot of them won't come out and sort of grabbed my arm and try to make a pitch but often when they see I'm not going right now the idea of where I work. Because they are all very very anxious to break through there are large companies here of course and then there are many very small companies were trying to make it. And there's a lot of competition and media now. In some ways this place looks like a best buy and they're all competing. Many of them for that shelf space and there's only so much space for so many you know wearable and so many action cameras so many Smart light bulbs you can connect your home. So yeah I do or die for a lot of these people. Well that's so that is it that kind of like picks the question and didn't do you feel like a lot of these inventors a lot of these companies that are coming out there. They feel as if the real needs reinvention or they'd like latched on to where they've seen the success that a company like go pro for example has had. And they're saying listen they shouldn't be the only leaders in the market. Well you know of course you have people who in obeyed I don't want his cobra for an example but there are people who innovate and actually you know surpassed. The first person to the marketplace and so there's lots of people were trying to do things like that. And then there but you know what's more interstate or been more interesting to me over the last almost 48 hours is the number of people. Here's more drones notice what the number of people who are coming up with completely fresh ideas you know the running stock was one. We've seen others that we touched on yesterday a ring that remote controls things and you know stop tightening the belt with a motor and it. Com and there's actually want to think you might have video that we that we take up to get old mother. And mother is his little white almost looks like a little white plastic snowman that it's up in your house and it comes with these little chips that they called cookies. And you can attach these things do you know to a toothbrush to wait till bottle. To your front door and basically they are sensors. That then alert on your phone or somebody open your door. And they wouldn't you know it's just a small things we didn't alert on your crown. And clearly it was perhaps in a retirement home forgot to take your pills court you know to too many. Enter connecting so many mundane things in your life. It's in the a lesson we've let's go and ask but this at all these various areas that people are reading these new ideas these new services and concerts things like that. Is there one particular area that standing out in other words -- people trying to create things that are helping people live healthier lifestyles. Have more fun is an entertainment musical productivity is there one sort of like niece that cuts that the trying to get the customers. The short answer is no. Because this is the opposite of news here I mean this is everything. The ideas are so random and so many. That it's remarkable obviously. Health care is huge in whether it's to make a buck could actually help people. Live a healthier life that's in I can't be the judge of what's on the minds of some of these companies but there are many different devices and self monitor your body. In your bio function. Drones huge self driving cars autonomous cars I spoke to some extremely Smart. And creative people actually was dealt by with a self driving car we'll believe that they are absolutely going to save thousands of lives that these. I just the self driving cars but. Some of the technology that it uses which you're seeing cars on the road now which you have automatic braking control you can't drive into the wall even if you try to stop itself. Keep you from changing the lane and it's someone running someone over the crosswalk. Listen there's a market for it but clearly you know some of these things are going to enter the marketplace they're already and they are gonna save lives and help people. Nonetheless he and great assignment there in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show Neil thanks so much appreciated as always. And you can stay out today with this story real time by downloading ABC news happen starting this report exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm down that's when New York.

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