Zuckerberg in 2007: Facebook Is 'Maybe a 10-Year Thing'

Mark Zuckerberg talked to ABC News about his growing social networking site in January 2007.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Transcript for Zuckerberg in 2007: Facebook Is 'Maybe a 10-Year Thing'
When I was a sophomore at school -- are hurt. I just want to create a tool that would help the students -- of each other better -- through this together and -- on January 2004. And down. Launches February 4 patent from an and it's -- -- -- enough -- at first it was at Harvard's Henry launched into a much other colleges and it. After that we start -- and high schools and companies and now it's pretty much open to everyone I think the -- we got started. We does -- have a sense of everything that would happen in the past three years in prison for people predicted that but. I do think that we have the sense that. What we're doing helping people stay connected helping people socializing maintained their social connections. That's just a really important thing to people and we figured that if we can build tool that would really help people do that. Then that's an a lot of people could use so I mean I don't think we wouldn't necessarily predicted that -- -- fifteen million people using our site. But and I thought -- -- the derby and mechanical I think that profitable business and being able to build revolutionary things go together. And more money you have. The -- things you can build the more better things you build the warm and humid so I mean it's not that you things are just. Completely different and -- -- to optimize for one of acting out -- they really get together should I just think that people are able to focus. On the fact that what we're billing -- Warner cheered thing it's you know maybe -- thing and even though there may be money or. Various points of success that happened along the way. I think a lot of people here really in it for all --

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{"id":22360478,"title":"Zuckerberg in 2007: Facebook Is 'Maybe a 10-Year Thing'","duration":"3:00","description":"Mark Zuckerberg talked to ABC News about his growing social networking site in January 2007.","url":"/Technology/video/mark-zuckerberg-2007-facebook-10-year-thing-22360478","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}