NASA unveils plan for quieter supersonic aircraft

The first flight of the supersonic X-plane is scheduled for the summer of 2021.
1:44 | 04/04/18

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Transcript for NASA unveils plan for quieter supersonic aircraft
And this piloted that's playing. Would be built specifically to fly technologists. That we'd use the loudness of a sonic boom. For that I would tend to vote thumb salute apply this explain this supersonic speeds. Over land but quietly. Would apply. All was so let you know citi's. And ask the people are leaving. In looking in those communities. To tell us what they horror of if anything. Will it provide this scientifically collected human response data. To the FAA. An internationalist citadel. Aviation organization or IE KO. So that they can use that they'd. To change the current rule that completely bans. Sega's supersonic flights over Lynn. When the rule is changed. The bowl will open to a knee aviation industrial. Made it to end term new supersonic market. In our country and around the ward. This X plan is a critical step closer to that exciting future I believe today's the new beginning for NASA aeronautics. People enjoying of total quiet supersonic flights in the future. Let's say. April authority phony eighteen. Was that they you don't begin. Therefore. It is soup we exciting for me to allow sound new partner. The widow of the contract. Lockett marking aeronautics company. Palmdale California. Congratulations.

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"The first flight of the supersonic X-plane is scheduled for the summer of 2021.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"54236185","title":"NASA unveils plan for quieter supersonic aircraft","url":"/Technology/video/nasa-unveils-plan-quieter-supersonic-aircraft-54236185"}