NASA unveils stunning new video of Mars landing

New footage shows the Perseverance rover's entry, descent and landing on the red planet.
5:31 | 02/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASA unveils stunning new video of Mars landing
We are super excited to actually share with olive view video imagery perseverance landing on the surface of Mars. Please all the. I put it in the cage chute deploys. But that doesn't have confess and that's offensive has deployed and we are seeing it again acceleration. In the blocked the archive velocity is under these Beers per second at an altitude of about twelve comments from the service mark. He killed. President has slowed cute subsonic speeds and that he kill have been separated the Phil Allard. But the radar and cameras to get their first look at the therapists can block the gave 245. Needed to second and announced hit of about. Ten com. Nine and a half comment about the surface. Now filter concurred luckily solution 3.3 meters per second. Alcatel seven point four kilometers now has made airlock on the ground and took the city is about a hundred needed at captain. Find some comment but the fact I. President is continuing to descend on the parachutes. May incur. That initialization of terrain out of navigation and subsequently be priming of the landing engines her current velocity is. About ninety meters per second at an altitude of four point two kilometers. But yet though it. We have confirmation that the limited as some had produced a valid solution than part of turning out to navigation. Aiming. TVA's nominal. We have timing of the landing again. Back shelf capacity. Is eighty do immediate effect on Canada two point. Sit commoners from the campus Mars. The confirmation that tobacco has separated. We are currently performing the divert maneuver or provocative about 75 needed for second at an altitude. About a kilometer off the surface of Mars. Here and safety brother of we have completed are carrying out the navigation. Current speed is about their he needed for packing prosecutor about 300 meters up the purpose of ours. They've started a constant velocity. Accordion which means we're conducting the skies clean. But doctor propane maneuver. Sky community has started. A tiny needed about the purpose. In signal from Britain immoral. Think adult. That's unconfirmed. I can't. In the end up from. The first thing we did after we deploy the message we started imaging surface to the next led shows one of our first images from the cameras. This image is actually in the low resolution. So with one corner of the full resolution of the of the camera so it's been been tracked down. But you can see right there the Vista that we're seeing this is the rover obviously on Mars and you can. Aside medial cam videos. You can see some of the scaring the rocket plumes did forests clean it off because as clean so we take pictures of it dusted off for us. The next slide shows a view. Looking out towards those south. And this just an amazing scene here this is that this is Mars were. We're here in her place of we're going to be exploring over the next months in coming years. And it's just really exciting to see. You know these scenes look familiar to us the other look earth like in a sense you know you see them. The mountain Specter. The next image looks over towards the west you concede adult out there in the horizon. And again more scarring from the the rocket plumes. And then we take all these image. Stitched them together in the panorama isn't so that next bit the next frame shows they full panorama from the netcam. Stitched together. We're still working out calibration and thinks that this is you know approximate color but it just give you a feel for. The Vista here that we were are new environment that we're gonna explore. And we're hoping everyone will join us in. Seeing these images were. Today we're gonna be released seeing a whole slew of rod images it's been a fire hose of data basically we have thousands of images already from the video cameras. They have cans you've seen has camps and so we will be putting those I don't know expected for people to download and process yourself for just look at the great picture.

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{"duration":"5:31","description":"New footage shows the Perseverance rover's entry, descent and landing on the red planet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"76049327","title":"NASA unveils stunning new video of Mars landing","url":"/Technology/video/nasa-unveils-stunning-video-mars-landing-76049327"}