'Real Biz': Startup incubator aims to help solve problems

Cosmetics mogul Bobbi Brown and tech entrepreneur Ankur Jain talk about their new venture firm, The Kairos Society.
23:51 | 02/27/18

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Transcript for 'Real Biz': Startup incubator aims to help solve problems
I welcome to my office I am Rebecca Jarvis ABC's chief technology economics correspondent and I here with them. Awesome guest today Bobby Brown well how you're author Jane Wells don't. Not on our working together on the pirates society where you're try to basically figure out. Challenges. Like what are the biggest challenges in the world and how we saw the biggest challenges in the world obviously all of you know by brown because she's built an empire that they. Isn't just you know building her second empire right right that problems in the world try to yeah world so he came up with. Four major major problems how you come up with the big problems. Enough it's that difficult. It's a through GI problems and are part. What color is trying to do now is figure out how we get Smart is young people world building on experience. And so what. The years. Bobby and arrest report in. These difficult issues since. Which of these problems in communities all governments will be company next. And then from error which of these it couldn't market opportunities for partners. Could we can. Joseph we had no ideas and he actually collects. And Andy is an elective posts. What his own life. I'm ready to make that call you to go. It's like this. Lexus and current. Question was if we don't know doesn't mean going Americans and Americans attend. But we didn't know that student loan market that one trillion dollar. And we know that the cost to rent can thwart housing is over truly. As we can get entrepreneurs focused on that can count. Clearly they need. And those kinds of opportunities really pill. Highways are if they opt out there want to let them know we're watching. You can enjoy the comment that you think there's a big challenge let us know what you think the biggest challenges and how you exile. And when I'm really excited about it is that. Kyra there have decided that. We we are by the way you are an office as part of the. You know the world it yeah let's everyone's talking. Eagles right now if you look at its retiree population. His. We hiring right yeah. Mayor I think. Story Bobby Brown retired just open a hotel. Retire if so and we are not retired air reinventing. Blue collar jobs and purpose the second act. And so I think. You're seeing a generation now the movie the second phase where 7% active months. Access the first ever tech savvy generation. Condolences. It's almost certain things change that you all controls 70% of disposable income. And how we shop we shop owner loans past week and. If anybody has a beautiful theater if you haven't checked out means that you absolutely should your obviously a visual thinker and that whole how we shop now is so much. Embedded in that whole world whether or not people get interested in something. Might come down to their. It's how you shop that's how you feel how you make people feel I was telling on current put one little quote about women supporting women. And it just went my crazy because you know right now everyone wants. Things that offense has authenticity they want things that matter it's like real life things. It's funny because those types of values have always been the swollen demographic. I think more than ever now you're seeing that shift into the ski. And so. This is being at least the acting consumer and fashion brands now targeting the boomer population but also some pretty unique look that something like Al case. Where you know has this generation is moving in next in their parents are getting older. It's no longer much of sending our grandparents are your parents into Newark care. Where is Lebanon Indiana hospital because now we tax. We can brittle care into the home from the hospital he can do diagnostics company can do monitoring you know people of freedom to be living independent. And hopefully there's a lot of older generations now there are actually healthy and he also you know to play golf and to to do things into their eighties and nineties. Larger human. I was gonna start the new communities. After rumors based around the time solicited again. The same generations also craving that same community feeling I think. You know I have a lot of friends who fired their kids are constantly often jump in one place. We all come to that we are departments. And those that car was quick. Comment on occasion we pictures because we we're. He's. That's what that they are looking at yeah. The rising cost of real estate and housing and you know first time homebuyers we've seen this as that housing has recovered in many places. It's gotten why not reach for a lot of people you're seeing more young people go back home to live with their parents. That's one of the big things you're looking and I think you have a big announcement coming into our political. Little preview. Platoon who obviously knew the rental costs days he's not just New York around the country. So Portland. Is seeking less spending over 50% of their income on rent the rent is too damn high. There's two parts one of the upfront costs in the second of the recurring monthly cost yeah so tomorrow we're launching a new solution to. Finally get rid of security. Or you don't have to pay. People to air blocking thousands of dollars into security deposit. Ever really get back because from one apartment the next. It works the very least you recently hammered wanted to keep it for so it's like hey picture here on all. And so we can't create finishers. Two hole in your bathroom and and if it is small and twenty dollar a month he and we actually share hammered for twice that actually. And protect youth from. Interesting so it's it's insurance that didn't again as forty billion dollars in United States Qaeda and security deposits. Atlanta's can't touch and it ends up. At a time 50% of Americans can't even afford for an emergency expense. 181000 dollars back can he transform it. Buddy you're you're just body web say yes is on its way is. We're seeing more back yes yeah not a lot of conversations because I think people are also really. You know at a time in in our world right now in the weeks finally discuss things that. And you don't want to have a little bit of entertainment we also on alert how to do things better and so you know I love working with these guys because being an entrepreneur or it's not fixing things. I just on what the problem is and see how you can help. The Sierra tequila that six. Throughout all Kirkland. Hey George Clooney went here partner with here. And partner yet. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah exactly yeah exactly so. A lot. Mind you projects that. The fight all the world's problems everything else com. You know what appeared after he forgot how things yeah what would you say what we are along the way. Did you figure out how to juggle so many different things at one. You know I think. You know starting a company like before I started the company. And I went to school Emerson college and I made up my own picture I say make so I figured out you could just make things. That's what you have to make them so they can I work for and by the way I. I hate chose my husband and my life in New Jersey. Over living in new York and in order to get things done. Had to figure out how to do more things he's I mean it's not easy. Yet you just used you know and you figured out we get better I'd think that you get better over time personally they think you start prioritize he concede. You know for me it's all about the experience you start to see what matters it matters much and. And how to hire the right people that are around you to get things done. So and people that understand what you work you know figures are working in corporate life. Or it was supposed to be a certain way and now that I'm corporate life or really any people that work with me how I. Yeah. And blue shirts and out right. People never jump ship for the common vision common you know whereas pages in its make money. The minute you had a rough patches of founder people's job but I don't know where you find all these people who work for you because I had never seen in one. Place more cool bright Smart. Kids and it's amazing Hulk as a personal election. Almost every. Yeah we're gonna. Way worse well I think you get a couple people. Mother might be a few people in Florida and I. Quite an ex president are. Yeah. You started all of this when you were quite on what 21 years old when you really slick tires of the AT. And what was it like your first company the first major companies all we heard when he wonders that. Yes so started by it's my second company called human 21 recently tender. So if you were to go back and tell. Let's just go with your 21 Euro now a piece of advice because what you're you're 28 out what yeah. We expect so what you're 28 out here to go back until you're 21 Euro fell one piece of advice a lot in the way. Fun and excitement today actually think that you create strand does not partner is an aunt. If you yeah I don't know how nations should work you're able to challenge the status quo and ask questions no one else has. I think it's likely talk about the security companies and it's one of those things you hear how much locking away money for so long. It was just a group of Smart founders candy and asked that question do we really need to be permanently money every year when I can just. I think that coyote in the keys to a degree disruption. And something eight. That's 21 probably spend more time worrying about what I did it yet more than celebrating that fact that I didn't know that was actually strap. And it's OK not to know things because number one. You figure or also outlines where it knows it. Also there's no mistakes if something doesn't work out to something like at oasis. Once you become an expert who uses an age and people with about thinking outside the box. Wonder is at least he's he said the greatest innovation is actually about the human problem from a different box. Because it's so obvious that the experience is asking these questions and yet so not on he is the incumbent to keep it seemed more. You have to be open you know who your enemy within. Hillary I was sitting on the couch with him they met with. So we think why are you going to do that he should like I don't know. Where a speaking out but can't overcome these challenges in not having to be an expert so you you have. Few others that you talked about the meeting and working and all he talked about real estate and housing crisis around breaking the bank also. Your other Q are being a better parent will be is easiest way right so healthy people to be better parents that. So it creates its. Pretty unbelievable right now how little innovation has been out there hope the parents ray and the eaten so as simple as wanting to do fertility test. And so expects you to go to multiple doctors that's the simplest is being column patently Santee and sending it back trying to. Or if you decide you want as a woman focusing your crib immediately and life. Even greater pony up 2030000. Dollar minimum. She's crazy would all these things from it covered by insurance is. And so I think you're gonna see a lot of immunity issue and helping you harassment utilities and point person that we used to optimum wellness nutrition standpoint. Because that first thousand days of the kid's life a factor cognitive development permanent. And you look at it and you think Gerber. I mean that's I think. And twinkies and to do this or nuclear war you know. S don't think. We actually protect kids react to make quality clear options available to parents at an affordable price I think Ludlum is that you're doing is gonna home. And what parents really afford that every parent with you. It's not fair to date that services require you to be in the top. Rent is anathema to New York City you're kidding with some day here and it costs 34000. Dollars and well we have a blessing actually think that you'll pay a time they can't hit hasn't. Everything this this credit cutters is built up some of the Smart as young as well. I think it's our job and ambulances were topless figure out what challenges and needs his or we can get the Smart young people working. We want to lose interest in ideas heard around here is that almost revert back the old model which is neighborhood. There's a lot and investors who have or parents but he cared if you could just created trusted platform where it's easy fairly. Neighborhood families to offer to host not sister owned even if you can't really make some money aside office ridiculously high. We can't wait or old are living it. Here and. And to think there's so many inefficiencies in the market that are squeezing middle class and everyday people he's great opportunities for partners. And you can also really cool brands and I think part reason part is succession critical piece of us poses. You have to go to brand people. It's not just about solution. Is about the experience inserts. Community Q I mean how do you have built. It you're like I'm burned out multiple communities around what your ideals what your age. What are people out there who are on for Norris who are hopeful to do something like what you've done how he. I mean everything is common sense and is one step it. You know tell someone about something you get their opinion they look but they tell their friends it's just us now all I started my company years ago. With no social media right there was no way it was hard to door unlocked door to door that was you know walking around my neighborhood giving people six. And I've. I didn't you know my focus group more than pennies were from different countries who tried different lists Exxon. And I got their opinion and then let things that I gave it an exit where can I tell Ammann. Just simple. You the success intuitive I think. Rumor was that he forgetting some kind which is he start with the real problem people anything that's inherent it's. I think a lot of times not percent create a problem doesn't necessarily. Mean what I think. Because it's such that. There's very unique time right now the tech industry would lose more money and flying around and probably healthy ecosystem. And everyone's chasing the latest. How many times you've heard the words be quiet and block chain. Could be transformer technologies. Will people start saying I just put option in my startup page I can make money from DC you end up with and it matters to block change sticker. I'm blacks and college. This I think he just something as simple as what you're talking missed people want wouldn't hurt people struggling you wanna be. Another Greek chorus who slows diabetes adult sentence pain and not trying to convince someone in need supplementary vitamin feel better isn't in you know. Right well. I think. It's interesting because I think that people will often times don't think Steve Jobs are helping a hero for my. These were innovators who are saying if you ask people what they eat. They're gonna tell you after wars were there to tell you like you otherwise these things married and they were innovators you innovating beyond. What Andy went hat in pageant. To you're quite there is real. Problems and options. Thumping. There's a huge hit for example the great lesson for all of us rates. People may not know what the solution. You know they don't. And then after he. Before Assam on passengers say kilometers. Right they may think hundred horses and Edie Henry Ford's chief if you know with the motor. He wanted to. If you remember he regional I think. Wasn't this like. IPhone here today the original iPhone page would iPod plus I'll. It was your karaoke. Your Blackberry you can hear. Because look there is no. It was an even perhaps. We will. Shouldn't come in I'm Victor wants to know. If there's any project they were another more personal increase that. Will not part not part of this organization. Do you have besides my website is launching witches. Pretty much you go back archives and tell stories about things happen because you know for me it's quite amazing and you go back and talk about those things I'm launching a wellness. In April and QVC and it's. Very simple products that make he's here. And I don't tell me for me those are my two personal projects and where and when doing the hotel. You happen to you know Richard Branson I don't but I channel him everywhere because. They can visualize him sitting in coach and airplanes and highly me back so Americana hotel and think about people's experience and they walk in the door. What they go through and I economy Richard Branson. Award in age. We get richer graphic here on the show has not. Actually I'm Catholic yes he's back here and he he sent to me like his favorite thing to say its current list and I totally hear you say just do it. But for younger yeah. Or is there one piece of this platform that is the most personal to you. I think. A lot of these are present these things that all of our friend my friends I yeah Dili east he's my next week. Abstract topics like my rent is too expensive and want to be less. What Perkins has become very personal for me this weekend and to make an easy nor grant are battling cancer. And I think about. Health care system for people like it's pretty certain he he has entered at a hospital costs. Who's doing no good service there take care and when he isn't. He doesn't speak English. Finding someone who can take care is just it's crazy who wrote it and for the economy to it's our biggest okay expense. And so you know that this is that we're building right now called Sarah and London he's trying to change we're trying to me. Quality home care affordable and accessible. Everything. And it's it's again it's amazing how simple. Questions that you ask them why it's so expensive. It's expensive ratifies and that he because. There's no way you search online for care workers who speak your grandparents language and an odor that these expressions nexus. As those first and and that recent why it's so expensive leases because you're paying for a nurse to stay home for ten hours a day every day you're grant. With Italy you know ten hours a day now. So let's just reallocate in the care workers go visit three families throughout the day and rotates it they're coming and 56 times today checking it like it wouldn't care home. That act your house. It's only trusted costs by 50%. Written so it doesn't require these truck transported to technologies. Is required asking these questions that. Businesses become you and you're my heart. I think it's something that everything on the field. That's we'll lower power to both of you for taking on these massive questions and challenges and trying to solve them head on. I really appreciate all of you coming on. Hunker before we go let people know where they can get more information about the work. So the streetcar company launching tomorrow it's called Bryant pundits say Ryan and hope. And Kyra she can learn more congress each Q it's KI RS each key. And didn't look. Bobbie we're and you will find more of all of that you were started in Ingraham does didn't. Anywhere from there as they have by the way because everyone with the words by embassy there prayer I ask you bodies of people in check everybody answer on the pod cast my podcast no limits will post a link to that. We're what was the worst advice for other that you got up there. Everybody told me coming in the college. You should spend all your time focused on. Classes your grades and figure after and it's funny because when your student is the one time everybody wants to help you. And he spent all four years it a little hermitage trying to get good grades and go to. After they graduate your mop like everybody else and see thousands of asthma is. And I and I wish I am on my friends spent more time students. Being out there meeting people and learning things and having a chance some people want to help you. He cares. London you're saying literally like cold calling people and say hey happiness and what you're doing and you let me come if the war on copiers. It's amazing spent four years getting the best grades and graduating applying for a job where you wanna start come here apply for a job. And you look like everybody else there is same as just another guy I who now. RA well when you get that idea I'll come back. The soccer thinks that we're doing. They frog and today.

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