Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs. HTC One Video Review

These top Android phones face off. Which one will win the game?
3:00 | 04/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs. HTC One Video Review
Yeah. Yeah. Right game has gotten no I'm not talking about -- game talking about the game between two answering. The galaxy S -- this is Samsung's -- in the HTC one user competing this -- be the best android phone on the market. But which one is the best on of them together head to head. Between hardware software Cameron's speech to see which one wins but the -- -- Let's talk hardware first book the HTC one and the galaxy S -- android phones with big HD screens. And has been most of the time looking activist reasons but the designer the -- the phone is also really important. The Samsung is made mostly plastic -- HTC one his native metal making a lot sturdier. The one also has a more elegant design with a curved back. The winner years HTC one it just feels and looks like much higher and -- -- -- CC one definitely wins on hardware but with a camera and Scott steep competition from -- -- HTC one has an ultra pixel camera now that's mostly marketing talk but HTC says it has larger pixels to let in more light. The galaxy S -- on the other hand has a thirteen megapixel camera. -- take a really good photos of the galaxy S sport takes better shots. -- don't have some really interesting camera software that. The galaxy S Moore has a number of new setting -- one which lets you take actions shots and stitch them together. Another lets you create an animated vote out. -- GC has new camera features to you like -- -- which captures videos before and after the shot in case you missed. It also creates these slide show videos automatically. Winner here's how the galaxy S four to suffer it's easier to use and photos just look better. What about software companies -- -- the latest version of android -- -- some tricks up their sleeves to this recent one and -- -- so many new software features and -- galaxy S four I could be here for hours showing them off. But let me check the record straight about something -- the ones that people are really talking about like that tilting the phone to scroll are we being -- -- through photos. Those are really just yet next. I mean seriously how crazy that worker and but other features like being able to put two apps side by side or translate what you're saying on the fly into another language are very useful. -- say galaxy S born Hispanic. But on the other hand is more of your average answering phone HTC added -- the -- and this is a different way of looking at your social media and news contacted. Winner I like the look of the HTC one software better for the galaxy S spore has more features. All right one more round -- -- battery life good luck guys. The galaxy S four has a bigger battery than the -- and you can take it out. It also lasted a full day of heavy use while the HEC one was dying for -- -- That said both phones are very fast they both have Quad Core processors and two gigabytes of Graham. Winner here well both phones are fast that the galaxy S four is better when it comes to bad. Like a good game guys good games. Even though some -- argue with some of the Karzai's me. Galaxy scored the winning more rounds even -- the ACC line I still call was about looking on in times of hardware and software but still don't -- -- PS -- is the winner. -- But a huge C one there's a saying it's not whether you -- how you love your yeah. Yeah yeah.

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{"id":19026180,"title":"Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs. HTC One Video Review","duration":"3:00","description":"These top Android phones face off. Which one will win the game?","url":"/Technology/video/samsung-galaxy-htc-video-review-19026180","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}