Touring the Quickbooks Connect Conference with Intuit Founder Scott Cook

ABC News' Michael Rothman reports from the tech and business event in San Jose, California.
24:50 | 11/03/15

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Transcript for Touring the Quickbooks Connect Conference with Intuit Founder Scott Cook
Think that ominous odds here in New York happening right now across the country. And that they California the second annual. Quick books connect conference one of the biggest tech conference it. In that country and eight think Michael Brockman is there a live for at giving the behind the scenes look. Michael this the place where tack. Both entrepreneur or if people trying their business that have come to get advice on how to do just that. What are they there to learn and I think the guy you have there wave you knows more about it and possibly most other people. Yeah that you you. Perfect lead in I was back on the founder of intuit and one of the most on demand guys here you've got a few. Until I'm trying to me whenever we. I am gonna get tips. Thank you for taking time out. First and obviously we'd love to know. Quickly back story legend. Sorry intimate. Thirty years ago and he will have the kitchen table. At headquarters. Again this. Empire. I'm back. Houses politics tonight the it's no room. I like the really good at it. It's an. Besides it. And heck it's all about. I don't know what computers 1982. That work. B fast and easy steps. Okay. Bad idea and I am here tonight again really was in our dining room telling me it's easy to manage with you think. Glad it worked out. Three decades you've seen how. Start ups and how how computers. Tech. You haven't that we got be looking at pictures. It happened due at the very thing. Very experimental. Start philosophy. Which is as we pan around we can be. This is got to be. Oh yeah. Round game. Again we're in a check got a couple good piece of your favorite. Leaving the overhead it. Network now that's fun and very edges up for. Which you need it's. That. Hero who wants relocated US news. University here and they're talking I'd actually. But. He needs to. That doesn't happen. Laughter. Partly you can get out. Affecting us and they're gonna spend the morning. And in all across. Believe me like I'm. Right on. You can take your best idea. And there was good customer things. So we find out. When people in real circumstances. After delivery do. We are. So even. Considering here's an idealist hasn't happened. He works. We'll take a walk on the let's take a walk that seems like we're gonna Stephen invasion right now there's actually companies everywhere. Would you like to go first has me around kind of meander through the that is what is right here. Here. It's worked on sonic. There are millions and we'll learn something like and employees were. Hoover private. Attacks rather's this is even now with the lawyers there's something like Andy. Anyway. Every dollar spent some business everything got paid taxes on and his staff right now I'm not done the best thing we look. Yeah but if you know it's only in certain death. So we've got a hold anything here it helps went all the data from. They're expenses and so that's one. We found again we're. 60% of them had applied for a 70%. Of these small businesses. Turned down. Bankers seven years. And without the cash they were struggling so we've put together so cynical quick books financing as a inside recklessly counties as. You can now click the sale I want alone. We'll find. So we've done a lot easier to go in your name again three unit sort of thing you. And people jewelry gone from thirty. 7%. The money to businesses they would businesses realize telling us it might be out of business. It wasn't for the attendant on the events of all the people crowding around right now the main disadvantage they. And it now we've got it and it. And I mean. It's my asking that lets it takes a million ideas that day that so how did he know what a bad idea so. What we've got here. Other companies now recognize. Third largest. And it's such a big business. I'm here. It's really easy for a business news dot. Whether they want to. I have a nonprofit plan to help them. Big chunk of our business run nonprofits. You obviously are very supportive of small businesses and nonprofits and and innovation and and it's you know you really want to. You must get up and it's one of us. What do you look for in something to support and we're kind of maybe he looked I didn't see what's what of the yeah weren't success. He's done a lot of thinking. On the. Believe it. Find it. Intersection serves. Big unsolved problems. And that we can solve that intersect. That's. They help. And making things. Yeah. These guys want to go with you about that and even. And welcome to get these guys. And then also why you're here. It's. Reminiscent of the attacks lines again and to becoming the trust and it. That's the landing. Saying it comes they cannot provide the most frequent engadget advisors. Senate I think you can see on the strain here. But a lot of veterans. And oh yeah. Thousands savings up profitability cash. Right then and understand that promote financial. Who who we use this in anything. To use that. Generals are. Really ended a broad plaza then Canada and then helping them. Have a tool that his. To have become the size of with the climb. That's really applicable to any business in his again understanding of in January here. Didn't because. TV defense system is. Really excited to be hot neighborhood CBS. Think president. In the and he misses them and SAS. And really thrilled today to do it would. And few viewers for Google's online news thing unites everything here. Nothing but they do embarrassed and think that what's it like to work for them within an icon a legend like that and kind of I don't mean any information leading yes sorry sorry. Next. This guys that we didn't having. Feel less dogs doing and I needed to become either here. And save their respective you know. Obviously me. Has the news is really zones. It's listening graduate really enjoy. Thank you very nice. We're simulating an announcement apologetic expanded BC. Oh. Whereas bill dot com don't run into you and I. I don't know hyenas it is well so tell us about yeah. We'll build on. What we do and we're going to ask so it really admired him again that we dramatic yeah. Inadvertently he doesn't look any advice and everybody looking at us and so we do madness live now he's been there. Get hit in the head by the yeah right so we basically on exhibit processed anything it was process. We end up doing about 25 million dollars a year or network. All that money goes throughout announcer our. Way we dramatically simplified his be great collaboration tools around. Stock dividends men around the process that is used to and it happens their employees vendors. And we do holdings of other stuff that doesn't name is asked by yeah. Cultural scale anywhere in this and it is an eighth avenue Brooklyn who is not doing the business are not. Into the unit inside baseball and what's it like to me you know side by side. We'll be inundated again it's got a it's what's it like the kind of collaboration where did everyone in the inspiring as an actor but really inspired me is an iPod and ask Scott eyewitness god. From 94 to 99 cranes Natalie Taylor. Evening was taking off we are thinking about all of these we did you know latest Hollywood auto road map somewhere and then. In an accident to see all that is we didn't read about. Right ending the power. Love in the time line that it has rounding out races. We're back. Really paying customers. Not. Plus the hot on the continent he can't make any of these other companies that can learn I think big business. And their vice entered fever and then had to say when an attitude that you guys then there was indeed a system like we just don't need to do the transaction. And now they've let them work we'll look like what's that process look like I don't actually stepped back and see the forest for the trees. You can always hard and says and then pump line all night here. The Odyssey will work tonight where many night. Great time everywhere I like summit and spin. Through everything and I filled it with PayPal mafia like. Let's get cookbooks and going into a lot here that anything. That's failing that kind. That is being. That works for you to. Is there a dvd eighteen. Ask not yeah hundred dime. As being. The only thing like racism and we want company. We want to there's going so. God but I would say it's what. About Scott good spending you know it. I'm interaction. CNN here I got a lot of confidence is that money when he when he. Non conference lot of great Nixon's. Effective. The people here around and it's like real problems. And that's I mean every promise he's got I think if you're right he's I don't know. Yeah. And a lot. And it appears that. Negative legacy of England well the next. Well. The crowd over here so. The would have to be standing on top of it looks like a soapbox almost to a defense. Earlier T sheets is sponsored after party. And then on that was very thing about it you know we're. In many companies. They have trek. Time that employees were. They aren't workers took to build oh well we know about that and so you've gotten all this time reporting. Please forget it and paper based struck by bullets that can do this anytime that you can't bill. Warriors and missed me boy that's a real problem. Dixie C stands for a times. Then along computerized economists and our everything goes automatic. No headaches and only pays the right amount. And like the rock star almost like look at that crowd that's. Like repeat drug problem in America and to give and take person standing up soapbox talking I think at that. And that's that and it probably around yes that's even though. It's got. He was being incredibly busy person. What's it didn't feel like it needs you it seems like you must be deadly instincts and actions only everything's. It would it would as the founder of a huge conflict into. David decade there's a lot I guess if. For me a lot of what I was coaching chronically. Yeah. Card check news has spent months I'm with a small teams working on some part of the business or something wrong. We're. And I understand things are getting. I get out of the box think differently. I mean I'm king and the people's lives. Thanks a lot of one thing we Donna itself via platform. Clark who is orchestrating the people he's learning art. Vitamins so here's component. Yeah. You don't have you software engineer to build software and venues there's. It runs on top secret. And then suddenly your cell lines can do new things that you build and and values music. Again without any. So the leading economies of your environment. Worked through the news something. And make it better. A lot's changed as we elected new evidence other tools every day yes that's now possible thanks to men running on top. And is there any other world. So they didn't think it can't be vigilant at home. Gallery it's walking. That area very well hey thanks for company's failure in accelerator is there wanna bring down and really paying you month. It seems that there's such an aberration and Steve what you've done and what you've also done for other businesses welcoming the law. It's nice to walk me down halls and have people just coming up and thinking you to get the deal much worse than. I was that's. It's kind of funny. Reality of life. Years. Get too much red. Leaders. Get the credit for what they are T. I have done. The the praise is deserved by. And that's important to realize the other thing is. You gotta set mentally sat inside the Braves couldn't. Hours. So if we weren't trying to cover a lot of character ever pass for today. Remember Daniel. FM look at how we do. Typically. What are your life. And it was especially. Although the steel learning. Turning the morning and action. It's when you realize. In the line. Treating one. It's coach I'm gonna go benefit. I. CN rap music and are happy he liked the way. These guys let's go so. We'll definitely have an announcement that. You know mine. Right. But ultimately it's very him and it earned celebrity party. We're seeing right to talk to change. Already into the community so it's health insurance 199. And you know we're out here on Apple's iconic personal. See you can dismiss BC ten point eight could. There were just a couple states right now in California or Texas. Rolling that out over you know the next six months. Some really big states started big and started today and we are not California tax credits and currently. Everything you know. Anywhere you hear. Well we're watching products it was announced yesterday that run outside. We're trying to appreciate you counts obviously that's. Com that we want to offer them things right now from around the capital here. There's some things underground plants around the tonight might see. He'd be filled out here with the large employer can. We want to help doesn't know. You make it easy for a small company to get. That's right now its lineup all online electronic there's no paper. It's like buying a book on Amazon and we want to make it that simple dad easy it's over the period burst on the announcement. We congratulate appreciate that now threatens. So go ahead and give me this is the toughest tasks. He's he's very tough it. BC news. All on 100. So I'm seeing a trend here. Aside from trying to understand the on the business beat. I'll probably spend a couple hours after the return here. It seems like all he. Apps are very into helping people. Game at different parts of business but really hit some. Really feels like that's. If you look at the company name. Which is really that. First decisions. We think which linger only in states. Rude and didn't speak to. Operating. Somebody mentioned it. Could be as pronounced as it stands for itself it didn't get out we said at an extent we'll take the rooted into the we obviously on. And with the ruling in. Here on. I have to ask the questions one. What do you say to hear from Oprah we haven't heard from her yet and then to opulence and know if you'll take a burning man action packed. I'd love her to join us at burning man that would be cool it's. I like our Star Wars from Oprah. Way back. High time. This entire all about her. Am lucky breaks. Around this audience. Thank you so much sir it was a pleasure it was an honor it was like yeah it's mixing them here and play out. Get real rough that. As you saw here ordinances. It's just collaboration of nations fantastic and that's going to be part of still learning the department. That is fascinating insight there the man he knows that it's about building a business from the ground that. Scott cut the founder and into it and course the beginnings of the Michael Rothman fan club which people all doing and how to grow in the next big. Michael rock and and ABC news out of the quick look at a conference and they Californians think so much for joining. And all of you at home thanks for watching I'm mom in an odd in New York.

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