Uber adds tipping feature

Customers now have the option to tip their Uber driver directly through the app.
0:51 | 07/18/17

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Transcript for Uber adds tipping feature
In today's tech like something new today if you take an Hoover yes you can now leave a tip your be over at and today the company is matching all tips as a way of thanking its drivers writers will be able to add the tip. After they read their drivers of the thirty days after the trip. If you do that you have one great driver also liked and yes it appeared Amazon is about intraday you'll kick market. It has filed a trademark slogan meal kits are pre measured fresh ingredients delivered to homes. It's already a 2.2 billion dollar market and growing rapidly. And a security robot designed to keep people safe at a Washington DC complex took an embarrassing stumble then take a look to Rabat fell into water fountain and couldn't get up. It has a limbs so mayor morals had to come to the rescue. They image sparked a string of delirious tweeted her reading the mishap to everything from suicide to baptism pond. Those are tech writes every day.

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{"id":48695778,"title":"Uber adds tipping feature","duration":"0:51","description":"Customers now have the option to tip their Uber driver directly through the app.","url":"/Technology/video/uber-adds-tipping-feature-48695778","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}