Virgin Galactic's race to get you into space

Founder Richard Branson plans to go first on his birthday this summer.
2:15 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for Virgin Galactic's race to get you into space
For the first time in nearly a decade Americans reached base from American soil and celebration that took fourteen years. Are they ready to take you to space. I'm David Herman let's get you up to speed. Are virgin galactic spaceship to end its two pilots. Reached 51 point four miles above earth just over the fifty mile point which the FAA declares as the boundary of spades. Noon they traveled all. That's why the two pilots are now just the third and fourth ever to receive their commercial astronaut wings. Are we getting to a point where an average Joseph like me can go to states. In the back. Be glad that they either whether both that is the plan for sir Richard Branson's virgin galactic space tourism. Carry six passengers at a time for four minutes of weightlessness. Four quarter million dollars it was an historic day in the amount of people who want to get to space he is. Ridiculous odds for and we just gonna make sure that we can make it affordable for look at them. For lead pilot mark Stuckey his first time into space and he's ready to take others. We're Vista thing. We are not making money by not taking customers. We need to get through the flight test program and and get on taking customers. His co pilot former shuttle commander CG stir count echoes their boss. That altitude. Can change attitudes in a more people that see our planet from space the more that will appreciate you know this place where we're live and it has been a journey for virgin galactic setbacks including the crash. Of its smaller space ship one. We've had here is we've had Jolie but Branson now seize the day he will get to space we have. Hoping it coincides with his inspiration. The fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing this summer two by the eighteenth month birthday why not look at that stint at. Space tourism fifty miles from her closer than ever before. I'm David Curley and now here are just being.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Founder Richard Branson plans to go first on his birthday this summer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"61106391","title":"Virgin Galactic's race to get you into space","url":"/Technology/video/virgin-galactics-race-space-61106391"}