Weather on Mars

ABC News’ chief meteorologist Ginger Zee talks about the weather on Mars.
7:10 | 02/18/21

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Transcript for Weather on Mars
That's how confirmed that it. Seven my final I want to bring in my Good Morning America colleagues in disease so many people know her as a meteorologist that she's also scientist. And a fellow space enthusiasts can today. She's reporting on the bad weather here on earth and ginger I taste and this is actually nothing compared to the weather on Mars. You know. It's not that we cannot compare the atmosphere is really but I have to just take a moment and react because and the scientists at this. Reminds me of tonight inner core and the joy that those folks were feeling in mission control is the same joy. I often feel when I see a forecast to verify and when I'm watching say a tornado that I have forecast. Come to fruition especially of course when is not impacting people there is something about. That understanding. Are planning here. Imagine understanding. Another planet well enough that we can lands there and learn about it. I can't fathom how they're feeling because I was getting nervous I seriously it's right in there. It it is it it comes out and is just so exciting to see because it gives in a world where we don't have a lot of control right now. It gives a lot more control and it gives science a lot to sit on so anyway I just wanted to share that have that was I can feel it at me still but. You know that just this past weekend and throughout this whole week North Dakota had temperatures dropped to 51 the low. For one of the town there that was an all time record we know that we've got a 144. Or somewhere on earth before but I'm Morris their average temperature. Is eighty below zero. So what does the perfect summer day look like got a cold desert plant. The answer might surprise you. During the hottest parts of the marsh today near the equator the worst days in the martian year. You about seventy degrees Fahrenheit. In Sunday's even if you could just feel that only breezed through your spacesuit which would be keeping you alive at a place with almost no oxygen. Don't get too comfortable and those warm summer day is on Myers well they don't last long they have bananas hit his 100 times dinner and then we do here on earth. So it can't hold the key. Lars didn't stands at temperatures well below zero you're many tens of degrees below zero and nights not an eerie silent place not seriously is eager very long insert the sentence here. And you know what it's that thin atmosphere on Myers and that makes the weather and that we think we know here on earth behaves a whole lot differently out there. The vast majority of water on Mars today is frozen in ice. There's a very small amount that's in the vapor in the atmosphere and it also can condense into clouds in the atmosphere. But the amount of water vapor is sells small. Even in what even like consider their wet season. Did you condense it all out of time. On to the surface it would only be a later this may be something like sixteen. Microns thick so that's like needy three times that we have. My hair something that does rise in the cold does it DOS based specially when there's no water to stop it. I'm Larry this little particles eventually bounce their way the body of water legally heard ocean and then the tracks in a subtle out. Because Mars and how many of those bodies of water today to trap the dust it just. Is there in the climate system gets broken apart asses whipped around by the winds. But that wind storm that stranded mark watney as the beginning of the Marshall probably couldn't happen. Even a strong wind on Mars too human the second blow you over because. The atmosphere is so much thinner and it doesn't have the molecules pressing against you without wind that would actually be that big an impact it's not to create the same force. Morris wasn't always a cold dead sick. Mars was once slight earth in that it had lace. It hadn't rigors it had a good thermal systems like Yellowstone bubbling oxygen and one of the most important questions and Mars explorations what happens the more you explore the more you realize how. Precious our planet is. And espionage trooper working here is. To keep habitats that are good for life there's no place like it in the solar system. Mars was once the closeness that there's really no place like earth so it really puts it in perspective it's steady decline it's another. How important climate is on our home. Now to turn the surround it and he did this for earth for the first time you wouldn't just study one place on earth and then say yes we know everything about the weather across that entire planet wealth for the same is true for Mars. You have to realize that there are other. Different parts of Mars that we have been studying so we're kind of creating a network. Of weather observation sites and that is going to help scientists study the data. From that that new one that's going on there now at the weather station that they'll have with perseverance rover. Along with other data from other weather stations so panic comes together that is gonna help them get a better understanding of how things like storm systems. He might change as they move across the red planet sell a lot to be learned. And I can imagine again I keep thinking about turning around on earth. And for a long time we only have one picture and we don't know and think about. From rainforest to Antarctica to the saharan doesn't think about how many different micro climates we hats and how much we're about to discover about Mars. So much to learn ginger Al Lawson curiously meeting give us an idea. That climate Ott Myers is there any pain we can compare it to our earthly brains. He gave I've heard it will say earlier well I within forty below is not likely Meyer who. Yeah its temperature. Yeah you throw in boiling water earlier this week into the air and doing the age old experiment here. But that's the difference you really can't compare because of that water vapor I don't think you can say oh this is just like it but if I had to oppose forced to sign not scientifically plays a place on earth. To be linked Mars it would be like moving the saharan desert. To an Arctic perhaps. Without any of the moisture it's very hard to do that. There's no place quite like it that's correct the record and I wasn't it I was wondering the Dickens whose forty below. And eighty below ours can you tell the difference that you didn't they go live but I'm Martin. I don't doubt Leno and doctor Coleman what her fingers digging pictures that she's at Mars. I get it from all sides here but whenever I. Nicole Decker and happiness. Yeah Iraq Al Gore's. I think it is chief meteorologist ginger green thank you so much are includes.

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{"duration":"7:10","description":"ABC News’ chief meteorologist Ginger Zee talks about the weather on Mars.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"75981013","title":"Weather on Mars","url":"/Technology/video/weather-mars-75981013"}