Vice DC bureau chief on women running for office: 'Energy... is on the Democratic side'

The Powerhouse Roundtable assesses the week in politics, including how Kavanaugh's confirmation will impact the 2018 midterm elections.
10:54 | 10/07/18

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Transcript for Vice DC bureau chief on women running for office: 'Energy... is on the Democratic side'
Back now with the round table. Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, Matthew dowd, Shawna Thomas and a "This week" debut Rachel bade professional reporter for "Politico." Thank you tore being. Here. Best week of the trump presidency is what "The New York Times" is calling it. We've seen some self destructive tendencies from the president in the past. How does he blow this? The president will continue to be who he is. I've known this guy for 16 years. He has been exactly the same person for those 16 years. He will go out and campaign. He'll do the rallies like you saw just last night in Kansas. Some people will love it. Some people will hate it. That's the hallmark of this administration. It's not disputable that this week as "The New York Times" is saying -- I'll echo the "New York Times" a trade agreement they didn't think he would get done, the lowest unemployment in 60 years, second justice on the supreme court. He deserves to crow a little bit. He has united Republicans I haven't seen them united in this era. George W. Bush, he made three phone calls to Susan Collins urging a vote yes on Kavanaugh. Has the president solved some of his problems with the never trumpers who now seem to be sometimes trumpers. President bush was very close to Brett and Brett Kavanaugh was very close to him. One of the things I step back and I saw the odds that 538 has done. I'm not a big believe of those after what happened in 2016. Agreed. Also, we often in polling this is a problem that we have. We take a temperature test in a moment and then a week, two weeks, three weeks from now it's very different. This is one of those moments. I would advise everybody before we speculate as to what's going to happen in November in the senate races and the house is give it a week or two to pan out. I remember after the access Hollywood tape came out, the race was over. She was go to win by ten points. Then within a week it was right back to a close race. Don't know what the enthusiasm is. More importantly we don't know the size of each of the parties' bases are. We'll know more in a week. How men talk about this moment -- Kavanaugh is a supreme court justice. We all agree that happened. How they talk about and it senator Mitch Mcconnell referring to those women on the hill as a mob, that's going to change how we think about things in ten days or 30 days. To certain people's peril trying to diminish what these women feel is a problem. That is what we might see play out in the midterm election. Vice news spent a lot of time with the protesters this week. We saw the president say these were professional protesters paid by George Soros. We hung out with a group in Alaska who was hanging out with Lisa murkowski. They felt respect for her. She brought them into her office and had a real conversation. We also saw people organized. That moment with Jeff flake on the hill, we talked to one woman who worked for ultra violent, she was paid. She helped steer people to be able to confront senators. There were people paid? There were people paid by organizations like ultraviolet to harness that energy in a way that would make the viral moments we ended up seeing. Rachel Mcconnell says it's going to be a passing moment. What's your sense? Watch the house. Right now I'm hearing from house Democrats who are saying they're going to investigate Kavanaugh and the white house's handling of the investigation process. Let's dispel the notion they're going to impeach him. It takes 67 votes in the senate to remove a judge from the bench. Republicans are not going to go for that. They're going to continue to fight this? They are. They want the FBI investigation made public. There's a huge stack of tips that the FBI received that they did not chase that Democrats are going to look into. They're going to talk to potential witnesses that some of these women told the FBI to speak with. They're going to look at his statements to the committee. I will say this is a Pandora's box for them. Nancy Pelosi and the establishment Democrats they're very wary of Democrats overplaying their hand on impeachment especially because they're going after the president on his tax returns, the Russia investigation, obstruction of justice. Dozens of topics. Do they overreach on that? Would that under cut them? I can't wait. I really can't. That speech just then your reporting on in and Jerry Nadler who I know well from New York who is saying we're going to impeach Brett Kavanaugh. If Democrats believe they're going to get a counter balance on president trump, what they're going to get is two years on impeachment hearings on Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump you're going to get a Republican house and senator. The best allies Republicans have right now are those Democrats like Jerry Nadler saying they're going to become an impeachment house. Take a step back. Whether or not the Democrats are going to take revenge or not, we're in a troubling moment in American history. A previous president, president Lincoln in the second inaugural address at the end of the bitter, bloody war, talked about let's bind up the nation's wounds. We're in a moment that even the side that won can't help themselves but to rub the faces of people in the dirt and can't stop themselves by celebrating beers for Brett. I know Brett and his wife. He's a man of faith and cares deeply for our country. I hope he takes some of what he learned from where he went to high school and takes a moment of discernment and realize his role and takes it up himself to possibly help bind the nation's wounds. We're in a very wounded period in American history. Rachel, immediately after the vote, I mean in real time, we saw two Republican women targeted. We saw Sarah Palin suggesting she may run against Lisa murkowski and we saw Susan rice suggest she may run against Susan Collins in Maine. It's interesting. It's the year of the female candidate. There are record numbers of women running and expected to be elected to congress. We've seen this energy mostly with the left. Republican women have been put in an awkward situation. You're right, the two top target from this vote were Republican women, but for opposite women. You have murkowski in Alaska. The president saying alaskans will never forgive murkowski and Sarah Palin saying she might challenge her. That's all because she voted against Cavanaugh. Then you have Collins who voted with him and Democrats are pulling their money together and looking for the best candidate and they're going after Collins. And those outside groups, the mean people alliances, on Friday night their server crashed because they were getting so many donations for an unknown candidate in 2020. Yesterday they pushed the button and collected the donations. What they do with the money, it will be interesting to see who controls that. People may not forget this moment. Liberals may not forget this moment. The point about women running is that, that energy as you said is on the democratic side. There are some women in the middle and the way consultants are approaching those women, the women in the middle, who went for trump, there is an argument to be made because of this moment we're currently in. You need someone to beat someone. Susan Collins is formidable in Maine. Murkowski has withstood a lot. A write-in victory in Alaska. You've got to have somebody to beat somebody. Can I ask you about Joe Manchin. Donald Trump Jr. Tweeted after the vote. After a lone Democrat voted, for the president's no, ma'am neat Donald jump tweeted a profile in courage from lieling liberal Joe Manchin. Waited until Kavanaugh had enough support. Joe's a really thoughtful guy and a smart guy. I believe that Joe made his vote based upon what he believed was best for West Virginia and best for the country. I would disagree with Donald Jr. On the character of Joe. I know Joe really well. Manchin told the white house he was leaning to supporting Kavanaugh before Collins came out. Any chance he switches parties? Doesn't seem like he has to. We were in West Virginia doing a focus group on Friday night. Multiple people said Joe Manchin is doing his job and representing his constituents. This moment is not going to pass. It's with us for a while.

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{"duration":"10:54","description":"The Powerhouse Roundtable assesses the week in politics, including how Kavanaugh's confirmation will impact the 2018 midterm elections.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"58339680","title":"Vice DC bureau chief on women running for office: 'Energy... is on the Democratic side'","url":"/ThisWeek/News/video/vice-dc-bureau-chief-women-running-office-energy-58339680"}