1-on-1 with 2020 candidate Sen. Cory Booker

Watch the extended cut of Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl's interview for "This Week" with Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., on the campaign trail in South Carolina.
24:44 | 05/12/19

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Transcript for 1-on-1 with 2020 candidate Sen. Cory Booker
So here's South Carolina big part of how you would win the democratic nomination it's the state you could argue that help Barack Obama's victory how do you wait. Well again with the old fashioned way you win by doing what I think is retail politics and how I came off the beat the machine jurors. Which is just going straight to the people who were knocking out holes small community meetings you build the kind of coalition on organizer. All from my very start and that's how we got the momentum in the city. Oh what you know rough weeks of the populations or early primary states. That we started really focusing on what it takes to do the kind of organized get her message out let voters hear from you would feel. You climb aboard was arguably the most important Democrat state says that Biden leaves out. And killed by. Or in some polls. You know way in the back anything 14 truck guy in the blocks of wallet athletes next to me I don't look at the blame right or left are run my race. And in many ways this was a race this is a wreath at the very confident about not just here in South Carolina. But New Hampshire or Iowa and and about it well. Because two meetings or racist when you're gonna happen on people's votes we know historically the front runners it this far out. Often not the people that end up when he goes early primaries so. We're gonna run our race obscure plant which is about going directly to voters letting them hear from me be really about retail and grassroots organizing. It find somebody who obviously voted for the free trade agreements he's someone you voted for the Iraq War. You know well its record on criminal justice issues is that the record of democratic fear. We'll get to want Joseph Biden is connected and his record talk about what he stands for I plan on. Focusing on my record and I'm very proud that morning to support country's toughest problems I didn't pick an easy way. American politics. Even coming out westward. Working in the nonprofit sector went to the toughest neighborhoods like line. And were received went with that communities that still live in. Today I'm very proud my neighbors in my neighborhood we've accomplished together doing things other people say it could be gone. And when I became mayor the city wasn't any American city was not alone Jersey's largest but it was a city. With a decades long reputation war crime corruption case we together in the community bringing people together. France warm work in ways other people said couldn't be done. So like I just look Ford to talking about war I am and what I I would do accomplish even in the United States senate giving. Major pieces of bipartisan legislation done in this administration like the biggest. He's bipartisan legislation accomplished under this president was wide lead particularly on the democratic side criminal justice reform the senate so. I'm very proud of my record doing things other people said couldn't be gone and this is one of those elections. I love war I am and I love being a little bit of the David amongst them lives here it's if reluctance. Engaged to. Put aside I think we're really had a turning point in American politics with the whole this. We've seen the politics of the mean green putting people down with crystal ball. This of politics it pits Americans against Americans. All my goal in this race these that this is Wimbledon where. We really need to move from a tribe from tribalism steepening in our country you're based us against them zero sum game to. To pursue that beloved community in our country we actually celebrate. What unites us the common clause that we have the common purpose that we have because I see American mobile all over this country. Farm towns factory counts from suburbs to cities. Feeling a sense of off comment pain whether it's price of prescription drugs public schools under attack. Whether it's access to health care war just having their kids have a better like that dated we have a common pain in this country. We've got to get back to a sense of common purpose so I can't campaign and it because this way I was sinking campaign wrong. And think you're gonna cover right. I'm covering to unite this country again to reignite since its civic race more courageous and the people one another so that we can deal with the persistent injustices and me. Authorities say the same thing about trump you say you don't want to fight fire with fire. But there was a headline in Politico according to local Iowa. Democrat leader saying. It democratic base is angry as hell quarry workers message while falls. I mean Democrats. This route Democrats in this country are angry they're angry. Presidential mr. Huntley police forcefully. Into what were the case before we'll I think your mistake is understanding it to be strong you don't have to be me. To be tough you don't pretty cool. We're here in in South Carolina went one historically black college. You refer but university. Where some of the greatest strength was shall civil rights activism people good reason this. We can people comment by bringing bigger dogs and more powerful hoses. UP demagogued by by expanding the moral matches the country bringing people together to overcome what. I got when I walked into a town hall put his arm around needs that emotional punch trump in the face I would commitment to smiled at him and that the felony. And a black guys don't get away with that that often. The reality is is trump wants us to fight him on his turf and his Tommy was the polar party now. We will not succeed by shall of the worst of who we are but the best of real and this is not a time that this country. We don't need politicians that are currently works falling trash talking and and it talks more toxicity in the system this is a time that America I think. Needs to be whole without greater level Greeks we need each other for more than we've made and we have more common ground I think for more than politics reflects I'm. And by the way this is not the winning formula. I'm happy to let the people do it but I was taught as a kid. The best moments of New York that's when we shall that's typically we brought people together to that focus of freedom loving community that's kind of leadership I'm gonna provide. I think this nation as one nation under god needs more indivisible. Because what Biden got into the race Q natural and very aggressive ways you saw that video using images. Attacked the president's war no I'm not saying you don't call out injustice if you don't call things as they all our. This president's done despicable things he's done things that hurt and harmed people. I mean I I I sit there at times. In my community which is a low income black and brown community. And the words that he speaks the policy to be pursuits are doing terrible terrible hurt again. But again the question is how are we as a country and overcome. By saying that we want to punch people in the face by thing we want to fight fire with fire. I was taught by our greatest American leaders that darkness cannot drive out darkness only light that hate. Cannot talk about people we love. This is the time that we need leadership on the best we all are not descending into the daughter. Demonstrating the worst you could be half. And you can still be con you could beats long. Still shall grace and go to the values that meet our nation over com. So many the lines that divide us to affirm the ties that bind us that the fight that I mean right now because I do think it's across. The Democratic Party can define itself but what to dance it's got to define it felt by what it's worth the democratic or can't define itself. By the cold simply beating Republicans. Because this is the moment in American leaders of unite all Americans for common cause common so you remain opposed to the or Pete. There's and I've been very clear. We or in a process right now let's let's not for the line in the sand it would still work to do congress institutes you. We need to have smaller come before congress and testify we need to two have on redacted. A report so we can read. All that report. We need to mix toward that we've seen underlying evidence let's continue to investigate wars has been clear abuse of power here and it's time for what anybody that reached that moment report. It is it is a testimony to this com. And and the district but I'm do you agree with. Again arguing that direction let me finish this is this this is I know we see these things now from. Political campaign mines. But but. This is one of those profound moments we have a presence and he did serious misconduct. We need to with the sold lands through a just process and for me there's more work the congress asked to do when they come to that conclusion. This is a report that has Mueller himself people were about ten instances of serious misconduct that could be seen as obstruction. We have a campaign. From campaign where you had multiple meetings with the foreign adversary should have been reports the FBI hydrants that were briefed gleefully. And and they sought out. A legally obtain materials so there's enough here that should raise that all warm for everybody not to mention you literally have a president trying to. Manufacture evidence trying to. Not trying to line being deceitful so I agree that this should send every American to be concerned about this. But we should do this make thoughtful process that involves getting all that gave him all the information we come. You just outlined a fourteen point oh plan and that is been called the most vicious. Efforts to deal with it an issue and his democratic candidates. Oh. For the first we get this done to stop had to be on the corporate gone while these terms. David forming this debate. And and telling us what we can do. And again I we comparable mighty nation it consistently America histories of testimony doing things people said was impossible my parents and the folks that aren't I know personally were fighting the civil rights movement gave up when congress could pass the whites legislation again and again fail. The longest filibuster Strom Thurmond's filibuster against the white and the people what that was impossible. But they changed the terms of the debate by expanding the moral imagination this country now I know when the nicer to America my short time one on this planet. Fifty years we've had more people killed by gun violence. And everything war Kamal when the revolutionary war war war one World War II. Vietnam all the wars combined more people killed last if you'd like I'm while. That it's been normal and would have we done. She mass occurred in the and a synagogue we do nothing. Massacre here in South Carolina the church we do nothing. Mask or my mom city of Los Vegas we do nothing schools and colleges kids being killed and we do nothing so. What I'm doing number one my parents for me tomorrow's not promised. To which you can't today I'm gonna change the conversation on one's pushing out this old proposal and challenging people come to market come in my neighborhood. We're so much more violence happens in American cities or black men are 6%. Of this nation's population they make up over 50% of the homicide victims come to communities like mine told me that my proposals to pool. We're gonna change the conversation changed the more magic this country aren't present states bring in a fight to the corporate gun lobby but we've never seen war and we will win. But after you. Try to change issue and he wait to try to just get. Which is which is to stuff. Actionable what you youth how like what I how to write first took over City Hall I don't adequately single -- to trial are nothing new here you're nearly yes it's going to be every it is. As tough as the senate brothel. And you're going for. National registration. And which is something that not just the NRA the corporate. Allotted go on orders. You know. And Democrats. It goes well again when I became mayor this city who work. One thing things to not not tolerate people telling you had tried this before we could get. To meet good to all I did not telling you right now that that temperatures things which are saying is that hey. We have carnage in this country like the uniquely American problem and we can't fault. I don't accept that at all. And it's all toll right now the first step. Is saying hey corporate gun lobby not only if you frame this debate. But you've done despicable things like exempting yourself from that. Consumer Product Safety Commission like exempting yourself. From responsibility for negligence they've changed so many laws. It even if what your guns are using out hunting wolves upping your faith. You don't have standing to sue a company for the negligent production product so we have to start having older composting should. And pushing things that we know work because this is and he just putting down things this is an evidence based approach because when Connecticut that licensee. There are shootings drop their murders dropped 40% suicides dropped 15%. These are things have been tried and done and work. We put together a whole host of things that people aren't talking about nothing to do suicide reductions and to invest in communities that have trauma. It's that comprehensive bold approach because this is what the problem. Demands right now how many more people need to be slaughtered in the United States of America because a tight watch. Companies like mine you'd have mass shootings they want bold action. Why should we wait until it happens to or communes or Europeans. Before we do something we need to have walked Regis empathy we'd have more courage in doing the things the only people that should be worried about what I propose gun runners. And criminal. Law abiding gun owner nothing I've done proposed here in any way undermines or project you're right I'd have a weapon. This is something that goes right at the corporate come lobby gun runners and from. So what do you do to them millions of donors are millions only countries that were adamantly opposed the idea federalists. What do you do they don't. Want to realize that we fighters what is if history but this is that the sort of a lot of fear mongering and just outright lies you hear response to buy equipment them. We've seen this before we got hit it they say it's confiscation ride right but both political analysts. Do you do with him so go back to the 1980s when we said machine guns were illegal. Right OK we we it abruptly stopped the sale and transfer of those things we found a process got those things. Virtually awful or streets. We hear a ways to do this. It's not a big in position. We all drive claw her ex. If you have a license to drive a car you can have a licensed. It's its common drive cars Raleigh. And don't have very first words of the Second Amendment are well regulated. Let's regularly beat these weapons of mass destruction of criminals canceled usually get their hands on it. We have warehouses system that's as loophole so big drive a truck full of weapons through it. And who literally people from terrorist organizations that come to America it's easy to obtain guns how can we haven't meets. With terrorists no fly list but you can go to a gun show and buy weapons from casual Feller and use them for 44 for nefarious means this is. BB fact that we were having a conversation about this nation. Which it has a unique problem nor the countries have this problem and we we have the sense that we can't do anything about it. Asked about health care you are a cosponsor. Sanders Medicare for all. We also say that you don't want them any private health. I think we deeply that it has lately and it's right well I think we didn't get back. From this campaign slogans and talk practically about what we can accomplish life's work but all Americans. Idea what he's nation on the planet earth. Every once axis that's about state. It health care right in America. I think the best way to get their attic careful but we're thankful but as president on one basis is ultimately or with eliminating but they're all private health insurance including that I don't forget and ignoble. You know they'll have equipment and over the we take them you know at the beginning country. State run operations from a point were still have ruled by the insurance. Let's talk where practically what I think easterners built stated it will be go to private picture and there and what on earth it was you know what honestly you as president nights. The first thing I'm gonna do. If so dramatically lower cost American. And expand. And pre. A glide path towards eventual goal first thing Americans have frost build. That their government and low cost or out it is spent 18% of our GDP on three times almost administrative awful low. And or are your country think about two weeks and spending years system that doesn't he should care. What I'm telling you right now as president of the United States of America. Your comments and pragmatic things we can do much for years in office. That are hard line down off the prescription you won't be pushing for Medicare for all my nature I going to be pushing a pathway. Towards getting everyone having coverage and part of that is going to be. Medicare rule one with a preview really good let's start at all is editor for all Medicare that's all of them the option. Again it's all you have it clear hole in line ice or health care. That's. Medic careful morsels realist. Former mayor who got things god knows you can't whole progress. Hostage for some accurate. We got in whole or cloth and expand coverage. I will Koppel's that my first two years Americans were spending over 2200 dollars for prescription drug. Talk to people might need. You that is they can barely. Your common sense things we can do this conversation should be. 18102. Measures or prescription drug lord helped off. So I want to ask you are. Your different course. Zuckerberg. FaceBook. Chris used to co found FaceBook. Now come out to say odd that it should be broken he says his own precedent and on American at this hour. One where he used in. Breaking news Walker's youthful. X two Wharton school. Were. Steps want to use eggs should two things should be real regulations. Odyssey. To protect me. And it's free speech of this the reality. And here it's FaceBook to form an industry and become a problem. With that policy should. That is having really. Striving to form broad. Brook laws and in the realm of technology. We're seeing small compass small one or two companies control significant. Session that he broke him again I believe in process. We should I'm presidency while the Justice Department uses antitrust. Legislation to do the proper investigations whole. Industry accountable. For consolidation. Of Warren's ardea there's breakup FaceBook Erica Google eyed by her idol they bring it up Amazon right but I don't think that a president. Should be running around when he companies to mop without any kind of process. I'd like against a massive problem when America or consolidation apps so lightly Justice Department doesn't mean about it like what judges that actually. Take antitrust war theories doesn't get what regions free rein side I believe in capital C in America right now. He is more pro capitalist people or suppressing competition undermining. What's best for the consumer and one more important goal at suppressing wages in this country waiting lists for. We see we desperately watching last year's crosses. It's about making to a system that works out me and why won't personal opinion about going after like. Donald Trump and Brigham you guys know. We need to create systems and often as compared Elizabeth Warren Arnold I libel certainly did not always honest and she's the one that's well again she has. Let her. Discuss. Will be. Her positions I'm telling you right now we do not leaving residents it is becoming user personable. The leafs and tell you which companies which Africa we need a president it's going forced antitrust laws in this country will be posted its corporate consolidation. Mass ball park. Undercutting competition careened into work it's. Okay. Quick lightning round where you go just one word one sentence answer you can cut quick ones do you favor eliminating the electoral. Call it we've got election coming up even doing that right now it is. If it is something that is beyond this election but I think what I can believe that we should have a country where the person most votes went OK do you favor eliminating filibusters. Com I right now understand the urgency people feel but I worry. The filibuster was in there and Donald from Mitch McConnell full line controlled everything. What they would've done communities vulnerable and easily one. Would have been over the kind of thing to roll back women's reproductive rights war. On Social Security Medicaid Medicare. Sold I understand the urgency I keep the option on the table but. I hope we have to build. Do you favor adding six of the Supreme Court. Again I think that that's these ideas are just raced to the parliament many ways it's almost surrendering two. A belief that we can't figure out a way to use to stabilize our democracy from being used to send tribalism. We got to do that that's what the warped her moral hold the selection not making it about one guy won office but about a nation in the character report country. We get deeper to tribalism this country which is us vs them your face politics zero sum game again we might descendant of one day having. Migrant children ask me why we have 151 people on the Supreme Court because the Democrats they have power they put more people want Republicans that I'm not running. 222 better. We in this game I'm wanting to change the game it is back to society has since common purpose and common clause. We don't hate each other just that the vote differently on ways to make society better everyone so I know we're at this point. We're like the Republicans did this to us we got to do the exact same thing back to them but that's not what I was taught. How to solve problems and we have right now is a problem you know or congress deepening deepening tribalism can't work together. I won't solve all. It was the greatest American president. I think that if you ask me I would say we can DR two holes. I don't want ask you about soap and your home state there was a controversy for years ago at Princeton. Some student groups wanted to take it named Woodrow Wilson off their all of policy school what you think that should Woodrow Wilson. That she's been taken down or schools we renamed I was obviously a say he favored segregation he was. Amused frankly racist views you know I've I've not looked at that that issue you wanna sort holding. People Al east this our founders literally. All native Americans savages founding documents. I still hurled the needs of those imperfect geniuses. Who gave us this republic but I do know this. At the obligations. It's not a nation based on tribalism are common religion common ethnicity every generation after. Our founders tried to make this a more US. Obligation right now but. Your world hates you. We can't find ways to come together we continue fracture our society keeps heat hurled a political strategy but. We were going to lose at that meet certain race to the bottom I'm trying to keep this country. And last question eyewitness you Soria. Austin. You know right now I'm looking at them running around this country camping just conceived wrote our dogs met with her few days ago for her fortieth birthday happy birthday honey. And still let us work our relationship that will deal with the world we could threaten to build it's incredible. All right senator Booker thank you related tighten subject Christian it.

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{"duration":"24:44","description":"Watch the extended cut of Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl's interview for \"This Week\" with Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., on the campaign trail in South Carolina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"62990544","title":"1-on-1 with 2020 candidate Sen. Cory Booker","url":"/ThisWeek/video/2020-candidate-sen-cory-booker-62990544"}