2020 candidate Delaney: Americans are looking for a leader 'to bring us together'

Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney, the first Democrat to announce he was running for president, joins "This Week" to discuss his campaign as more hopefuls enter the race.
7:25 | 01/13/19

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Transcript for 2020 candidate Delaney: Americans are looking for a leader 'to bring us together'
John Delaney said a dirty word in Davenport who. Then repeated it in the morning. And Sioux City to do in fact he's been saying it fell across the state. Unabashedly telling people he's a firm believer in. Bipartisan bi partisanship. Ours he might be a dirty word in Washington. Seems to be awfully refreshing right here a night. That I have played during last year's Super Bowl the first Adams when he funny cycle joining over the first candidate. And the democratic race for Merrill Carson John Delaney in us is run back in July 2017. Welcome. To this week thanks for every dirt singer 534 days it has gone ideas. Oh great I'm who spent lots on an island on 21 trips there are twelve to New Hampshire and I think my message which is about bringing us terribly divided nation back together. Solving real problems that are facing workers and families particularly in light of how technology. He's changing the workforce getting big things done to build a better future and in restoring a sense of almost moral aspirations. To our political discourse nobody got messages cutting through very well. No bipartisanship in Washington right now so let's put the put put here is to the tester oh elegy solve the sect. Well I would've caused shut down right so I think look at I think it's pretty clear the senate Republicans have to reopen the government. I mean that's the obvious path and we saw that from Lindsey Graham didn't broader question I knew you are trying to talk about healing the divide again last. Now ten years this country over the space of eight years we saw the country elect Barack Obama president. And Donald Trump prison couldn't imagine with two more different. People to hold that office of how do you speak to active five. Why just think it takes leadership what the American people are really looking for is a leader to try to bring us together. Not actually talk like half the country's entirely wrong. About everything they believe focus on where we have common ground talk about big things for our future. And really do things differently one of things I've pledged is in my first hundred days. Only to do. Bipartisan proposals would it be amazing the president looked at the American people at the inauguration and said I represent everyone review would you voted for me or not. And this is how good a proven does. Not cutting guess what a lot of Democrats are expecting if you're only putting bipartisan legislation and what that means no Medicare for all. No green knew deep and a deal no fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage. Well first all there's things we agree with right. In building infrastructure comprehensive immigration reform was bipartisan fixing our broken an immoral criminal justice system. Is bipartisan things like national service. Right you're an opportunity for young people graduate from high school to sillier and other democratic party's on the back the first hundred days. Right you prove to the American people the we can actually start solving problem in getting things done. Then you start talking about some the big things we need to do to build a better future universal health care I fully support and I believe there's ways of getting that done. I introduced the first bipartisan carbon tax bill. In the congress the United States last year to show that climate change which is a huge threat -- prosperity to our national security. We can actually come together and solve that problem so I think there's a pathway to do big things together as a country. But there's also in the short term there's a lot of things we agree with each other that have to get done. And we need a leader that wants to actually start ringing the country together restoring a sense of this as I say moral aspiration. To who we are as a country. And that's what the American people are looking for they're tired of being divided. You you had a very successful career on Wall Street before he became a Wall Street news in business with the risen before he didn't remember. Of congress and George will though in in a very highly complementary. Colin that you also looks at this he said. White male businessman and those three words he democratic primary there's a three strikes. Against you is he right about that this year. I don't think he's right about that look at I'm not a person of color. And I'm not a woman. And I appreciate the fact that I have had. Different experiences and haven't had to deal with some of the challenges. The people of color and our country have had to deal with and women have had to deal. But I think at the end of the day with a democratic primary voters are gonna look for is a leader. Someone who can lead our country into the future with the real vision. As to how to create a more prosperous just and secure future for all Americans they're looking for leadership particularly in the context of what they're seeing now. So I believe the democratic primary voters are gonna look for that leadership. Who has a positive view of the future who understands how technology automation global or connections are fundamentally changing everything in our society. And who has real plans to solve real problems to get things Don to improve the lives. He's been paying a large measure your own campaign you you can afford it right now Elizabeth Warren says that there shouldn't be self funny Henderson. Why don't think I mean. I think I don't think that's true I think people are fine with people investing. In their campaigns I also raise money for people saw not entirely self care. How about the ideal come and we heard from the new congressman Alan Alexandria O'Costa Cortez saying that the marginal tax rate on those earning a ten million dollars year should be 70%. I think marginal tax rate should be higher birth we actually want to create more fairness in our tax code we would also start taxiing. Investment income more similar to what workers get paid act is a massive kind of unfairness between. But not taxes people pay who invest for a living first people who paid work for a living. And I think that can generate. More revenues for the government so direct silly I think there's huge kind of structural and fairness in our country right now whether it's in the tax code. Whether it's to our environmental policies whether it's criminal justice system our immigration system my wife and I were the border two weeks ago. We took fourteen law students down. To deal Lee Texas with a large detention facility is in this country. To hear asylum cases for a week right Sophia go through immigration criminal justice the tax system this huge structural and fairness in this country we got to fourth and the tax code is part of that. What qualifies you be commander and chief. What served in the congress for the last six years so I understand how our federal government works it's been a lot of time with the military. I've a strong view about what the US's role is internationally. I generally believe what the post World War II model for US leadership. And I think I'm a very good position be. And find a foregone harassment as other headlines this morning that president trump says. To report New York Times it is investigated as the FBI also. Concealing his conversations letter of prudent do you believe he's compromised by Clinton and from. What. That's what that's for mr. Muller to determine I mean it's it's highly suspicious is behavior we have not a president who has been as supportive. As flatware prudent in in decades or Russian government in decades so it's highly suspicious. I think his business dealings in the past are highly suspicious. I know from my experience the private sector. No one in the United States would actually invested in him or lend money to him so we had to go abroad to get his financing for his projects so I think there's a lot of flashing yellow lights. But what we should do was we should wait for the result of that report to determine in their obviously investigating it. And I trust pact. The special counsel's work I mean he's I think he's been terrific there's been no leaks he's obviously been very thorough he's in covered a lot of you know highly suspicious activity and a lot of people who were very close to the president obviously have been been charged with crimes so. John blinking coming in this experiment George.

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{"duration":"7:25","description":"Former Maryland Rep. John Delaney, the first Democrat to announce he was running for president, joins \"This Week\" to discuss his campaign as more hopefuls enter the race.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"60344524","title":"2020 candidate Delaney: Americans are looking for a leader 'to bring us together'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/2020-presidential-candidate-john-delaney-60344524"}