Donald Trump Won't Apologize to Ben Carson Over Religion Comments

The GOP frontrunner spoke with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos about the latest poll numbers, and his ideas to reform health care.
9:53 | 10/25/15

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Transcript for Donald Trump Won't Apologize to Ben Carson Over Religion Comments
Let's bring in Mr. Trump right now, thank you for joining us again this morning, Mr. Trump. And let's begin with those comments about Ben Carson's religion, seventh day adventist, I don't know about that, what were you trying to say? Well, I don't -- I know nothing about it. I'm a presbyterian. I said I don't know about it. I just really don't know about the seventh day adventist. I just -- you know, and that's what I said. Why raise it at all? Were you trying to send a dog whistle to them because Ben Carson is beating you among evangelicals in Iowa? No, not at all. But, no, not at all. I just don't know about that particular religion. Back to my question, why raise it? Because I just said, I don't know about it. I said nothing about it. I would never say bad about any religion. I think you just had a quote on, I said exactly, I don't know about it, so, you know. It's not an insult. Ben Carson has asked for an apology, will you give it to him? Well, I didn't say anything bad about it. I just don't know about it. I would certainly give an apology if I said anything bad about it. You're not going to apologize to Ben Carson. Let's talk about some of the policy differences with Mr. Carson now that you're the top two candidates on the republican side. He says your deportation claim is not practical. It could cause collapse of parts of the agricultural sector. Well, it's totally practical and they can legally come in with work Visas and other ways to come and solve agricultural problems if they have that. But, frankly, Ben is extremely weak as you know on illegal immigration and we can't have that now, we have to have a country of borders. You can't be weak for immigration. He's for amnesty and I'm for a very strong border. If we had strong borders, you might have the collapse, the big story a couple of days ago, the collapse and the attack of the world trade center. We have very weak rules on immigration and I'm for making them strong and solid like a country should have, and Ben's very weak on that subject. He says you haven't spelled out how you can deport those undocumented aliens in the country right now, will you do that? Yes, and through very good management that will happen. People who have outstanding records will come back in. And they'll come back in legally, they'll come back in legally so we have the country. The bad ones, I have been so right on that subject and I think it's one of the reasons I'm leading in virtual ly every national poll and every state poll, frankly, including, by the way, some in Iowa. But it's one of the reasons is illegal immigration. They'll come in legally. The ones that are bad, and we have some real bad ones in this country, they're going to get out so fast your head will spin. On health care, Ben Carson has called for health savings accounts. He says that he wants to shift money from health spending to these accounts. He said under his plan, medicare probably won't be necessary. What do you think of that? I think it's a very down the middle idea that works. One thing we have to do is repeal and replace obamacare, it is a disaster, peoples -- I don't know if you have been watching lately -- people's premiums are going up 35%, 45%, 55%. Their deductibles are so high nobody is going to be able to use it. $5 billion website. That was really the beginning of the end, obamacare is a disaster. If you agree with this health savings accounts idea, do you agree with medicare won't be necessary? We'll have to look at it. Health savings account is a very good idea. It's an idea whose probably time has come. Bottom line, is Ben Carson your number one challenger right now? In Iowa, he is. Not everywhere else. Because everywhere else, all different people all over the lot. New Hampshire is totally different. In New Hampshire, I have a massive lead and we have different seconds. You look at different states, it seems to be a lot of different people. But certainly in Iowa, he got a lot of pr by going a little bit ahead of me in Iowa. But we'll see what happens. But we'll see what happens. Because I find it hard to believe, I was in Iowa three days ago, we had such an unbelievable turnout I find it difficult to believe I'm in second place. Let's talk about Jeb bush, as we know, he made severe cuts in his campaign and his budgets, he said yesterday, he doesn't want to sit around and see gridlock. That's not my motivation. I got a lot of other cool things than sitting around, being miserable. That's a joke. Elect trump if you want that. What do you think, elect trump? Well, all I'm saying is he's not going to get the job done. He doesn't have the temperament for it. I used the word energy -- and by the way, Carson is a very low energy person, also. Hey, look, we're being ripped off by the entire world. Our trade deals with China, with Japan, with Mexico, with everybody, we lose with every single thing, you need somebody that's done it before, somebody who has that real ability to bring our country back, to make our country rich again, and we can do that. And therefore, without the money, without the rich, we can't make it great again, George. Jeb bush doesn't have that. It's not for him. And I hate to see what's happening with him but his campaign is a disaster. He's paid one person $1.3 million, some finance director. $1.3 million, that's almost more than I paid for my whole deal. When you look at what I have done, I'm number one in virtually every poll and I spent less money than any other candidate that's running. Are you going to have to start spending that money on ads in Iowa? I don't mind doing that at all. By the way, Ben Carson, you know, Ben is spending a lot of money on ads. His superpac is running Iowa for him. I'm asking everyone to disavow their superpacs. I don't want any money from anyone. I'm self-funding my campaign. Ben is being led by his superpacs. They're doing a lot of the work for him, and that's not supposed to be happening. That's not the way it's supposed to work. There was a remarkable focus group run in Indianapolis. Among republican voters, had some good things to say about you, but also you might be divisive. He's going to offend everyone. He's intolerant and has a lack of empathy. Calling everybody idiots they'll just get mad at them. He's a hothead. He just -- He doesn't listen. Are you going to have to change your approach? Well, I don't think so. Because, you know, one by one they're dropping out, I was against 16 other candidates and, you know, I'm being divisive right now because I want to win. I know how to win. That's what I have to do. Ultimately, if I do win, I'm going to be a great unifier, for the country. The country right now is terribly divided by a president who doesn't know how to lead. And he's a very divisive person. I will be a great unifier. How are you going to be a unifier when you said yesterday the country is going to hell if Hillary Clinton gets elected? Well, I think that's true. I think that if Hillary Clinton gets elected the country will go further down. We owe $19 trillion, we're the laughingstock all over the world. Our military doesn't perform because it's not allowed to perform and it's not in great shape as you know. All you have to do is speak to the generals, it's probably in the worst shape it's been in 50 years. Our country is in serious trouble. We make deals for bergdahl and the Iran pact. No, our country is in bad shape. And if we have Hillary it will just get worse. Finally, Jeb bush's adviser is said he's going to position himself who can fix a broken Washington and focus on national security, are you ready for that and what is your debate strategy? I think that's excellent to focus on. Don't forget, in my book written in 2000, I was one that predicted Osama bin laden was trouble and you better do something about him. Guess what, 19 months later, he knocked down the world trade center and killed thousands of Americans. I put it in a book. A couple of your competitors said, whoa, trump actually mentioned Osama bin laden and we better do something about him or we're going to have problems. That was before the world trade center came down. I know much more about this stuff than bush and everybody else running. Believe me. Donald Trump, thanks very much for your time this morning. Thank you very much, George.

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{"duration":"9:53","description":"The GOP frontrunner spoke with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos about the latest poll numbers, and his ideas to reform health care.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"34717052","title":"Donald Trump Won't Apologize to Ben Carson Over Religion Comments","url":"/ThisWeek/video/donald-trump-2016-presidential-race-34717052"}