Gov. Rick Perry: Donald Trump Comments on Mexican Immigrants 'Offensive'

The former Texas governor and GOP presidential candidate is interviewed on "This Week."
9:04 | 07/05/15

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Transcript for Gov. Rick Perry: Donald Trump Comments on Mexican Immigrants 'Offensive'
That brings us to our next guest, the longest serving governor in Texas history, now candidate for president. Today I am running for the presidency of the United States of America! Rick Perry is back, but after that crash and burn the last campaign. The third one I can't -- I'm sorry -- oops. Can he be a real contender this time? New glasses had a studious look, he's boned up on foreign policy. Built up ground forces in key states. It's good to be back in Iowa. And states his claims with social conservative. Pro-abortion radical. Defend the border. Our rights come from god. We need to return to power to the states. Still Perry's lagging in the polls and needs a breakout moment to qualify for those first debates. And governor Rick Perry joins us now live. Thank you for being here this morning. You have been pretty candid about your last campaign, saying you botched it last time around, but with so many other new choices for republicans, why should gop voters give you a second chance? Well, I think American people are really taking a look at these candidates and they're starting to focus on them now. And what I hear, people care about who's going to be able to get this economy going and keep this country safe, who can secure the border, being a former air force pilot -- and Lindsey graham are the only two that have worn the uniform of the country -- as we look at who has the experience, who has the executive experience to run this country, and having 14 years of the experience of being a very successful chief executive of the 12th largest economy of the world, I think Americans are going to look at us and see how we perform and obviously I think that they have seen the preparation, the work we have done over the course of the last years, and I think we have a very good opportunity to impress the American people that that's the kind of mature leadership, proven leadership, with the military background, and the results of our border work. American people are going to like that. Donald Trump actually took aim at your work on the border yesterday. He said you should have done a better job of protecting the border. Well, I don't think he understands the challenge, obviously, we have been there for 14 years, the governor of that state with a 1200-mile border when it became abundantly clear that the president wasn't going to deal with this issue. We acted last summer. We had a 74% decrease of apprehensions in that region of the border where the real challenges were. My bet is that Mr. Trump doesn't know that. Again, executive experience really matters. Having run the 12th largest economy in the world is really going to matter to the American people. Is he hurting your party? You know saw Jeb bush yesterday, saying he's offended by the comments of Donald Trump. Ted Cruz said he salutes Donald Trump. The fact is, I have said very clearly that Donald Trump does not represent the republican party. I was offended by his comments. Hispanics in America and Texas, have been extraordinary people, citizens of our country and of our state, they have served nobly and to paint with that broad of a brush, like Donald Trump did, he's going to have to defend those remarks. I never will. I will stand up and say, those were offensive, which they were. Let's talk about the economy. Last month, you said America is on course to the failed policies of Detroit and Greece. President Obama's team said that the private sector has added jobs six -- Thanks to Texas. Thanks to Texas. Think about that, from '07 through 2014, George, 1.5 million jobs were created in one place, one state -- that's Texas. The rest of the country lost 400,000 jobs. If the president wants to be honest, we he should have said in the state of the union address, I want to salute Texas to make sure we have a positive job growth in this country. Because without Texas, this country would have been 1.1 million jobs below water. The rest of the country has caught up. 12 million jobs created over the last 6 years. But can you promise this as president you would have an unemployment rate below 5.3%. As president, what I would bring to this country is a positive view on how you get amerback to work. Taxwi taxwise, regulatoriwise. We got an EPA that's job-killing. This piece of executive order that he's put into place to force overtime that's a job killer, this president has been putting job-killing regulations into place through his agencies and through executive orders. I know how to create jobs, you free people from overtaxation, you use the energy resources in north America. You can drive down electricity. Lower the corporate tax rate. It does two things, George. Not only will it raise mid-level wages it will give incentives to those companies to come back onshore. With the lower electricity prices, and with the incentive of a lower corporate tax rate, you can have a renaissance of manufacturing in this country. You have been critical with the negotiating stance of the president over Iran. Do you expect to take military action against Iran as president? I think that's a bad move by the media to say the only option you're going to have -- I'm just asking. Military action. I hear that all too often. That's the first thing they go to, obviously if you don't want to negotiate with them you're going to go to war. That's not correct. I think you can put a coalition together and you can use the sanctions. We had Iran at a very good position from my perspective, they wanted to come to the negotiating table because of the sanctions. If we had left those sanctions in place, I would suggest to you that it would have been substantially better for America. What we're seeing now, this country, heading towards having a nuclear weapon, that's going to do nothing more than guaranteeing the development of a Sunni bomb, those gulf states are not going to sit back and say we're going to let Iran have a bomb. I think the other countries that are involved with this, the other countries are going to be impacket -- impacted by this see, the wisdom of having the sanctions in place. Let's talk about gay marriage, you were critical of the supreme court ruling last week, but last time around, you were also critical of gays in the military, take a look. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a Christian. You don't need to be in the pew every Sunday to know that there's something wrong in this country where gays can serve openly in the military. And kids can't pray in school. So if you were president would you stand by that? I agree with the four justices that were on the losing side of that decision. This issue needs to be decided by the states. I think -- the bigger and broader issue from my perspective is, the next president of the United States may choose up to three supreme court justices. I'm very clear in my stand that I believe in traditional marriage. But that I think is the bigger issue here is that the next president of the United States may choose up to three supreme court justices. What about gays in the military, would you bring back don't ask don't tell? I think you know that clearly has already -- So, we're beyond that. Finally what is your path to victory here? You're lagging in the polls, you're not even qualifying for the debates just yet. How do you get in them? I think the work that we're doing now, clearly, both on the issues that really -- that American people really care about, people are starting to tune us in. The work that we're doing. It's paying great dividends. I feel very comfortable that I'm not only going to be on the stage, but we'll be able to perform in a way over the course of the last months, this is an individual who has the executive experience and the vision. And I think Americans are really looking for an optimistic individual, someone who has a positive outlook for this country. Knows that the best years are ahead of us and economically and securitywise, I know how to lay that out, I feel comfortable. Governor Perry, thank you. Thank you, George. Roundtable up next. With the latest on 2016. Plus, overseas to the big

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{"duration":"9:04","description":"The former Texas governor and GOP presidential candidate is interviewed on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"32231138","title":"Gov. Rick Perry: Donald Trump Comments on Mexican Immigrants 'Offensive'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/gov-rick-perry-2016-race-president-32231138"}