'It's important to note that every single (protester) has a story': Rachel Scott

The Powerhouse Roundtable breaks down the latest on the George Floyd protests on "This Week."
11:03 | 06/07/20

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Transcript for 'It's important to note that every single (protester) has a story': Rachel Scott
Let's bring in the round table now our chief White House correspondent John Carl author of the best seller front row at the trump show. Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce and making heard this week roundtable debut. RA BC news multi platform reporter. Rachel Scott. Good morning to you all. And Rachel because it's your first time on a round table I wanna start with you you've been out there covering the protests in Washington all week. It is the 50000 foot view of what you've seen and heard rotten a full field I know you probably heard secretary wolves to script. Should. I market thank you so much for having me we'll be telling of George Floyd was really just the boiling point this is about. A centuries of systemic racism and racial inequality that has existed in this country. And I think what we are seeing right now is generational exhausted. And generational uprising these are young voices that are out there from all different backgrounds an ending for change. And as we see thousands of protesters out there it's important to note that every single one of them has the story either they have experienced racism themselves. Some black Americans asking themselves and I next. And they are demanding for change and it just doesn't stop with the president they are going Ford. Asking other lawmakers to make changes as well and they want to know what they have done well be an office. It it's not just about sending words of support it's about holding these lawmakers accountable Martha. And John so far it doesn't seem the president is hearing these protesters demands refusing on Friday that human answer. Whether he has a plan to address systemic racism beyond strong economy. In fact the president has refused to answer questions from reporters almost sense that the beginning of these protests. I'd just not answering those basic questions. He's been all over the map on this I think that where they're zooming in now. Is a constant repetition of that law and order message you see it on his Twitter feed constantly. I sought again this morning. Our lord ordered not in any way addressing the concerns that have led to these protests. And Pierre former president Barack Obama said this time. Feels different that there is a change in mindset that is taking place among a broad coalition of Americans. But as I watched Jesse Jackson who was 78 years old at that memorial service for George Floyd I had to wonder how many services he has been to in his lifetime hoping for real change. Do you feel a difference. But I think there has been a change in that. I looked at how broad and diverse that group was here in Washington DC and so many people are now having honest dialogue about race and racism. So I do think you're seeing change. But one of the things we do know is that change is heart. It's difficult. And I've been struck this week in thinking about two images one images. From the sixties and fifties of black man saying I am a man. And then we also have the new images and the signs saying black lives map. Martha they're not all that different they're about black people saying I want to be treated with equal justice I wanna be treated with dignity. And that shows we have a lot of work to do more. At and you think these protests lasted they go into next week and the week after in the week after. It's hard to say but what I do feel is that people know that what happened to mr. Floyd is wrong. And it was so searing and it was so stark. It suggested there must still be racism out there and I think there were a lot of people frantically from the majority community. Who sometimes hear about different allegations of racism and think to themselves well there they go again what that image of how mr. Floyd died I think it's. Causing a lot of Americans to really reassess where we are in terms of race relations. And Mary Joseph Biden accused the president of fanning the flames of hate harking back to his campaign launch where he rebuked trump over his comments about Charlotte's failed. It was his first major speech in public since mid march. How does this moment change Biden's campaign strategy. While Joseph Biden is certainly seizing this moment to draw very sharp contrast with the president his campaign sees a real void of leadership in the way that the president is handling this and Joseph Biden is eager to show Americans that he can still. That boy now as you mention accusing the president of fanning the flames of hate certainly not any strategy for Joseph Biden you literally launched his campaign with those two words Charlottesville Virginia but now we are going to see him really crank up these contracts and is leading to this rather remarkable split screen campaign so. What what you have the president out there encouraging crackdowns easy Joseph by now meeting with protesters yet the president doing that Bible photo op on the other hand you have Joseph Biden going inside a church to meet with community leaders you have. The president not offering single proposal at all to address the concerns of these protesters. While Joseph Biden is out there calling for new policies. An increased accountability and transparency and I think you're gonna continue to see these sharp contrast these really divergent campaigns. The more Joseph Biden continues to get out on the campaign trail again. It in John Mary mentioned of course that photo op but we also saw those unprecedented rebukes from. Former military leaders the secretary of defense this week. How we saw secretary Casper at that photo op I don't think that some place he wanted to and opt. It's his job safe right now. I think Gaspar is very worried about his job the president was furious by what he said it as far as these. Rebukes for Mattis and Kelly as extraordinary as they are dating take anybody by surprise. In the west wing and that really tells you something but if you look at the president's former attorney general secretary of state national security advisor. A secretary of defense top economic advisor. Are all people that have come out somewhere in criticize the president and have been attacked by the president in the most extraordinarily personal terms but mark the one. HT thinking here is that Kelly. And matters were both there as part of that administration in Charlottesville when the president called people marching next to white supremacist very fine people. And what I report in the book is. Is he said those exact words the day before he sediment public Kelly was there so were others. And nobody stepped forward to tell the president that was an inappropriate thing to say. And I think they've got a lot of criticism for that Mary it hasn't just spend the military. That's reacted to despair there's been kind usually harsh criticism from. Republicans and we have stories that George Bush Mitt Romney. May not be arming supporting the president and just a few moments ago Colin Powell said on CNN that he's gonna vote for Joseph Biden. Yet we are seeing is really remarkable and ray Arab rates here from some. Republicans of course it was the photo op it was that is sharp rebuke from many military leaders that is now led. Some Republicans to now speak out including not just as he mentioned but also senators Ben sack Susan Collins Mitt Romney of course and Lisa Murkowski who is the first one. To to really goes so far as to suggest that she may not be able to support the president come November and what was also really I think surprising about her statement. With easing knowledge managed. That many within the Republican Party. May have doubts about the president. But so far have lacked the courage to come forward and speak out it's scenes that may be changing but of course there is always a very real political risk that comes with going against this president and Republicans are well aware of that so what we do see some. Coming out and speaking up we also seen many especially many Republican leaders who are standing by the president or just ask simply declining to comment. In detail at all. And and ritual we have a tweet from the president just a few minutes ago that the National Guard will be leaving. DC. What's your reaction to that. Well it's been tense out there mark that was bear as the president made that trip to saint John's church. And it was interesting being a reporter on the ground we were about to go live in my ear I'm hearing the president give remarks in the Rose Garden he was talking about peaceful protesters. And what I was seeing unfold in front anywhere those peaceful protesters being. Forcibly pushed back and at every day we have seen the perimeter around the White House expand every day we have seen. The people's house give further away from the people who are outside protesting and demanding for justice in trying to get their message to the president. At it and Pierre there there's a lot of talk about. Police departments what exactly does that mean. Well what they're talking about is moving some of the resources given to police and providing them to the communities that they serve back and tell you law enforcement is going to be. Very much concerned about that because they believe that the amount of police that you have on the streets it has a direct impact on crime. But you see in many of these communities we saw in Los Angeles this notion that perhaps we should. Re Jaeger how we allot resources to affect the people. An enemy in merry congress has also been active in proposing reforms to policing across the country is there any hope for bipartisan support in what do you think that would look. Oh well there certainly is an appetite here I think the question is just how big are they willing to go we know that house Democrats tomorrow are going to be putting out this sweeping reform legislation that among other things would include a ban on so called it would create. I national registry for police misconduct and we have seen from Republicans from the house Republican leader Kevin McCarthy. A sign that they are willing to work with Democrats on this. But of course the president the fact that he is drawn such a hard line on many of these issues could make it really difficult for a lot of Republicans to get on board here I think anything that gets passed in the house is likely to face an uphill battle. In the senate and then there is the question of what is the president willing to sign an of course the bigger issue of whether any thing. That congress does now will be enough to satisfy. The demands or at least begin to satisfy the demands. What we are seeing being called for by these protesters across the country. And John Carlo one of the things the president wants to do is change the subject to mean he's talking about law and order but he was also talking about economic. Numbers this week and I'm I'm just looking get an NBC Wall Street Journal poll that says among voters living in the topped when he twenty battleground states. Arizona Colorado Florida Maine Michigan Minnesota Nevada New Hampshire. Etc. Biden's combined lead over trump is eight points 50% to 42%. I'm sure he really wants to talk about the economy now. Bubble looked grim for years ago as well that's when he sixteen campaign for Donald property in an up wedding but. He will focus on the economy because those polls also show that more people trust trump with the economy and trust Biden took that is this issue. That's where he will focus. Okay at thanks to all of you and it's great to see you all on a Sunday morning thanks so much.

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