Jeb Bush on 'This Week'

The former Florida governor on what's next for immigration reform and the GOP.
6:59 | 03/10/13

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Transcript for Jeb Bush on 'This Week'
Think your brother Jeb will be present order. I wish he would be when the man says I'm not running. He means and I wish you -- would he be a good president. Absolutely and don't just take that from father prejudice view. Neither -- human good bad he performed as governor he's well spoken in non extremists who not a wild -- that. Tributes bad motives of those that disagree with the and he's good and people wouldn't know it and -- here and say the same thing. It has always been know before but Jeb Bush opened the door just cracked a following in the footsteps -- father and brother this week. When he made the rounds for his new book immigration wars co -- with Clint Bolick and we're glad to have the former governor joining us on this week right now thanks for joining us governor. Thanks George I want to get to the book in just -- second -- start out with a charm offensive. This week from President Obama having dinner with senate Republicans talking with Paul Ryan as well over lunch and it really seems like he's trying to resuscitate this grand bargain. Over the budget what do you make of that. I don't know I don't know what what the -- -- but I do I'm very encouraged by the fact the president is trying to. Restore some personal connection with policy makers in congress I'm at the Reagan library today and that's kind of what Ronald Reagan did he didn't. -- his adversaries he embraced them and got a lot done and so. When I saw that these meetings the -- with Paul Ryan and and other in the dinner of course this is very positive in my mind. -- -- it makes it harder to. Two reach agreement when there's not trust that's just human nature and so this is may be a good positive first step Ronald Reagan was also willing to reach out for new revenues when he thought it was in the best interests. Of the -- want to get your position clear on this you've talked about the challenge of reducing debts and deficits and is said that you would be open. To some new revenue if you believe the president with serious. About entitlement -- -- you see those signs -- seriousness and are you sticking by that position. I haven't seen the seriousness of the president's efforts -- loved the -- of specific plan that really did reform. Then the cost curve for Medicare and the entitlement system. I haven't seen it so. If there is through these talks some kind of consensus and emerged I don't think you should say. No no no. About anything frankly there -- already been one of the largest tax increases in American history a month ago. And frankly we ought to be focused on sustained economic growth which grows more revenue for people and for government than any tax increase. That's been suggested so there -- a lot of things that could be done to create a real grand bargain and let the process work I'm hopeful at the -- sincere about those. Let's talk about immigration I think your book surprised. Some of your allies a whole bunch in their but a lot of -- focused on what seemed like a step back away from your previous support of the path to citizenship. For immigrants who are illegally in the country right now and by the end of the week it -- like he -- work your way back towards being open to it again with senator Lindsey Graham. 81 of your allies in the senate is working for a bipartisan immigration reform was surprising said big your statements undercut. What they are trying to do and only. A -- -- as a path to citizenship can get through the -- So senator Graham and I talked he was responding to. Concerns -- works for us before the book was actually published. I gave him he's gotten the book he's seen it and -- in our conversation I told him that I support his efforts and I applaud what he's doing. And he concluded after he heard what the thesis of the book is that we're -- -- we're on the same. On the same path -- the basic premise needs to be that coming to the country legally should be easier. With less cost than coming to the country illegally in if you can create a system like that. As is being discussed in the senate and in the house. Through -- path to citizenship that's fine but my guess is that we'll take a long long time to achieve. In the Enron it's important to take people out from the shadows. To allow them to have. The dignity of being having legal status in -- we agree as well and are you encouraged based on your talks -- those in the senate. And the house of this can actually get done this year. -- I am I'm I'm very encouraged there are some big sticking points about how do you deal with -- Making sure that there's enough. Seasonal workers temporary worker programs that have been quite successful in the past there's a lot of what people on the left that oppose that but there's perhaps a way to make this economically driven. The AFL CIO and and chamber of commerce have reached an agreement to kind of create a path for that. There's a lot of work being done really good work courageous work as this is complex and and may not be popular. But I think it's it is possible that comprehensive reform could be done. Hey you know it you've done a lot of interviews this week been out there a -- the New York Times that it was that a rocky week for you and your reentry into into. National politics and I -- if that's how it felt. To -- and it did affect your thinking about a possible presidential run someday at all. -- I didn't I didn't -- haven't found it to be rocky but I'm not viewing this as a political reentry either. I just don't do it that way. I've been concerned about immigration. And the positive aspects of it being. Put aside while we fight the political fight that's a very dangerous time for us to be doing that and so. With my friend Clint Bolick we set out to write a book last year to lay out a conservative. Positive agenda. To regain our strength dozen nations through embracing our immigrant heritage. And that was the purpose of the book and I hope when people could actually get a chance to read it that they. They see that that was. In -- your answer to running for president is not knowing more correct. I don't know how you get to yes by saying not no but. I'll let you all figured that I got I'm -- it's yes I -- it is when and if the doors open a little bit finally. I know we're running out of everything everything's viewed with a political winds in Washington and that's just the the nature of the -- Easton and that is what this finally also -- picture of your father yesterday. With former. Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney he looked he looked like he was doing pretty well how is he feeling. He's doing better you know he's got his spectacular. Chief caregiver Barbara Bush taking care of them and he's regaining his strength day by day. And he's out more abuse at the University of Texas a and M at the bush school. Twice in the last two weeks so we're excited that he seems you making great progress that is good news governor thanks very much for your time today. Thank you.

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