LZ Granderson: 'No Reason' for Sanders to Exit Democratic Primary

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on "This Week."
5:31 | 05/01/16

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Transcript for LZ Granderson: 'No Reason' for Sanders to Exit Democratic Primary
roundtable" for instant analysis. ABC news political analyst Matthew dowd. ABC news contributor and ESPN senior writer lz Granderson. E.j. Dionne of "The Washington post." And ABC news contributor and columnist for "The Washington examiner" Kristen Soltis Anderson. There's a new poll out this morning that shows Donald Trump about 15 points ahead. Does Cruz have a shot at stopping trump? No. Bottom line. He doesn't. Senator Cruz ought to take his own advice which he gave to John kasich a month ago. That says when you're mathematically eliminated, it's time to get out of the race. Even if Ted Cruz was to surprise and take Indiana, he can't win the nomination. The Numbers aren't there. You can feel it in watching Ted Cruz and watching his folks that they understand it. They understand it's slipped away. Maybe it's time to fold his tent. E.j., you wrote this week that trump is still not inevitable. Still think that? I still think that because of the opposition among so many republicans and the deep split in the party. I was struck this weekend, George will, on the one hand, writes a column saying let's elect Hillary, hold the senate, we can win it back in 2020. Peggy Noonan writes that the republican base no longer sees itself as conservative the way Washington writers define it. I think among republican politicians, yes, you have people afraid to come out against trump now. They know in their hearts that if he's nominated, the disaster in November could be extraordinary. I still think there is opposition to him, people are going to try to keep him from taking this. But you heard senator Cruz. He's still counting on Indiana. Do you think it is over? The polls are indicating that Indiana won't be easy for senator Cruz. The problem is not just that he wouldn't have Indiana's delegates. But that loss of momentum. The sort of sense that he's just not going to be the guy. Headed into the next few states, by the time you get to June 7th, in California, which would really be Cruz's last stand, if he does not come out of Indiana with some kind of positive momentum, it's hard to see him stringing the delegates together to get to a second vote. And speaking of California. You're from California. The final big delegate prize in June. We saw the big anti-trump protests. People coming out in masses. To protest him. Could Cruz beat trump there and still take it? I doubt it. I mean -- seeing protests. You're kind of in the minority here I would say, E.J. I'm proud of it. The fact of the matter is when Cruz lost the bible belt, which was going to be the wind in his sails, he was pretty much done after that. And it corrected the narrative that he had the conservative vote. I doubt that he goes to California and shakes the entire script that was win by the past 40 states. I think that what's happened now, when Ted Cruz got more media play. He's disliked by more republican voters than he is liked by them. Donald Trump has a 20-point favorability advantage over Ted Cruz among republican voters now. And Ted Cruz has lost seven or eight points since his Wisconsin win. Since he got all the media play. The problem is, is trump vulnerable? Yes. And would somebody like an option? Yes. The problem is, the option is not any more Ted Cruz. Without Ted Cruz being the option, Donald Trump is going to win this thing. Tell me what they should have done if they wanted to derail him? Get in a time machine. Go back to last November. What should they have done? I think for a long time, a lot of folks, I put myself in this category, that thought he would be a passing fad. By the time you got to last fall, the point where he was getting into fights with fox News. With prominent conservative luminaries and he was winning the fights, that was the wakeup call. We have a lot of people in our party who don't consider themselves conservative first and foremost. They're more interested in whether it's trump's identity politic or the focus on the working class that is separate from allege ideological concern. Day thought they could say I'm conservative and that would be enough. I think that's right. I also think that they had a complete misunderstanding of their own self-interest. Everybody else thought if I can only be the last person standing against Donald Trump, I can beat him. So rather than go at trump early and say, look at the threat this guy poses to our party, to our values, they sort of hung back. Ted Cruz himself, early on, was the closest ally trump had. Because he wanted to be there when trump fell. I want to go, very quickly, to Bernie sanders-hillary Clinton. Does he bow out quickly? No, there's no reason for him to bow out. He sees he has influence with the platform that is happening in the democratic party. I support his decision to stay in, even though mathematically it look like he won't win. There's a reason for him to bow out. He can't get the nomination. Does he want to stay in to serve a different purpose? Yeah. He's another one like Ted Cruz, ought to see the writing on the wall. You guys are all going to be back. We're going to have you back. We're just getting started.

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