Matt Dowd: If O'Rourke wins Texas, 'he becomes the biggest rock star in the country'

George Stephanopoulos and ABC News' political team of correspondents, analysts and contributors debate what will happen Election Night and how those results will shape Congress's agenda.
6:41 | 11/04/18

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Transcript for Matt Dowd: If O'Rourke wins Texas, 'he becomes the biggest rock star in the country'
When he to what we're watching into tonight but first onto a couple questions for Donna and Chris Dodd a first on the question is posed to Mary Bruce what it what how big a margin. The Democrats need for Nancy Pelosi to be guaranteed she'll be the speaker first of all this policy is probably one of the best whip commas in the Democratic Caucus so. I wouldn't. Still hot under the bus right now because she knows how to win she's raise Obama 130 million dollars for Democrats across the country. When a reasons why we have a diverse lineup of candidates is because Nancy Pelosi went out there and encouraged those candidates to run so I see Nancy Pelosi I mean she's gonna fight like hell. There is a call for new blood more people in the leadership and just remember towards fifteen to 25% of those newly elected Democrats. They will look for someone who can carried a mammal for them in 20/20 and beyond and Chris for the White House the house and subpoena powers and. Brand new ball game but it is the White House brace for that are they ready for are they prepared well to give the new White House counsel. Who knew should be in place in time. For January and you know if it's his democratic house it's very well could be their main job is to be do it via subpoena processor over the White House and I think. Mary was right there that there is real political risk in that as well we saw that happen with who the Republican House and Bill Clinton. In the ninety's. You know if you go too aggressive in that regard it to be a backlash against those people so. I've that's why figure but what every car my pocket if they when the house if you poses to be speaker. Sharpest elbows best counter she is going to be the speaker every health and pretend. We are all going to be here on teasing I wanna get everybody's taken with a can be watching for Martha let me start with you what's the big to do Washington's. I think I didn't even going beyond Tuesday night I think one of the things you watched Tuesday night is not whether the Democrats gain control of the house but it's also how people campaign. And what this is meant about these incendiary ads. That's a lesson that everybody will learn going forward not just to 20/20 but beyond its isn't this the kind of fear mongering that works. If he does you'll see a lot more about two Carl. I'll be watching Pennsylvania polls close at 8 o'clock so we'll see relatively early troop won the state but 44000 votes it was a key reason that he is president. And the depth and the Republicans could lose. Up to eight seats in the state of Pennsylvania there are almost certain to lose too because of redistricting. How they do between that Marsha that will determine largely where we don't run. House I got my eyes on the suburbs other on this country looking at places like the seventh congressional district in Virginia where you've got a female newcomer Abigail spam burger. Running and looking to unseat a third term Republican there. Will there be a so called pink way with someone like this ushering out a trumps supporter in in a trunk district we will see. Matthew down. I'm watching independence from aunt and that's gonna determine who wins this and all of the races across the country why Donald Trump's pres United States and specific race I think people should be aware up. Is the petrol Rourke take crews race in Texas that raises a lot closer than people think and I talked to a number Republicans over the last 48 hours. They're very concerned the first time they've been concerned that they can possibly lose a statewide race in Texas. In twenties is an opportunity to talk about the early but just saw this come in overnight already. More people who voted in the state of Texas what it was two days out from the vote the vote in the entire record as the fourteenth and they're thinking that there's going to be more than seven million people vote in this election in Texas which is almost a presidential year election return. And most of the growth announced as host and as new people. Young people and Latino federal work wins in Texas he's automatically near the food. Top of the pack for 221 he's already a rock star he becomes the biggest rock star in the country Tarver. Of course some direct or for a fact I'm watching Georgia at some Ahmad his daughter the south I'm very proud of Stacy Abrams laconic campaign. That she's run she's innocent but camping on education I wanna see how when I wanna see a win decisively and I'm also watch and the other states as well including Florida. There's another visit and another race in Georgia though if if Stacey Abrams as well for so we should say that if neither she nor Brian can get 50% there's a runoff that's around me in the seat of Georgia secondly. Does she have the strength to carry loosened that and other key senate race I think so if you look how stressful absolutely look. She has done something that I think Democrats should have done long time ago. That is she's expanded the electorate she has campaigned in rural areas like Doug Wilder who won back in 1989. Stacey Abrams understood that an audit so when you had to bring a new energy and a part of and she's done that. Florida Wisconsin a six have before to be key to watch. And I'm who's had a good night the bad guy from the party's. If you see the Oklahoma governor should go to the Democrats it's going to be a very bad night for Republicans. If you see the United States senate seat New Jersey go to the Republicans it's going to be a very bad night for senate Democrats. And it needs so we can be adjusting your forecast all through the evening as we get real results. Coming in give us a sense of which are going to be keep TV night and early in the night. So to meet you have a two part election in the north and the south. We expect that Democrats are gonna gain a lot of seats here in the North Easton Pennsylvania for example we expect they'll do very well in governorships in them in the midwest. If they're gonna have a really good night. We're really put the senate in play they're gonna have to win place in the south are gonna have to win. Tennessee or Texas at least one of those provident have to hold in Florida to have to put these suburban Atlanta districts in play in the house that's when you get a marketing might win. 35 or forty or the senate might actually get increasing and might be because of a race like Texas. Rick Klein you're going to be behind the scenes on on teasing and we've always are trying to learn lessons of the last a couple of changes in forecasts on teasing as we cover. The race is on T save had some bad exit polls 2004. Election 2016. As well talk about how we're gonna communicate with voters arrested during the night and end with our decision desk. We don't know what we don't know and we're gonna be as transparent as possible about why we're not comfortable or particular race we're gonna from provide information throughout the night. About where voters still outstanding we're things look relying on everyone here on the set and beyond to try to convey the true uncertainty in unprecedented election. John Carney said several times we have to be prepared to be surprised Tuesday. Yeah I it will be surprised if I'm not surprised George at and I concede getting to teen age range of events I can see us being surprised by a much bigger. Blue wave been thinking we've anticipated I could I would also. Not be surprised if we see the Republicans did surprisingly well we we just don't know what's so much harder. To poll in in a mid term election so much harder to poll in these house races we just don't know and the intensity is so high. That also add to the and certain.

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{"duration":"6:41","description":"George Stephanopoulos and ABC News' political team of correspondents, analysts and contributors debate what will happen Election Night and how those results will shape Congress's agenda. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"58959613","title":"Matt Dowd: If O'Rourke wins Texas, 'he becomes the biggest rock star in the country'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/matt-dowd-orourke-wins-texas-biggest-rock-star-58959613"}