Matt Schlapp: Mick Mulvaney 'perfect fit' for Trump chief of staff

The "This Week" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics, including President Trump naming Mike Mulvaney as his interim chief of staff.
14:02 | 12/16/18

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Transcript for Matt Schlapp: Mick Mulvaney 'perfect fit' for Trump chief of staff
We're back in 60 seconds. Do I like Donald Trump? No. Was he ae model for my N? Absolutely not. I'm supporting donalump husiastly as C eve though I thinke's a horrible human being. That's Mick Mulvaney back I novemb 2016. Noe presidens acting chief of staff. He was weighing in on candidate ump in novber of 2016. Let's talk about this with our round Ta Matt schlp, Roland martiolly bald peterbaker. Ter, let me begin WYOU. Ck Mulvaney is G to be the acting chief of sff after being red by ay a report Chris Christie. What do you think is going on here a a a great ques. Mick Mulvaney had the job earlier in the year. There's rectance to move in. Mulvaney makes sense. President is heading into is two years of pretty fiern partisan warfare and probably could use somebody in that pition that understands what that's going like helps him cope with it some of the other folks didn't have the Mick Mulvaney had re's the problem, he's still heahe omb. He wantedkeep that. He wanted to keep that. Not ready to give that up. The problem that's a senate irmed job. That mns the hound senate can pull him up to the hill to tey the way sthiefs of staff N't testify. That's because they're T president's personal aides. Trying to fig maybe you know, you have on behalf of Mulvaney or the president? Is he serious trying to get a fuime chi of staff? Every chief of staff is acting. You don't have the jobort long. It's aboutmo Obama had five. N O years is a lot. Is pretty quick. I'll agree withhat. Think mulveyill jump into the job enthusiastically. He's a former cossman. He's T with conservatives on the hill. That's importante president. He's a lawyer. In these times that's important. As far as him being able to wear two hats, he's been good aboutwearing mults. When you go to the hill, even in these mes, the ia you have thisxecutive pvilege, the Democrats will test that. Bush administration officials had to gto the hill asl. I think the - onls did as well. I don't thinkhe gff easy O anything. Chief O staff is an impossible position I any white houssp. Yes, if there be degrees ofossible. There are LE who had experience with this president and knew difficulthe job ING to be. They knew how dlthe job was F reince preibus. Knew how diffi the job was for John alcoh the esident, you see him over and over shuffling people around cads to feel THA comfort level with people. He nds to feel that bounderstands him. Yet a lot of the times the ophat undersnd him the best are the people least G to be ins where they're going to have to be snd of gate keeper and ganize thipresident's process aty hard thing to do Roland, that seemed T on Chris Christie's mind as he put thanks. He shouldn't even be remotely thinking about working for Donald Taney, I ho he's a pray man. Hpens -- what's hpening with the Mueller the democts taking over the house. It's goingbe nothingut drama er the nexyear. My suggestion be prayed up. Get some healing oil. He is a pying man. He's going to need some zarus typeraying. That's what he'ng to need. It was talked abothe the program this constellation of investigation. It's unprecedented everle aspect of the president's life is under investigation. So hard for any hot be prepared for T You're fighting on multiple fronts til now he hhe defense republicanenuse that wasn't going to make his LI more difficult than he was facing with mueland other agencies a prosecuto. Now on tf rats haveubpoena por and they frustrate with WHA they see as thai othe past congress to investite properly who eager, maybe going too far. That's the fear the have, but bombarding the administration with iestigation of their N. Senator Susan cns didn't want to bite on what Adam Schiff was telling the new Yorker a the mocrats E going rit afr president's businesses and WER he's shaping policy to an advta of his business. The business the family too which is more of the red . Organizati H been the trump family. There hasn't been any separate betwhim and hichildren. The Democrats don'an this as off limits as Peter said, there's a fear E part of me Democrats they may go too far. And appear only on a partisan crusadecratic leadership is doing a lot to make plans to organize between the different committees to see which hearings come T, which stigationsroceed first, wh handles what. They're very concerned to try Crean image that they're doing is accountability and as the replicans S itesidentialarassment. Gest issue for Mulvaney and his party is you have a liain the officyou have lies about lying. I'm laughing week at th atcking cohefor saying he's a liar.ithn gotti sing you cabey believe .Bo are murders. Donald Trump has to dealith he's been a lyingresident. Eard the dtinction Rudy Giuliani was trying T draw, sggs it's not underath -- I know we have a big disagreemen the county. It's impor T that all of these -- and I came out your interview. All thinvestigatns are off oots over question ab whether or not the president did something wrong with colludi Tt's notrue, Matt It is true. It's true. I just lost my microphone. Isdent saying he knew going about the payments. Last time I checked I talking. Yes, but don't lie like trump lie. Pe. Hold on. Of these vestigatio the ro of it special counsel that it appears that happened is scope had broadened, WHE or not th handed something off to the rn districof new yor whether or not there were people talkg with leg officialsn state of N York, the idea that every aspect of Donald Trump's life is under investigation is not an accident. 'S being de on purpose. It's everything they can poss do to polically weaken man. The American people if they can't prove collusion, the American peoplll say it' nothint politics. George, you had ar U.S atrn sitting here. Anybknhen the federal vernment I investigating you, when they walk in long for some and then they discover something something se and then sometng else, that's what they do. This is not ne what -- Well, you don't -- Let me brinat baker. I'mot gng to lie -- You don't lik -- I'm not going to pay por stars. H . Let me bring in Peter on this. Ery white use is subject to investigation. From NBC news 62% of the public thtrump isn'teing the trutin the ra probe. That's aem for him. President Clinton who went thh T impeachme S sustained because he had por people didn't think he was much of a husband. They have 'T approvef his beha. Uga good presiden hi popularity was in the. Trump doesn't have that support. If we get to an impeachment E question WBE can he keep blicans wi H so far he is. That's re new leg tion. Molly, you were talking about the new reality of the des. I want tshow a little more of the mtingith Nancy Pelosi and chuckumer this week. Nancy is in a situation where not easy R her to tk right W. I understand that. I fully understanat.'l good Discon and we'll see what happens. Mr. President, please don't characze the strgth I brto this being as a leader of the house Democrats who just won a big victory. Nary moment and a real window into the next two years. Gent is going to be like. You have a president who for last two years has been able T hold that meeting with only reblicans. Democrats get to be in the room. Whensaysomething, he's used to being able to say it and not being CHED. Ey said no we gree. You're wrong.mike pence is a nice mho forhe rest of th rublican pa sitting there trying not be part of the discussion. I won ifans the president will like this policy. Iked the ia that we brought the cameras in when he D everyoneaying yes, sir I agree withnot the same when democr leaders.cans don't have a super majority in the senate. Hope they criminal just reform. A fundinhicle for rnment. When it gets to that, have have democratices. All awe long the W hs H to deal wth super majority in senate. Now ted. Have more repca more conservatives in the senate. His standing is better in the house, you're right, it's going to be they ha to do everything they can to bring him down. For man who lov reality advise him to bring cameras in. He's goi to get owned.pelosi tried to save him. She said we should talk in private.heved the woman sitting E. I was wondering, Peter, the dooreems to ha closed. It seems like four or five months O, the president could have declared victory and taken bordecurity fun and ca ill. Appantly he's notoing to able to do that now. Can he get of this N? It called Borr security. The Democrats can say they didn't fthe wall. He could have used the money for the wldave been ambiguously written. W there up against the wall soo speak. To decide ich side is going to cave. We're likelyhave a shudown heading into the Christmas season. The ident sai I'm willing to do it. Roud to do it. That's sisfying tois base. This is the most important promise he made on thepaign trl. D it again and again this fall. Ido appear th the president seems convinced this is going to help him politicall W hnvinced Al that campaigning on this would help repcans in thlead up he midtermtalking Abt imgration. They would have preferred to UT the econo or some. Itidn't workut so well. In the senate it did. Thate it sure did. We added a net O two Na thisue is a very trick sue. Would you take the trade? What? Wouldn't take the trade? W iith an reement one budget?absolutely are we G to have other supreme court opening? If there's impeachment, do the have tconvict in theatre? Now you lost 40 seats in the house and loeats locally as well across the country. That includes rnors. Thoss is broader than Washington, D.C. When publicans had both houses of congress and trump had already red the walway back in thmpaign andhey didn't give it to him because neither the Republicans or Democrats in the house and senate Ares preoccupied as the prident is witnding the wall. He also said Mexico would pay for it That was a lie. They were able toeep the government funded by ig that promise. Trump has gone along wh it until now. If he forced the issue, it will make his own par uncomfore. Ithere is a shut down, Deats take T house and the first order busessill be a continuing resolution to opng up the gnment a th replicans are back up against T wall. Absolutely. N't think will go F Christmas to January. Ey'll WRE out how to kth it may be a political punt. Democratould LE to punt this for a year that'sbly not going to happen. Shocking, D.C. Punt Tt's the la word Toda thank very much. That's all for us today.

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{"duration":"14:02","description":"The \"This Week\" Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics, including President Trump naming Mike Mulvaney as his interim chief of staff.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"59849770","title":"Matt Schlapp: Mick Mulvaney 'perfect fit' for Trump chief of staff","url":"/ThisWeek/video/matt-schlapp-mick-mulvaney-perfect-fit-trump-chief-59849770"}