Politics Dominates Pop Culture in 2016

ABC News' Jonathan Karl and Sarah Haines look back at the intersection of pop culture and politics in 2016.
3:30 | 01/01/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Politics Dominates Pop Culture in 2016
I put together a list of forming your inauguration them. So many great games here really love the books. The stars of Saturday Night Live would their take on the planning now under way for the trump inauguration. January 20 this fast approaching so let's go to the one and only Sara Haines cohost of the view. And they certified expert on all things pop politics rate preview Sarah. Welcome to this week. Saint John you read it just like I wrote it certified expert no doubt ring. No that's a really odd that this inaugurations going to be huge the first time we've got a reality TV star. Getting sworn in as the president of the United States there had been talk of Elton John performing Celine Dion. None of that panned out so what what are we gonna see entertainment wise. Well you may recall President Obama had some big hitters yet Aretha Franklin and beyoncé hanging how do you top that they performed at his inauguration ceremonies but for trusting de they are less of that star power which is surprising considering he himself. Might be the start Elton John Celine Dion injury of the Kelly we're names that floated as you mentioned as performers but they reportedly turned down in bites. Mean do you know that Jackie bonk the sixteen year old opera singer that rose to fame appearing on America's Got Talent will be there. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the rockettes have also been booked and then. Looking forward past the inauguration. This is going to be. Obviously this is a the most dramatic its change in power that we have ever seen at least in it in our lifetimes but also changing stuff I don't what. Welcome style is the trump family going to bring. To the White House. What Indian different kind without pressure of course Michelle Obama had top designers lining up to dress her and there were some unforgettable moments we all talked about it. But there's been some read this and against the trumps quite a few designers saying they disagree with the president's politics. And have no interest in working with maligning but the White House. Is a big Baylor and plenty of top designers like Calvin Klein Tommy Hilfiger the party said they would love to work with the trance so you can bet there will be more I'll. Before you go Sarah changer last appearance first not last first appearance here on this week first of many I first and many say are you know I consume it. I look back at 2016 what what was your favorite pop politics moment of when he sixteen. I it's kind of my fever pop moment every year is always Saturday Night Live and on in an election year it takes that Kate. Week after week. The impersonation. In that play out of that debate eats where some of my favorites. I'm I am for just comedic relief hoping that Sarah Palin gets appointed to something. Because if Tina Fey came back dreams would come true. Sell yet it's where I get my politics right behind this week. I am sure you two have gotten some nuggets of information on Saturday Night Live. No question and and we can't forget that they've started this campaign started with trump appearing on Saturday Night Live gas and ended with him. Maybe the harshest critic of Saturday Night Live now all of its twenty light show gotten yet yes Sara Haines from the view and ABC news thank you for joining us on this week. Saint Gil happy new you happy new year. And we'll be right back after this from our ABC stations.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"ABC News' Jonathan Karl and Sarah Haines look back at the intersection of pop culture and politics in 2016.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"44498703","title":"Politics Dominates Pop Culture in 2016","url":"/ThisWeek/video/politics-dominates-pop-culture-2016-44498703"}