Rep. Michael McCaul Concerned About Security With Pope Visit

The chairman of the House Homeland Security committee also discusses the Syrian refugee crisis.
3:15 | 09/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rep. Michael McCaul Concerned About Security With Pope Visit
So let's bring in congressman Michael McCall the chairman of the homeland security committee. Good morning chairman of the call I want I want to ask you right away. You you have talked about the national security threat how do you balance these urgent humanitarian needs swift. National security. Well it's. Is tragic it's a humanitarian crisis. Of epic proportions. I believe the results of a failed foreign policy and Syria but the inability to remove soft from power. And also the rise of ice is that that's why these refugees are fleeing and until we address root cause. But the problem there were gonna continue to have a refugee crisis. Globally and I've I think as general Allen talked about. When he did deals that problem first and foremost to resolve this issue. For made national security standpoint. I take ice it's at its word when they said. In their own words that will always use and exploit the refugee. Crisis to infiltrate the west that concerns me. How about what we do I know the Department of Homeland Security in the past few years has worked with the intelligence. Community to improve vetting. Using classified. Material but do we have enough people to do that do we have enough in place and do we even have the intelligence on Syrians. We don't and that that's a problem Meyer you know look if I can be assured these people to be vetted. Properly Yahoo! would be supportive of the problem is I've the FBI testified for my community event Homeland Security. Officials and the intelligence community you all say. To me that we don't have the systems employees on the ground Syria. That's a properly vet these individuals we don't know who they are Biden visited one of these camps in Jordan. The minister's security told me he doesn't know. Through these people are but when I you have the denied mr. clapper express concerns. And the FBI and homeland primarily as well saying that we don't have the intelligence on the ground. It's a very pleased that person's. Properly that's a me my first and foremost job. Is to protect the American people. We're compassionate nation we have to deal to Streisand's. But you know this is could be a very reckless and dangerous. A policy. And chair chairman McAuliffe she would quickly we of course have the Pope coming soon. There's always concern about lone wolf attacks I think someone was arrested this week in Florida as suspect. I sympathizer with ices do you feel secure about the Pope coming into. America. I'm I'm concern I was. US Secret Service. They're classified setting the Pope is. A very. I'm Catholic by the way he's very passionate Manny likes to. Get out with the people. And with that comes a large a security risk we are monitoring very closely. Threats against the Pope as he. Comes into the United States. We have disrupted one particular case cited particular. Bit as that date approaches I think we're all. Very be very vigilant. To protect him as he comes into the United States thank you so much for joining us this morning mister chairman.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"The chairman of the House Homeland Security committee also discusses the Syrian refugee crisis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"33722799","title":"Rep. Michael McCaul Concerned About Security With Pope Visit","url":"/ThisWeek/video/rep-michael-mccaul-refugee-crisis-33722799"}