Graham: 'I have a lot of sympathy' for Ford but 'allegations did not hold up'

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican on the Judiciary Committee, discusses his support of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court on "This Week."
11:56 | 09/30/18

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Transcript for Graham: 'I have a lot of sympathy' for Ford but 'allegations did not hold up'
We're joined by onethe presidt'est allies. In the senate, senator Lindsey aham. A memb of the ciary committee. Senator graham, thank you F joining us this morning. Thank you Wheard the esident say he wants the FBI to do their job. He would give three rein. The reports are that the instructns given tthe FBI by ve quite listed witness list, IST true? I know that senators flak coins, and murkowski wanted a limited revi they wanted to talk -- the FBI to talk with the witnesses that . Ford named they wt to talk miss ramirez.use she resed to tale committee ey'll ask mark J did you evee Brett Kavanaugh dg won? Or engage in gang rape? That will be the focn it. Lie swetni won't B inteiewed by the F Ihink the aegation she makes is outras.not one decrat mentiedbut mark judge, who is named by swck, as part of Ng rape. And drugging women. He'll be asked did he ever see this happen. I have real here. I'm sorry. I -- I'm Y for that I we're try to fix iaspe one of Q, it appeai will not be in -- questionthose Colle witnesses O contradi Brett naugh's testimony about hidr relevant Ven there wainking going on, or at least alleged, T party?o, I thinkou're trng T portray as a stumbng, ling drunk gist who duri high school and college was Bill Cosby. Sifbi backgrnder the ars would had this. We will investigate who in ne Feinstein's office fe Ford to Ms Katz. It's illegal.inappropriin the senate. The fbiillo a supplentnd investion. I'll calr an invesgation of happened I this committeho trayed Dr. Ford's trust? Who in Feinstein's office recommendess katas lawyer? Why Dr. Fordn't know were willing to come to California? We'll a wholesa instigation wk waa despicable process.o you accept dianneinstein's denial she ys. To her. Only to her. Sobody in heofce. T's put ithis way, ithis was a democratic nominee and an acr came to nd'soffice and somebody my officerecommendea conservative activist lawyer -- ifou think tner, whdon't you tell the committee it? That I what was ne here, hide the bl, disclosit the fact, I would be destroyed. Ryan Grimm, who first wro about the Lett, said it D nocome from dianeinstein's office I don't know. All cou is that ca somebody with a political motive. Three people had the letter. People iantein's office. E congrewom cafoand miss Katz and the legal team. No friend wodo Dr. Ford. I bieveer wheays she wa T anonymous. I'm shocked not one that mmittee was go to cali Republicans had done this, we would be destroyed. We would be under ethical investigation so I'm going to sure that whhis debaclise look at happened to R it in thfuture. Ou convince if the fb tumps --ns up no allegations, you have meth Susan Collins, Lisa murkowski, and Jeff flake, that he' confirmed? O. These thsenators W are my fries, wanted the FBI to do what tommittee has done. They wanted the fbto talk to mark judge, P.J., and miss Keyser. And Keyser's testimony is important to me. Shnever said dieve Dr. Ford. Bu Ford says I was at th party WHE I, wasn't there. I don'know S was confused as to me and by the FBI from these witnesses. Miss ramirill be intviby the FBI and, mk judge wi be asked didver witness ett kavaugh drug ogang-rape women? Thill be the scope of it. Thhould be T scope. Isn't testimony a his drinking if college -- I you're interviewingebor Ramirez- IST that relevant? Six FBI baground checks. Been on the political stage for 26 years he's N a stumbli, bumbling I don'liuld accomplish what he's accompshed, have beenial rapistn high school, then stop St of your life. Not one person in his career has said hs done anything inapprriate.del' triangle is not what peopleaid O the intnet. It's a drinking game. I think he's higqualified. 'S a capable man I think ruined here I'm going to vote for him unless some bombsheomt I T know about I'm going to look into the destroy ts go man. A T of people believe it's a noble cause to take down kava a lot of their business would never give scny to people that try Ta dnservative. That's too bad. M going toive tiny. E concerns rai B including our nex guest, Mai - Mai si hino. Said his testimony showed teerr the supr our A pan politica operative with an agenda. The very worhat kept H fr crmation to D.C. Cir S. His own words reinforce a concern that I, and many of us here, ha.that he cat be a fair impartial judge. Yr respony O senator hero is I thinkhe truth, you spoke truth. At you said the goal was to delay is hearingto draw itutt the midterms.keep this seat ope have it replaced by a Democrat in 2020. I'm offended by the fact that anyboduld hold against bretvanaugh toe the wahereated. Wout in his uth that he dn' accused being a ga St. A bu, stumbling a degenete person. Was hit ba truck. My problem is with the people D this to hi he sponded. Ve Fars. We'lt to the bottom of how he was treated,e treated th way. Senator hino said men need to shut up.thm the men and women of south CARA. M not gointo shut up I voted R sotomayoand kagan.I find it offensive if somebody deselvesinst wholesale character asation, T nd him and his family the temperamt I saw was a man who was no who was riy offendedy ING destrod tical purpose. I can assure you thadon't share senar hirono's view. Of judge Kavanaugh's temperament. My view ise W treated very bad and he had every right to do what he did. Heg to be a eat judge. And he's going to be on the supreme cot. He might have to recuse himself from suought by DEM congress ogroups. Yeah, yeah. Man's life. Then you say H unfit to judge Yo because you treated him. We're not going to play that game. Not going be the future of the nomination process the committee. You accu a guy of ING a gang rapist, an alcoholic, bumbling, stumbling sexual predator and you T en he forcly fights back against liberal sm this will not be the new Stan Oen he's N dtein his lif suggest that these allegations are true. Drford, son to her. She can't llme, the place. And body namesaid they don't knhat she's king about. She was assed as mucas he was. Yed her trust for a politicapurpose. Hid this from coittee. Ey sprung on us lay the hear somebody leaked an anonymous tter. To me fourth allegation, the fth allegation was knocked dos being false. Ent to theedia any W. So just completely disgusted the way this was going to be on the nch. 'Re going continue K at this process because if Thi is theew nod help th neerson who comes. Yen. Christin Bley Ford. You said she was abused by the Democrats. On Sean hannity's program emest she haa probe I wa to play tt. More convinced T he didn't do it. That he's the T gun the court. Thatiss Ford has got a probe and deroying judge Kavanaugh's life wnoproblem. She H a problem? Yeah, she do. I Thi I was clear to meat happened tmi Ford. Thh some I don't assumes guilty a he has to prove to me he's not. This is a rious accution. Years ago. To me, Sas troubleby something. When it comes to Brett Kavanaugh, he emphatic Ni het S diary. Hing we kn about him sugge's not this kind of person. The people tthe claims were there sd they't know wh shs out. She couldn't rber how sh goerw she got ck. Roblem is T with dr.ord. I really believe she was related. Whoever betrayed her trust. Or remnes -- She says she's 100% certain ays she's certa she sayshe 100% certa it was Brett Kavanaugh. Well, CL you this I have been a lawyer for a long time. You lo the accusaon and it has tbe corroborated. Here's what I'm 100% certain of. When she miss keysewas at that partyshong. When sheenclaim thatrett kavangh, not just her,s , umbling drunk who and is aang rapisti don't believe itve lot of sympathy for what Dr. Ford isng through E ons don't ld up. Can file ariminal inand. It will not get of the batter'sox ou're accuof a crime in th co you have to but notice of where and when it happened. The has to be Coor thispl will never get gs in theegalsystem. But it ca go forward senator gssley will investigate the abuse here. Who leaked anonyus letters? Who referred Dr. Forto a lawyer THAs L acvist? Did anybody in the committee trust by send it to it the media so thering woayed? She not kn WRE willing to go to California? How did that happen? Coulhenot have TD th if Ty didn'the wing to go to california to avoid this debacle, I want to know tanhem countable. Enham, thank you for your te this morning. I apolize for the

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{"duration":"11:56","description":"Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican on the Judiciary Committee, discusses his support of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"58184692","title":"Graham: 'I have a lot of sympathy' for Ford but 'allegations did not hold up'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sen-lindsey-graham-58184692"}