Sunday Spotlight: Wendy Davis

Texas state senator Wendy Davis on her filibuster fight in Texas.
5:18 | 06/30/13

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Transcript for Sunday Spotlight: Wendy Davis
CC1 Test mes AND IN THIS WEEK'S "SUNDAY Spotlight," wendy davis, the single mte senator from texas rocketed into america's conversation this week when her 11-hour filibuster blocked legislation to restrict abortions in texas. We spoke to her at the dinner theater where she once waited tables. Reporter: A week ago, no one knew state senator wendy davis outside of fort worth. Now you've become a national and international name. Members, I'm rising on the floor today to humbly give voice. I never could have predicted the enthusiasm, the energy, the courage of people in texas who showed up at the capital. Reporter: Why did you wear your running shoes? Let look, they have been rocketing around the internet. They've gained a fame all their own. At the last minute, I was running out of my apartment, I thought maybe I might need something with more support. These are my running shoes. Women need timely access. Reporter: As the filibuster was going on, you were receiving a lot of support from places and people farway from texas. From movie stars, from the president. I was completely blown away. I truly think the most profound thing that I received were the -- the tweet messages that were coming from every day texans and women across the country. Reporter: The front page of the fort worth star telegram is featuring the back and forth with governor perry and you. He has made this personal against you. She was the daughter of a single woman. She was a teenage mother herself. It's just unfortunate that she hasn't learned from her her own example. Reporter: Is that offensive? What's offensive is he's made it personal to texans overall. He's awfully fond of talking the talk of small government, but this is big government intrusion and it's very unfortunate and sad that people's personal health and safety are at risk for his political purposes. Reporter: Do you believe that s.B.5 will become law? I just refuse to say i believe it will happen. I'm eternal optimist. I believe in people and the power of democracy. I'm going to fight with every fiber I have to keep it from passing. Reporter: Will you have to filibuster again? I don't know that we'll have that opportunity again. But I with tell you this, we are up for the fight. Reporter: Are you going to put the shoes on again? If I have to, I will. Certainly. And it is a big fight, special session begins tomorrow. Let me bring this to peggy. S.B.5, pretty far reaching bill. Bans all abortions in the state of texas after 20 weeks, closing most of the abortion clinics in the state of texas and probably going to pass. I think it will pass in a -- in a special session maybe on monday or tuesday. The aim -- the bill does not specifically try to close abortion clinics, it says they have to meet certain medical standards in order to operate. Here's what -- in the story of this -- this young woman, she's so spirited. You know, she has such energy and she seems to have such commitment. But it seems to me, and I think it seems to many americans, that what she is speaking for and standing for is something we would recognize as infanticide, late term abortion, the taking of a little child's life. That is really, really serious. And so part of me thinks that this is a fabulous young woman, and part of me thinking we're celebrating something that even in europe they call a matter of brutality and barberism. Well, I don't agree with that. I think that wendy davis demonstrated unbelievable courage and moxie. She represents the voices of a lot of women, not just in texas, but across the country. I don't understand what republicans get out of -- through going at her personally. Governor perry's comments about her are way over the top. She has a great personal story, but it's hers to share and not his. Maybe run for governor of texas. Well, I think her story provides her more credibility for standing up on this issue having where she came from, i totally disagree with rick perry. This gives her more credibility. To me, the thing broadly, and i think it ties in edward snowden, bradley manning, individuals standing up strongly and enunciating their truth can change and bring a spotlight on things important in america. Davis put a spotlight on texas. Others have done it. It does return to the idea that the power of the individual still matters. 15 seconds. Roe versus wade was a 7-2 decision, the supreme court wasn't close. But for 40 years, the division over it has grown and infected the rest of our politics. What we heard from perry, when people called her a terrorist for speaking or the floor of the texas state senate, the un-american divisiveness, we are not pragmatists, we do deals,

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"Texas state senator Wendy Davis on her filibuster fight in Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"19537028","title":"Sunday Spotlight: Wendy Davis ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/sunday-spotlight-wendy-davis-19537028"}