Top Roy Moore strategist: 'Highly doubt' there will be Senate ethics investigation if he wins

Dean Young, the chief political strategist for Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, joins "This Week," two days before the special election.
7:43 | 12/10/17

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Transcript for Top Roy Moore strategist: 'Highly doubt' there will be Senate ethics investigation if he wins
Reporter: So, if Moore pulls out the win, will that saddle the GOP with a senator under a cloud of controversy? Heading into 2018? Joining me now, from Alabama, is Roy Moore's chief political skrat gist, Dean young. Welcome to "The week." Let me go right to the first question, how much do you think president trump's support will help Roy Moore? Given he supported his primary opponent? Well, president trump's support is very, very important for the people of Alabama and this nation. You see, this is president trump's agenda president that's's why it's so important that judge Moore win the race. Last night we had Doug Jones, the the liberal Democrat, with one of his senate buddy, Cory booker, who said the president should resign. So this is Donald Trump on trial in Alabama. If the people of Alabama vote for the liberal Democrat, Doug Jones, then they're voting against the president who they put in office at the highest level. So, it's very important for Donald Trump and again, it's ground zero for president Donald Trump. If they can beat him, they can beat his agenda. Because judge Moore stands with Donald Trump and his agenda. Judge Moore wants a wall. Wants to lwwer taxes. Wants a military that is strong. And that's who judge Moore is. Our opponent, this Democrat, Doug Jones, want the exact opposite. We haven't seen Roy Moore -- we haven't seen Roy Moore out on the campaign trail much this week. Why is that? Well, judge Moore has been out for 25 years across Alabama. And he's known by the people of Alabama. He's talked to the people of Alabama. And they're with judge Moore. That's why I believe if we get our vote out, and we will, judge Moore will be the senator going the Washington on December 12th and helping Donald Trump with his agenda. You have said of the accusations against judge Moore, I have known him. He's never ever said anything derogatory or sexual toward any person, any person, man, woman, ever. The kind of behavior he's accused of would not likely be in front of you or anyone else, would it? Well, what he's been accused of -- on Friday, the lady, Gloria Allred's client was trotted out there again to tell the world, hey, I was misleading all y'all. It needs to be clear. If the stories are falling apart. If she told you one thing weeks ago, now, right, two days ago, she's coming out with Gloria Allred and the Gloria Allred circus -- You're talking about Beverly young Nelson. Who alleged he groped her and prudes her neck in the late 1970s, when she was 16 years old. She's been showing an inskripgs moofr made in her high school yearbook before the alleged assault. It reads to a sweeter more beautiful girl I could not say herry Christmas. Christmas 1977, love Roy Moore. And, miss Nelson now says she put in D.A. After that. 12-22-77. Old Hickory house. The restaurant where she says they were. She has acknowledged she wrote that in there. But, does that mean the rest of sit a forgery? Well, let's just put it this way. Somebody's not telling the truth. And it's not judge Moore. Everybody in Alabama's known judge Moore's been telling the truth the whole time. This is absolute proof that this woman went on TV, national TV, with Gloria Allred, of all people, somebody from California, trying to influence the elections in bm. . Went on TV and told the whole world that judge Moore wrote all of that. Now she's coming back two, three days before the election saying, I'm wrong. He didn't write all of that. Somebody is not telling the truth. It's not judge Moore. We believe he's been telling the truth the entire time. This received that he's been telling the truth. So where do you think this story came from? This original "Washington post" story? You have eight people talking about some sort of inappropriate behavior or, flat out assault. Do you think these women all just made it up? The women in "The Washington post" story didn't even know each other. Well, that's a good question. The people of Alabama want to know why, 30 days before an election, that people would come out of the the woodwork and say, judge Moore did this, judge Moore did that. I'm not sure why they did it. I don't believe them. The people of Alabama don't believe them. I guess one of them was on "Time" magazine. One on your show on Friday. In this world where everybody wants to Bonn TV, maybe that's the reason. The most serious allegation is Leigh Corfman. She claims Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 14 years old. She responded with this open letter. What you did to me when I was 14 years old should be revolting to every person of good moorls. Now you're attacking my honesty and begty. Where does it end? I'm telling the truth. You should have the decency to admit it and apologize. So, you are calling Leigh Corfman a liar? I'm saying Leigh Corfman is not telling the truth. Just like you just quoted her and said, we gotta believe her because she said it and wrote it, you said that about the lady on Friday. You said just because she said it, by the way, she's gt a piece of paper she says judge Moore wrote on in her yearbook, you got believe her. Zero evidence. This fake narrative about judge Moore that the people of Alabama have been putting up with for three or four weeks is falling apard if front of y'all's eyes. He'll be the next senator from Alabama. He'll go up and help trump. And this Democrat he's fighting is -- this Democrat's for asking trump to resign. So the people of Alabama need to understand who they're dealing with. I just want to say that, in your book, they have said -- if yearbook, they have said that received. And 30 other people backed up those eight women in "The Washington post" story. I want to ask you, if judge Moore were to win the senate seat and the senate initiated an ethics investigation, would Roy Moore testify under oath disputing the allegations? Well, you know, Mitch Mcconnell and his crew have been threat. ING judge Moore from the get go. They spent $30 million down here trying to beat him in the primary. Judge Moore will go the Washington. He's going the win. I highly doubt there will be a senate investigation. If there is, judge moor Moore will be found telling the truth, just like he always has. He will win. And the stakes couldn't be higher for Alabama. So alabamans, you need to understand, Doug Jones and his bunch want our president to resign. Judge Moore wants to go up and help the president of the the United States achieve his agenda. To protect your gun rights. To build a wall. And to make America great again. And judge Moore is the man that will do it. I need you people in Alabama not the fall for all the false allegations that just appeared three or four weeks ago. Okay. Thank you very much for joining us, Mr. Young. Yes, ma'am. Thank you for having me.

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{"id":51698980,"title":"Top Roy Moore strategist: 'Highly doubt' there will be Senate ethics investigation if he wins","duration":"7:43","description":"Dean Young, the chief political strategist for Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore, joins \"This Week,\" two days before the special election. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/top-roy-moore-strategist-alabama-senate-race-51698980","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}