Trump ally Christopher Ruddy: 'Mueller poses an existential threat to the Trump presidency'

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates this week in politics.
13:58 | 12/03/17

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Transcript for Trump ally Christopher Ruddy: 'Mueller poses an existential threat to the Trump presidency'
roundtable." Joined by the editor of Bloomberg business wooek. Megan Murphy. Jen psaai. Alex Castellanos. Christopher ruddy. And Charles blow. The plea deal hit Friday. A variety of readings on it now so far if today's program. What is your read? Several things are baffling about this. Anybody knows when you two to be up vest gate bid the FBI. The first thing theyell you is if you lie in the interview, now we have twoed a mini -- people connected with the administration who seem to have done just that. I think Dan was correct. There's plenty of evidence to show there was contacts. Out reach after the victory with Russian officials. But the issue here is not going to be a Logan act prosecution. Not looking at that. It will be on an obstruction case. That is the issue I think they'll be dialling in on is, after these contacts were revealed, what was done? What panic in certain level of the administration led them to lie or be disingenuous? It seems like, Chris ruddy, so much is focused on the early days of the administration. A new administration coming in. On the same day, you have George. A dap louse saying he lied to the FBI, the president called in the director of the FBI and says, how about some loyalty? After Flynn is fired, he says can you let the Flynn thing go. This seems to be a problem on the face? It's interesting. I have spoken to the president. He see this is as something that will go aqua quickly. You have the quote from him. He said, look, there was no collusion. None of the things we're talking about. Two indictments. Two plea agreements. None directly relate to collusion. The president says, I wasn't involved. There was though collusion. People are saying, even if there was, it's to the a crime. You know, at the end of the the day, my view is that -- Robert Mueller poses an existential threat to the trump presidency. He's gotten four major -- two convictions, two plea agreements. Lightning speed. This the Clinton year, it took Ken Starr and Robert -- four years. That leads to the question. Are the president's lawyers. We have heard verying tierry. I talked to people that said he was in a great mood. A lot of that seems dependent on the counsel he's getting from lawyers saying mule ler be done real, real soon. I don't know what they're smoking. First of all, look, Mueller put together 16 heavy weight prosecutors. Seven of them donors to Hillary and/or Obama's campaign. The lead FBI agent had to be removed. The Clinton invegs gags. And then removed from the Mueller investigation. He cleared Hillary in the e-mail server investigation. Then he's put in charge of the investigation of the president. You get a picture that the investigation is out to get the president. It's not a good group of people. I'm concerned. You know, that they're not going to be fair. Charles blow, it sounds like there are inglings of laying the ground work ff getting rid of Mueller. Which would be a disaster. I'm not sure that is everyone a -- tenable position. I don't think -- I think his counsel would counsel him gims that. One thing that's interesting to me. The president keeps talking about, the only part he denies is collusion. Four avenues are important. One is collusion. Another is conspiracy. Another is obstructionen. Another one is the pathological, consistent lying. The coverup. All of those, the latter three are criminal. And, really dangerous to the presidency. I am always interested when he speaks. He only speaks about collusion. That there is though collusion. But never says, there was never a conspiracy. Never says he never tried to obstruction. Never says we never tried to cover it up. Let me bring this to Jen. You served in the Obama white house. They never faced a special counsel. You would wonder, the president's continuing to tweet through this. That's right. And I'm sure that many white house aides were bapging their heads against the wall or putting their faces in pillows or what have you last night or this morning. The president's skroou view on this is completely biased. He has a stake in the outcome. He has no idea where this is going to conclude. He knows what he did. He knows what he did. Some of his aides may know what he did. He doesn't know when it will conclude. His stapts out there shouldn't be taken as a fact or basis of where the status is. I love how you say -- Let me finish the point I'm making. It's clear what mule sir doing. He's working from the outskirts in. If. A D-- if it's a mob movie, papadopoulos is probably mob member number seven. We don't know the conclusion from Mueller. It could be six months. Could be a year. We're not sure. Nobody has been given a clean bill -- Do you agree the this is an exstenl threat? We have charges for tax evasion and lying to the FBI. Only in Washington sit a crime that people go the jail for crimes that they don't commit. Combine two converging currents. The Mueller investigation looking for the obstruction charge. And then Alabama. Roy Moore coming to the senate possibly in a week. He becomes the face of the Republican party for the next year. When we're already in danger of losing the house. It's likely we'll do that without him. Lose the house. Trump gets impeached. We're closer to impeachment now than we think we think. Let me bring it to you, Megan and Chris. It seems lying the senate tax bill will pass. They've taken the tough votes already. Now, I wonder if once that's done, first big legislative victory. Perhaps the last big legislative victory. Do you see more of the pulling away from Republicans from president trump. Let's contest the first part. It is a deeply unpopular bill. I want to bring up something that the majority leader said. We should press on. Their own analysis, independent analysis shows this will not do up enough for economic xwroet. Less than 1%. He's saying 0.4% is is enough. There is no survey that shows it will generate the growth they need to make it pay for itself. It doesn't exist. Where does that leave them is this with faith. Faith for tax cuts for corporations and the wealthiest members of society is the juggernaut that drives growth. Wage growth. That's why families feel left me line. CEOs say they'll use the money for M & a, to pay down bet, share buy Backes. Give more incentives to wealthy executives. A deeply unpopular bill. Roy Moore coming to the senate. A president who continues to face a roiling Russia investigation. They can pull it to victory. I'm not sure if you're all living in a bubble. You're guilty of everything that the New York elites accuse the president of? We have the president with the highest consumer confidence in 17 years. The highest Gallup business confidence in ten years. The highest stock market ever in history. He's had relatively good approval numbers when you consider the barrage of media attacks. Hold on. Wait a second. Let's stipulate what you just said. I can -- high consumer confidence. Highest stock market in history. Lowest unemployment in more than a decade. And the president has 37%. What does that tell you? Because you guys don't give him a break. Considering they've thrown the kitchen sink at him and he's standing at 38, I think after the tax bill, it's a quarter shed. $3 trillion in offshore money. Forget about the tax rates. $3 trillion of that money is coming back into the economy. It will propel his re-election. It will drive the economy for the next ten years. We're not talking about that. We're accusing him of crimes like -- Where is that going? Where Charles has no evidence of any of this. I didn't accuse anybody. Don't say that on national television. I said -- You said it earlier. I can say this myself. Don't lie on me on television. What I said was what -- there are four prongs to this investigation. Three of which he never denies. I never said evidence. Don't lie. Rewind the tape. However. However, this idea of this tax break is fascinating to me. Because basically, it's an article of faith. It's basically saying, we're going to make rich people richer. And we're going to hope that that make them happy. When they're happy, they'll create jobs. When they don't, we have no ballback. No way to soak up a $1.5 trillion in debt we're creates. If your economy gets bigger. You get a bigger paycheck, that's a good thing. But if everybody else's gets bigger, it's bad. Democrats said we're going to trickle down government. Grow Washington's economy. This is a big change. We're getting money into every business and corporation that hires anybody in America. We're going to grow the economy natural naturally. You said this would hurt the Republicans. No, not the tax cut. I think Roy Moore is, the Mueller investigation. But the tax cut will be a big boom. It comes with deregs lags. You have gas if the tank and unclog the fuel lines. Here's the problem with the tax bill as you have described it. Tell me how often you have argued for a smaller paycheck? Taxes are going up on people make less than $75,000 a year. There are winners and losers to every bill. The winners here are corporations. Donald Trump ran as the populist and is going to fight against them. The middle class is the ones who lose. Let me finish. Nobody is talking about enough here is that Republicans are very overtly talking about how this is going to be their justification for destroying the social safety net. Cutting medicare. Suting social security. Do you think in eight months heem are going to be thrilled about this, never mind that it's lur unpopular and Republicans are losing sport. The numbers. If anyone said it is going to jump-start 3% or 4% growth, let me see them. No one has them. . Health care more affordable. I'm not concerned about the the studies. The real threat to trump. Economic success may not help him. Church sxwrn ill was kicked out of England after the war because you don't need that stressful a leader in your soup every day. Prosperity. Those suburban voters. They didn't vote Republican in Virginia. They may not in 2018. We're already nine years into an economic recovery. It was a slow one. For sure. You all seem to be both banking on having another nine years. That's never happened before. I didn't say it was a faux recovery. That's why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders did so well. The underlying economy is not doing is well in the midwest. No income growth in the country for almost 0 years. Real income growth. There's problems Donald Trump is trying to address. Think if he gets rid of the state and local deductions in the short term, that will be def tating for the Republicans. They must keep that in. Keep the state and local deductions in. Yes. In terms of wage growth, this tax bill does yot boost rage growth. The tax bill is depend dent that cutting taxes on the rich will trickle down to the poor. Washington will. What JFK did his cuts, when Reagan did his cuts, when bush did his, they Saul said it would lead to economic disaster. Every one of them was followed by five to ten years' worth of growth. George W. Bush's? The biggest resection in 50 years. Largely in the increase in interest rates. Nothing to do with the -- I wish we had more time but we don't. Thank you all.

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