'I don't know if I will ever vote Republican again': Former Trump voter

Mary Bruce takes a closer look into the swing state of Wisconsin ahead of the 2020 election on "This Week."
4:17 | 08/16/20

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Transcript for 'I don't know if I will ever vote Republican again': Former Trump voter
All through this campaign season, we're keeping a close watch on the six battleground states where the trump and Biden campaigns are spending the most time and buying the most ads. Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, these six states all won by trump last time, where this election will be fought and won this time, too. Mary Bruce kicks off our six for the win series with a closer look at Wisconsin. Reporter: In a state trump won by less than a point in 2016, the range of opinions make it clear Wisconsin could again a battleground that terms the race. I'm definitely going to vote for Biden. Probably going to have to say trump. Neither. Reporter: Over socially distant French toast and eggs, voters tell us the issues that matter the most. Unemployment. National debt. Race relations. Reporter: In 2016, trump took Kenosha by 238 votes. But not all voters are standing by their previous decisions. The ballot wasn't even cold in the box and I already regretted it. Reporter: She tells us in 2016 she was drawn to trump's hardliner stance on immigration. I feel that he's chipping away at our democracy and he's doing it in plain sight. You said that in hindsight, you wish you had just left your ballot blank four years ago, is that your intention in November or will you be voting for Joe Biden? I'll be voting for Joe Biden. I have voted Republican for most of my adult life. I don't know if I will ever vote Republican again. Reporter: Trump is also having to defend his stronghold with rural voters. Lynn has a small family farm in Wisconsin. I'm just a small guy. You don't feel like Washington is listening. I'm not a huge farm, I'm not a huge business, I'm not a huge anything, but yet I'm here day in and day out and right now, I don't feel that that's necessary appreciated. Reporter: She tells us come November she may sit out entirely, though she's a fan of president's tough talk. He's not going to take any crap, he's going to say -- this is the way it is. Do you think Joe Biden is capable of that tough talk? I don't nosily know. Reporter: Biden up in Wisconsin by five points. But experts say the state could go either way. My sense is that Wisconsin will continue to be very, very close. Reporter: Prominent Wisconsin commentator Charlie Sykes says this could come down to the Democrats' about to bring out the vote. In April's primary, in-person voters were met with long lines like this. Nearly 1.3 million absentee ballots were delivered to voters, nearly 90% returned and counted. Is there a danger that the president's concerns about mail-in voting may actually backfire on him? I'm hearing that from Republicans that his attack may supress his own bass because Republicans in Wisconsin have been using mail-in voting for many years. Reporter: One trump supporter who's been voting by mail, the GOP chair in Kenosha county. Are you concerned at all that the way the president's talking about mail-in voting it may discourage some people from voting by mail. There are people out there they want -- they want to stick that ballot in that machine and make sure that they hear it beep. Reporter: With 79 days left, Democrats are trying to defend Biden's lead without directly connecting with voters on the ground, a challenge now that the Democrats' convention has gone virtual. We're disappointed that Joe Biden isn't going to be in Milwaukee next week to accept the nomination. I've heard nobody upset or angry about it. We've got some time before the election, so we're hoping that, you know, Joe Biden and kamala Harris are going to be able to

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Mary Bruce takes a closer look into the swing state of Wisconsin ahead of the 2020 election on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"72404987","title":"'I don't know if I will ever vote Republican again': Former Trump voter","url":"/ThisWeek/video/vote-republican-trump-voter-72404987"}