'This Week': 'El Chapo' Captured

ABC's Pierre Thomas reports the latest on the arrest of Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán.
3:00 | 02/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'This Week': 'El Chapo' Captured
Welcome to "This week." Capture. Breaking overnight, a ruthless drug lord, the top illegal drug supplier to the U.S. Arrested in Mexico. Brand new details on the raid to catch him. Plus we take you inside his billion-dollar empire. Upheaval in Ukraine. The olympics over, now a tense new standoff between Putin and the west. Then $19 billion bet. How is a tiny text messaging company worth more than an airline? The powerhouse roundtable and our experts break it all down. And one-on-one with president bush. The former commander in chief on service and sacrifice. Right here this Sunday morning. Hello, again, I'm Martha Raddatz. Great to have you with us. We're tracking breaking news this morning. The capture of the man some call Mexico's Osama bin laden. One of the most wanted criminals in the world, and the top illegal drug dealer in the U.S. Drug lord Joaquin Guzman, known as el chapo, or shorty, notorious for his global empire, his ruthless reputation and his legendary ability to elude police. That is until this weekend. ABC's senior justice correspondent, Pierre Thomas, is here with us with the latest. Pierre. Good morning. You can't overstate what a huge figure he is, so vicious, innovative and crafty. There are even suspicious today he may have changes his appearance through plastic surgery. It was a stunning sight, the most powerful drug lord in the world in handcuffs after more than a decade as a wanted man. Law enforcement's long quest to catch Joaquin Guzman ended at this hotel at 6:40 yesterday morning. Mexican authorities acting on intelligence from American drug enforcement and immigration agents arrested him on the fourth floor of this hotel in a resort hotel 600 miles from Mexico City. His criminal resume, infamous. Thought to be responsible for 25% of drugs entering the U.S. Controlling an astounding 80% of illegal drugs on the streets of Chicago. So rich, he made the Forbes magazine billionaires list. So vicious, as ma as 80,000 people have died in Mexico, and that doesn't include those on drug overdoses. He bribed his way out of prison 13 years ago. Escaping in a laundry basket. He was one step ahead of police, evading police a week ago in a network of underground tunnels. He has a lot of protection, both his security guards and people willing to protect him because he has a lot of money and assets to throw around. He was part of a network creative in the smuggling, submarines, boats, airplanes. A year-long investigation by our sister network, fusion, revealed how it worked. From an 18-wheeler to aircraft to U.S. Mail, ups, fed ex, ex-, to the trunk of a car, to the backpack of on 18-year-old riding a bus. He does not play by the rules. He has unlimited resources. I saw firsthand how cartels operate at the southwest border check point. A truck of furniture was actually hiding more than a ton of marijuana. So much drugs coming from Mexico it has to be destroyed at secret locations like this. The Mexican cartels turned parts of that country into a war zone, and Guzman perhaps the most ruthless, often compared to Colombian kingpin pabloe Escobar. You see the chaos and destruction and death come from this one guy. You go, oh, my god. He faces multiple indictments in the U.S. But will the Mexicans let him go considering the dead people in that country? That's a question. Thank you. Stay right there. We'll be back to you in a moment.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Pierre Thomas reports the latest on the arrest of Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"22638817","title":"'This Week': 'El Chapo' Captured","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-joaquin-el-chapo-guzman-captured-22638817"}