Roundtable III: This Week in Politics

George Will, Donna Brazile, Newt Gingrich, and Rep. Luis Gutierrez.
7:37 | 06/16/13

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Transcript for Roundtable III: This Week in Politics
What we don't need is another unelected politician just sitting around the congress, whether it's in the senate or the house of representatives. Take it from a man, the love gov. When he sits around the house of representatives, he really sits around the house of representatives. Chris ce clearly enjoying the spotlight this week. First with jimmy fallon, and sharing the stage with president bill clinton in chicago. And recently seen high-five ing another democratic president on the jersey shore. So my question to you, speaker gingrich. Are republican voters going to forgive this if he decides to run for president in 2016? They're not going to remember it. If he wige re-election this fall -- you don't think we'll see him high-fiving barack obama? The average american is so sick of the petty negativity. He says I was governor of new jersey. I did everything I could to help the state of new jersey, in washington, I'm going to do everything I can to help america. If you want somebody too stupid to help their state, you'll find one of my opponents more acceptable. I found a fascinating series of polls on christie. Gallups got some numbers. Looking at the republican field, he's the only republican probably in the world who has a positive favorable rating with republicans and democrats, over 50% with both. His message is his persona. His persona is the I'm the i don't give a damn politician. I'm large, I'm loud, accept me. But he's going to say I can carry a blue state. There are 18 states plus the district of columbia voted democratic in six straight elections. They've got, what? 244 electoral votes. Something like that. Democrat starts out looking for 26, christie's argument is going to be you need someone to flip blue states. I'm the one who can do it. I love the slow jam with jimmy fallon. He has a good voice. But he's looking at two calendars. The political calendar of 2013, which involves his own re-election, and the special election. He has to show he can win a significant amount of votes, 57, 58, 59%. And right now the polls suggest that he's leading his opponent. And then 2016 a couple of months from now. But there's no question that that bromance between christie and clinton is real. They found common ground on issues that matter to most americans. We also saw hillary clinton a little before we saw chris christie on the on the stage with bill, enter the world of twitter. Take a look at her bio, a wife, mom, et cetera, et cetera, and tbd. Donna, you know the clintons as well as anybody, was that basically a declaration of candidacy? Whether she runs or does not run. She began to talk about things that matter to her. Her life-long passion for childhood education. Working on economic development for women. She's going to be a presence whether we know her intentions for 2016 or not. By the way, she got more followers in one day than charlie sheen. That's impressive on twitter. George you need to get on twitter. I'm sure you'll have a few followers. I hope she runs for president of the united states. Thing -- if she does, does it clear the field? I hope it does. I think she'd make a fabulous candidate, nominee for the democratic party and a wonderful president of the united states. I think you're right about chris christie. You know, the cemetery is filled with politicians who wanted -- always looking for the next job, next position without securing the one they have. And he's securing the one he has to get one in the future as president of the united states. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of us, i, every democrat and republican as we stand for re-election, had to be concerned about the other party and maybe there would be more bipartisanship. We have a couple more minutes left. Get to the other story of the week. Mayor bloomberg, pro-gun control, up in states targeting democrats. Democrats. Going after democrats who voted against the bill. Chuck schumer says they are not effective, the mayor putting ads against people in red states is not going to be effective. What do you think? You want him out there targeting democrats? He's trying to level the playing field. The nra spends buckets of money, and giving resources tpro-gun candidates. What he's trying to do is identify candidates he might be able to flip if we have another vote. I don't know if he will flip, i don't think he can flip heidi heitkamp. I believe what he's trying to do is to put his money where his passions lie. It's not the strategy to tell democratic donors to support the members who are quite vulnerable. You don't agree, but don't mind the ads. Go get them. I'm all for this. If, by the way, michael bloomberg from new york city flips someone from dakota territory or arkansas, it's not going to do any good getting re-elected up there. No. By the way, I'm from louisiana, long would have relished a new york mayor coming down and talking about guns of all issues. Right, right. I think what this illustrates is why you need to drop all of the efforts to micromanage and regulate politics at the candidate level. I have no problem with him spending the money as free speech. But the candidate should be able to raise the same quantity of money. You have a tight limit on what the candidate can raise. And the billionaires on the right and left come in with enormous amounts of money in that way that's clearly bad for the long-term representative self-government. It's almost like shame on him for being consistent. Consistently against guns that he believes, that I share his belief, cause incredible damage through the united states. But -- I think everyone has to fear the fact that their record is going to be exposed, whether in a republican primary or in a general election. I think that's part of democracy I also think you need to have a level playing field, that he is a billionaire. I think it's important. He has also attacked kelly ayotte, the republican senator from new hampshire. Lots of money, hasn't dented her. She's used it against him, right? Of course. The badge of honor. 14 mass shootings since newtown. The families came up to capitol hill, met with republican lawmakers. They're trying to get the dialogue restarted again. Let's see if that happens. All right, donna, thank you, george will, congressman, newt gingrich. Thank you all for joinings. Thanks everyone.

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