'This Week' Web Extra: Stephanie Cutter

Obama 2012 Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter answers viewer questions.
5:21 | 02/10/13

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Transcript for 'This Week' Web Extra: Stephanie Cutter
Hi I'm Benjamin -- This Week with George Stephanopoulos -- joined today by Stephanie Cutter. Welcome seven -- Stephanie was the 2012 Obama deputy campaign manager for quite a title quite -- title. And because we believe all politics is social here this week we're going to be putting some of your questions from FaceBook to Stephanie. The first one comes from were held a let me and she says did you ever say no to the president to during the -- Playing well. And it certainly is you know if there was a time that I felt strongly about something the president would. Listen to that and we normally would come to an agreeable solution but you know I think that this campaign was remarkable when that we. We knew what our task was. From a year out two years out we had a strategy and we stuck to it. From the beginning to the end -- proved to be successful. We had minor. Deviations from -- along the way but for the most part we start to the strategy and our. Great and so the next question is from Barbara -- she says how did it feel to be one of the if you senior women. Involved in the campaign -- what you've heard the premise and how. Well we were actually pretty. Lucky and that. We had a lot of senior when he went on the campaign. I was a deputy campaign manager and there are two other deputy campaign managers that we're both women Julianna Smoot. I and Jennifer O'Malley Dillon and we basically -- the campaign the -- So we were we were lucky and that way there -- plenty. Diversity at the top of the campaign and all the way down. And it as -- when you're in the the thick of it. You're looking around the table you're not counting how many men or how many women. Are sitting around that's your team and we had been together for many many years. So it was -- close knit team that worked well together took it. And the next one is sort of controversial. -- come from Daniel -- who says. It does she regret saying that Romney was slash may be a -- -- to be fair. You said that that was a possibility. Now what I said was. There -- series of documents that came out that came to light. And the news report that showed that Romney has signed. SEC documents. Alleging that he was in turn to -- capital from 1999 to 2001 when he alleged he wasn't in charge of Bain Capital. And that is -- running the Olympics but he was -- these documents as the chairman. President. CEO and sole owner of Bain Capital to the federal government so only one of two things could be true either he's not telling the truth to the SEC. Or is not telling the truth to the American people he's not telling the truth of the FEC and that could be a felony. That's exactly what I said now of course we know what the truth is the truth is he didn't want the American people to know that he was in charge. Of Bain Capital at that time because there -- series of deals that went down. That -- to outsourcing of American jobs overseas that led to bankruptcies Americans losing their jobs here at home. But being walking away with a pretty hefty profit. That was the story that he was trying to separate themselves so at the end of the day what we're we we are arguing. Which I think the American people agreed with was that -- you know if you're the CEO chairman president. Of a company. It is very difficult to say that you're not in charge I don't regret saying it it's the true. And the last question from FaceBook comes from Dan Marino not the former quarterback. And he asks he says we'll shiver run for office herself there's an open senate seat in her home state of Massachusetts. And there is a great candidate running for that -- Ed Markey. Has been the dean of the masters allegation for very long time thank you make a wonderful senator. I don't think that running for office -- in my future. I've enjoyed working on campaigns helping other people. Get elected for offices -- had been very lucky to work for some incredible people from Bill Clinton to. John Kerry two. Ted Kennedy it was a great mentor of mine to present an Obama so I've been very lucky to see. These great leaders and action helped them get to their elected offices I don't think that. Running for -- this for me. And now it's time for our our lightning round. So -- an iPhone or Blackberry. Could I found what is your favorite film. Well -- up and Oscar season -- talk about my fear film this year my favorite is actually -- -- silver linings playbook. That it's so real and identifiable to everybody. In life. -- whether it's bad break up or moving home to live with your parents I just thought it was a great on the way used humor to get at these issues and what is your comfort food. -- -- -- I yes cheese taste of that call any specific -- -- -- anything that would cut -- a wonderful well Stephanie thank you for joining us today. And thank you to everyone's. Questions on FaceBook. You can -- the show and Twitter at this week ABC and on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash this week.

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{"id":18456592,"title":"'This Week' Web Extra: Stephanie Cutter","duration":"5:21","description":"Obama 2012 Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter answers viewer questions.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-web-extra-stephanie-cutter-18456592","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}