'We have work to do' attracting Hispanic voters: Biden senior adviser Symone Sanders

George Stephanopoulos interviews Biden campaign senior adviser Symone Sanders on "This Week."
6:24 | 09/13/20

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Transcript for 'We have work to do' attracting Hispanic voters: Biden senior adviser Symone Sanders
Jason Miller, thanks very much. Let's get a response from the Biden campaign. Symone Sanders. Thank you for joining us. Says vice president Biden wants to stay in the basement and have everybody else stay there, too. Thank you for having me this morning, George. Look, what Jason Miller and trump campaign are asserting isn't true. Vice president Biden was out campaigning this week as you know, folks saw him not campaigning but reverencing and really taking a solemn moment marking the 9/11 this past Friday. And vice president Biden will be out next week, he's going to Florida, we'll be in Minnesota, we'll have some things that we'll be announcing. So the reality is vice president Biden is actively campaigning, as is senator Harris. But the difference is, George, we're doing it so safely. We're letting the science lead us, safety is of the utmost importance to our campaign the safety of the voters, our campaign staff, and that's why vice president Biden is modeling good behavior. He's a wearing mask, we're social distancing at our events and press conferences. That stands in stark contrast of what president trump is doing. Having large rallies with huge group of people that are packed together. That's not safe. Vice president Biden has said the president's response to coronavirus is a betrayal, it cost American lives, what evidence do you have that vice president Biden was calling for a significantly different response early on? Can you point to public statements in January and February where the vice president called for travel bans, social distancing and wearing masks? George, in October 2019, vice president Biden warned that we were susceptible and vulnerable to a pandemic. In January of 2020, he wrote an op-ed that warned and cautioned that Donald Trump should take this seriously. On March 12th, he put out his plan for a covid-19 response that spoke of widespread testing, making sure everyone had the proper personal protective equipment, that called for operationalizing the defense protection act. Ten-point plan frankly. Later on, about a month or so later, vice president Biden actually had the opportunity to speak with president trump about this very issue. In public statements he urged president trump to take his advice, please adopt his plan, because vice president Biden was concerned about what's most important to Americans. On the contrary, George, I will note that those Bob Woodward tapes as you noted earlier were very president trump was speaking privately to at least we know one reporter saying he knew the virus was -- Right, symone, that was back in February, I asked you about January and February. You pointed out in March that vice president Biden put out a plan and he also put out a tweet, that a wall will not stop the coronavirus. I asked you specifically about January and February, I saw the op-ed the vice president wrote in October, I saw the one he wrote in January, but he didn't call for travel bans, for social distancing or wearing masks. Look, George, in January and February, Joe Biden was not being briefed by national security experts who warned him how deadly the virus was and in January and February, Joe Biden did not have the knowledge that president trump did, but I will tell you that if Joe Biden were president in January or February, he would have taken proper precautions, he would have warned the American people. He would have told folks to social distance, he would have modeled good behavior. In January, he wrote that op-ed. The reality here is, Donald Trump had information that could have made a difference not seven months ago but right now. I'm thinking about the folks who are sending their children to schools across the country tomorrow not knowing if they're safe. I'm also thinking about the parents who are trying to juggle working from home or setting up child care because their children can't get go to school. They're setting up schools in their kitchens and their basements. I'm concerned about the folks who are going to work in grocery stores and person to person services who don't have the proper personal protective equipment, because Donald Trump, the president of the united States, hasn't moved to ensure that it's so. Donald Trump here has failed the American people. You heard Jason Miller talk about the trump's rally in Nevada. A pretty close race in Nevada right now. Former vice president Biden having relatively weaker numbers with Latinos in Nevada, in Florida, Democrats are concerned about that, as well. Here's how the president addressed the hispanic vote last night in Nevada. Our incredible border agents, they're incredible people, more than half who happen to be hispanic Americans, did you know that? I know all of them. Jose, how you doing? Juan, how you doing? Every once -- every sixth time, I'd say, hello, Jim, how are you? Some of the concerns about the Latino vote has been echoed by Bernie Sanders, senator Sanders has expressed concerns about the Biden campaign, to your campaign, the senator identified several specific changes he'd like to see, should campaign more with figures popular among young officials. Are you going to take that advice? Well, George, look, we know that we have work to do and we have said from the beginning, and vice president Biden has been very clear about this, as has senator Harris, we're really working to earn every single vote in the country and we want to earn the votes of the Latino, hispanic community. We're doing the work, George, you saw senator Harris out in Florida just this past week, she also did virtual events in Arizona. Vice president Biden himself will be traveling to Florida next week and we'll be doing virtual events and interviews, because we're committed to doing the work. We've made an historic investment in our hispanic and Latino paid media program, more than any presidential candidate ever and we started earlier this cycle on June 19th we started a very heavy paid advertising program that's not just television, it's radio, digital, meeting voters where they are. Symone Sanders, thanks very much for your time this morning. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"George Stephanopoulos interviews Biden campaign senior adviser Symone Sanders on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"72981775","title":"'We have work to do' attracting Hispanic voters: Biden senior adviser Symone Sanders","url":"/ThisWeek/video/work-attracting-hispanic-voters-biden-senior-adviser-symone-72981775"}