Boy's TSA pat-down goes viral

"The View" co-hosts discuss how the TSA can improve their pat-down policies.
4:40 | 03/28/17

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Transcript for Boy's TSA pat-down goes viral
We have to preface this story but first day. That the TSA. Has now changed the way they do their pact apps apparent. We weren't aware of this so what we saw this video that was posted on FaceBook. Mother who Simon has sensory disorder getting a TSA pat to out that lasted a for a few minutes. Mom and son were detained for a full 45 minutes ended up missing their fly. We don't want to be saved but shouldn't they tell us that the because that watching the TSA agent is very uncomfortable. Because it he. He's checked in in places where you not you can't touch me. I would end up in Jack. If come by because I guess at one point they did you know they pat down this let him. And then another person they do now W Pickett second guess I have it. Procedures and as of march 2 it combines all of I'm speeders. Into one which travelers are finding extremely invasive that's what you saw his back they can use the back of their hands to pat downs over sensitive areas of the body now and they can also check your breasts you're growing your butt acts. And it they're supposed to tell you in anticipation of this now. Sort of intensive procedure but I didn't hear about it I I didn't feel. When I don't I think it's good. I don't know about I'm you don't pentagon Apache ground but if you're going to change how you do. What he's Smart to let us know. As as the people you want to be patent and also outraged. Reading and presence might. You're bound on this information it's different as I would make is that I don't I have been getting pats and that's machine freaks me out where you stand there and you put your hands up up like what can they see double and I'm thinking I am really ultimately about you today. Let me say I stopped tomorrow Beckham like he'd be out of that machine southern pat downs for a long time and he used to be very simple and went to Disney. I didn't get an explanation and you can change but it was very long and it if you're willing to tell the I was uncomfortable. Because I didn't know now I had known going into they had only that would have been mentally prepared and I think part of his wish and not getting accomplice was not touch me light. And I. No hiding getting this I had a diet W glaring. And yeah I'd travel out. Look they're like a well then that's true she does without a lot of radiation is that things are you learn about Jack I don't like W bush like conspiracy in reality it. She's about and when any machine slowly go onto the and we just a citizen discount. And I guess I am sorry. Evan I think the heads up like that idea is changing how can we help them what should they put these Twitter that's wherever you're undoubtedly be announced flags put it on the web say. Our eye on the gate where they say late don't yeah carries for why didn't he or she Lotto or anything else like what should they sent like. You're going to feel they Wear hats and a let it be intent yeah. Can make a music video. The man get a man a music video about the new pads out week. News. I just say here's what's come in yeah. One's coming. I see a doctor you're right that's. I don't know I I I belong to these because I get very. I get really angry when you don't get me a heads up I did yes I've steel like climate. We're taking. Four minutes and you have the money and have the money to tell me. Everything house. Let me know you're gonna be feeling in ways that I may not be comfortable I like our idea though because the other issue is that people don't pay attention as it boring they're not going to brochure but if you make it fun and interesting act like people will pay it can't yeah. Here in line for four hours I read it link that is yeah. Ellen why I have a little odd minutes but they got the kid was headed down the ball that was added and I got a lot of. It's it's I don't know if they'll say I have a statement from TS AR thanks cat. TSA allows for a pat down of the teenage passenger and in this case all approved procedures were followed to resolve an alarm of the passenger's laptop. Alka with a lot of it pat down the left I'm.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss how the TSA can improve their pat-down policies. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"46428306","title":"Boy's TSA pat-down goes viral","url":"/Travel/video/boys-tsa-pat-viral-46428306"}