Hyperloops could be future of travel

ABC News’ Clayton Sandell gets a behind-the-scenes look at the new Virgin Hyperloop, speaking with the first two human test subjects for the futuristic transit system.
4:11 | 11/11/20

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Transcript for Hyperloops could be future of travel
A lot of our reality has certainly mimic the Jetsons cartoon with its futuristic flare so for a long time without the next step and travel technology would be flying cars but it's clear the real future of travel is all about dilute the high Berlin. As it's being called an hour cleans and they'll caught up with the first two humans. To give it a world. Twenty miles outside Las Vegas, Nevada in this two running through a dusty desert a cutting edge technology and two people inside it just made history. Breathe. One them launch. Josh goggle and sorrow but ya just became the first humans to ride in something called the burgeoning Piper Laurie. What kind of looks like a ride on space mountain is actually a type of futuristic transportation for most of us. She lived in the fictional country of conduct. That's magnetic levitation right. Yes maglev train attack has been around for decades but a hyper Luke super charges. Imagine traveling known start it up to 670. Miles per hour about land for underground. This is tightly. It works by putting the passenger capsule inside a sealed to. I keep one's unique technology uses magnetic levitation to guide. It's hard. People would get inside the high. Using a series of vacuum pumps. This effectively create offense got inside pitching as if you hiding flying 200000 feet across CNET. This reduces Jackson in the smallest amount of electricity is needed to achieve extraordinary speeds. The company says the hyper that would drastically cut the travel time between cities or hours to minutes. Or Los Angeles fast and is looking somewhere between about 3040. Minutes top speed on at high speed access and about 500 miles an hour. Yet this eat it straight from downtown Los angeles' downtown Las Vegas and something he can talk about performance bar popular Berkeley gambles. Our staff yeah. Goggle the company's chief technology officer and look young and the director of passenger experience with the willing Guinea pigs. To detonate an aircraft taking out on the runway he went spinning faster the last test. Seven pounds and our debasing that you notice status son I didn't walk into the little spaces or not it's not astronauts. Not being close like this weekend and he sat down and most importantly parents. The company also has to convince future customers they are safe confined in a sealed tube at high speeds occasional noise and shaking. Sound familiar. Are already strapped links. In meetings slow analysts ZX all analyst who Dresser in environment at a very high speed and dessert airplanes. The purpose of this test is really if it's not safe. From needs due to SARS assays for anyone else. The space age idea. Traveling by two has been around at least since the jets it. I. Today's technology still needs more testing and development and government approvals and and lots and lots of money but if everything stays on track orb floating just a bobbled it may not be long before several competing companies are offering tickets to ride all over the world. Whether peace. And he what are the end you're or even and the police say this you just Sudanese born multiple systems due to zero run yes that's certainly our parents. Burton says once again go from two passengers a day to say 20000. Running faster and cleaner than commercial airliners piper lewd technology might fundamentally change life as we know it. We're talking not a technology that snacks CDs as a singer and actress stops and that's tremendous implications. For a married she's still it is great she's still work. Were you get your education and health care. Elmer really thinking about believes that we tennis I hear ourselves and others during let's and a very difficult year and we're doing it we're making progress despite everything. Towards a better future and greener cleaner more connected or else. And that would make even George Jensen crowd. Slings and dale ABC news live Denver.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"ABC News’ Clayton Sandell gets a behind-the-scenes look at the new Virgin Hyperloop, speaking with the first two human test subjects for the futuristic transit system.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"74139121","title":"Hyperloops could be future of travel","url":"/Travel/video/hyperloops-future-travel-74139121"}