A look at Memorial Day weekend travel

This Memorial Day weekend will be the busiest in terms of travel in 12 years, according to AAA.
9:31 | 05/26/17

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Transcript for A look at Memorial Day weekend travel
And happy Friday Angie Norman with ABC news any Hoover right now just pulling up. To Ronald Reagan national airport here in Washington DC the nation's capital. Checking out how traffic is how holiday travel is ahead of the long holiday weekend for Memorial Day and how things are looking at the airport. We're just pulling up to be a mayor in terminal here at DC a we're gonna pull over and then I'll introduce you to my former driver Mercedes who has been such a pleasure today. She picked me up from that ABC news Washington DC bureau we got here and is 20/20 five minutes. Tell me what you thought about traffic here especially for a Friday in DC. Ahead of the holiday. Sentiment. Where the renting it would start in hectic weekend of violence our commitment to its looming mountains. The people think I'm into an anti Clinton leaves and. And even on the highways I mean that three wesun most of the traffic heading down fourteenth street right through downtown. We saw some some red lights on bumpers we Sox who have by and traffic lots of people also so foot traffic. But things moving and I mean but then again are driving less than thank. Well. It. About. Is looking at Bentley. And us. It. Important holiday weekend Mercedes thank you so much it is at a Eisner. Safe driving up there are. So I put the camera. Hey Mercedes. We are going ahead in huge airport to see how are we ever pulling up the airport we actually both like wow look at that traffic. Just people trying to emerge in. Taxicabs better out here people what their luggage preparing an out of town for the long holiday weekend. Walked down a couple of doors before we get invited me you need the traffic out here lock the taxi. Coming in rocky bluff and through a lot of people took the earth like I did did. Than normal right I think the first requested that there is that it all right Kate. About fifteen or seventeen minutes and it's a little longer than that plea that he did hit some traffic. The red light you're passing through downtown DC after that did this traffic is usually pretty treachery. In DC especially out of Friday at lunch time. So lots of people out and about. An average season I was saying it about two hours I don't think differently and it start looking a lot worse in the neighborhood that people are getting work. Heading out of town for the holiday weekend they'll already beaten track here at the airport. Terrible an awful lot inside because he how. Flights are looking see if there are any delays. And here we are. Welcome to Reagan national airports. Yeah things are looking. CNN the only one checking out quite. Thanks seafood laid out there. The latest Boston. Thanks also delayed smoothly and so. But that's bad and look like they have may be tough here because the battery reflection of the island is clicking on flight or some other. Delays to pay it period. Nash though. Cleveland Ohio near Chicago but earnings he not combat will go down various. Where people heads you. Security and see how those lines are. Just after 12:30 am how that we can only got some of them looking over the side. I can already see that there are lots of we'll here's. Syria there's one security line walked by and check you know. Thank god and people eating leading. For flights. Execute one security line. I think even people with pre check. Too late. But not too bad. They're heading back up. The S later. See my feelings he better from here hasn't looked. You know. There are people waiting on an even better each act but still not care of we'll take you a few minutes to get your security ever thousands and he. Probably waiting for right. They'll look at the others. Security checkpoint also hear it. Still ahead M. This holiday weekend for Memorial Day. It ended anticipated. To be the easiest. Travel holiday for Memorial Day weekend in twelve years and so. I mean many of you are probably heading out of town a lot of people consider Memorial Day. The beginning of summer. That ninety days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That's correct the airport checking out to see how busy it is and it means. It's only about 1230 here right now so not. Too crazy. Here in DC and of course if you are NBC and heading out of town you've got three airports to choose from not just Reagan national but also Dallas. And is DW I in Baltimore's Joseph a couple of different options. Recipe or flying internationally. DW I endowments are more likely to be the airport here choice. Here's kind of visit people at kiosks are Americans. They're trying to check into their place as they head out. Again being only 1230 that means as the day continues as more people are getting off work. They they're not able to leave just yet for could be heading out leader today. Cell I'm sure they're anticipating. That the airport will get beat year throughout the day. Ahead of the weekends were almost skewed this and other security checkpoint. At the other end of Reagan national airport here. We're gonna see how that's looking. Triple A anticipates more than a million more people. We'll travel this. A Memorial Day weekend and they did last year so many more people expected to travel of course. That's not just on airplanes but on roadways also. Probably hoping he gets them nice weather and a hearing see things have been hit or miss with rain holds. Finally in nineteen today that cattle chuckling there doesn't look too bad it's not as packed as we saw before. BBC people's steadily. Going through security. Kimberly also says. That fares are up for the top forty didn't match stick. Air fare route snow heading to you're traveling to one of the top forty places in the country airfares are up of course you're looking over airline ticket. You know by the time summer condos prices generally you go on sale. Increase in your pockets as both increase of people traveling. Reagan national airport ahead of the holiday weekend we're gonna keep the night. On the skies on the roads see how things are hoping you have a safe weekend as you're heading out if you are heading out and happy Memorial Day. I'm today Norman with ABC news.

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{"duration":"9:31","description":"This Memorial Day weekend will be the busiest in terms of travel in 12 years, according to AAA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"47666639","title":"A look at Memorial Day weekend travel","url":"/Travel/video/memorial-day-weekend-travel-47666639"}