Sailor Found After 66 Days Adrift

Sailor Louis Jordan, lost at sea for 66 days, was found by a German flagged vessel off the coast of North Carolina. Coast Guard helicopter CG-6040, who's crew airlifted Louis Jordan off the vessel, reveal how the daring rescue unfolded.
5:50 | 04/03/15

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Transcript for Sailor Found After 66 Days Adrift
Lost at sea for two months that survival story of a missing sailor who set out on eight routine fishing trip from South Carolina. And one night on the rusty something. Went horribly wrong hello everyone analyst at her in New York. And this story what a story this the stuff Hollywood movies are made but it was the real deal for sailor will with jordin. ABC's Martha Gonzales has more. Rescued after 66. Days. Lost at sea I had many moments where regard. Lewis Jordan back on store in North Carolina sharing the incredible story of how he survived more than two months alone in the Atlantic. And their prints or tomorrow are the 37 year old set out on January 23 from South Carolina to fix one night he says he woke up to his boat capsized thing. And I was flying through year and summer salting. And only GPS devices that everything be oral ruling around. In this water Jordan managed to stay with the boat rationing out what little food he had catching fish and Rainwater just waiting for help. I don't want to die earlier. His parents reported him missing but after ten days with no sign of Jordan or the ship the search was called off. I started thing you know it's over allotments. Then Thursday a cargo ships spotted Jordan 200 miles off Cape Hatteras. The Coast Guard called in airlifting him to safety. Overnight in emotional reunion with his parents of thankful all those prayers their son said while sitting on his damaged boat so fittingly named Angel. Were answered. Most wonderful. My baby and come home fifth. Jordan has a broken collarbone and was treated for dehydration but incredibly he's already been released from the hospital. RC Gonzales ABC news New York. And joining us now live crew of the Coast Guard helicopter that rescued sailor off the coast of North Carolina lieutenant commander Todd Ferrell and petty officer third class Derek Ross. Think you so much for joining us. After 66. Days at CE without contact. With the Coast Guard is seen with Taylor is typically lost for good in a situation like. Must now add to that long the coast are and I. It has maximum efforts it's the best they say that's extent. Bomb. You know we didn't know wondered ensue when we got senior what do you person looks like I'm sure that. You know with human well some people can survive outlawed so we just were insurance Oregon saint. Office or boss what was your reaction when you heard that this rescue was about down. With it being my first operational voice is a flight mechanic how a lot of things go to my head but. Most is just try to remember what deal I wouldn't really try to thank the back story shark tank on the hallways we had to get don't. And Jordan was spotted ad for those who may not be a bit familiar with by aged German flagged vessel and scooped up prior to the coast guard's. Our rival. Talked to was about what happened next. Room we knew we were informed and didn't the vessel's bottom out 300 miles offshore. We has the vessel turned towards the west come back arms shortens the distance business pretty artisans are part jayhawk helicopter. We ended up by taking out product Elizabeth City. Going to the USS George Bush to refuel. And then continue lines UD vessel. They they are survivor important. I'm and he got to to the vessel we have conducted our our priests and and Jerry can tell McCollum. Within ten minutes got him up and now we headed back to Iran RX drop multiple us. And fled to Jordan say when unite first received an on board what did he look like what was the first thing that came out of his mouth. What I what what I brought him up in the basket and I got just Assad cannot ignore you are a lot of odd gorilla. Excited looking you what you won't go along polished expected for me it was all shipped from a helicopter. Odds pushed minute cab and got secure socket yeah it horseback to ARAMARK swarm or bring him back up. Ed how much attention to him I register and sign this is still a lot finished gets warmer up in. A rural watt odd. Not Ratul law. Obviously right now everyone is just grateful for this amazing rescue but I understand Jordan will eventually be questioned. Not exactly what happened to his boat. Along those lines do we have any information on that at this time. Oh we don't I think there's one person that knows. Knows that answer has him. I mean we have his story and I'll. Now until you know so many. It's estimated different lets us are we ever and now. And once again thank you so much that was lieutenant commander Todd Ferrell and peddy third petty officer third class Derek Ross. And you can keep up this story in real time by downloading the ABC news happened starring this story for exclusive update on the go for now. And with that her in New York.

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{"duration":"5:50","description":"Sailor Louis Jordan, lost at sea for 66 days, was found by a German flagged vessel off the coast of North Carolina. Coast Guard helicopter CG-6040, who's crew airlifted Louis Jordan off the vessel, reveal how the daring rescue unfolded. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Travel","id":"30088556","title":"Sailor Found After 66 Days Adrift","url":"/Travel/video/sailor-found-66-days-adrift-30088556"}