Visit With Betsy Ross at Her Home in Philadelphia, PA

ABC News' Charli James meets with the character actress in Historic Philadelphia and learns about the creation of the American flag.
12:38 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Visit With Betsy Ross at Her Home in Philadelphia, PA
Everyone Charlie James in Philadelphia thanks so much for watching our DNC coverage on FaceBook. Tonight is going to be a historic night for women and politics Hillary Clinton will be the first woman to accept the nomination of a major party and America. But here's Philadelphia. This is a town that's been home to many famous women and history. And I want to bring in. One of those women Betsy Ross are at least actress who plays her here at the Betsy Ross house. She is actually known and that the ash burn rate now at this stage in her life if she is on her second marriage after her first husband passed away. And she's going to tell us a little bit about her historic light. Tell it about the flag that she is widely credited with creating. And work NN just learn a lot more about hurt that it's been awhile. And a lot of people have been in in American history class. It will Diller fresher also an attorney Karen Atlanta at theaters well. That's the first stop. Talent let your most known bar. Well many individuals they credit you with making one single flag and it must stress that he wasn't just want he seeks class and I'm Jay our military tools there is by the army and any sort of organ can be made the matter should be. But I began making flags and junior seventeen was having sex with regent and he seemed. General George Washington Robert Morris and Jordan Roth spent eight husband John's uncle he seemed to treat them. He had a sketch went on the type of flight they want to increase each student at thirteen colonies to act. This gets caught her flat looking very similar to the natural familiar ring. There's stripes. And stars but he's heaters should have one major difference because called for stars had six points. When I asked the judge Wednesday to meet no preference for six pointed stars recently popular pastor to make. But I actually I'm going to stars past and sex act which are all punitive action this. It's fair piece of paper or African politician when a book and it too is just a few simple fault. It is one to the center. An honor to join needs to folds together. And then flipped over to enjoy this last piece that he edge. They have this very funny shake your language teacher scissors and classic. If you've done correctly you should and give thanks and happy for you your perfect job star. And so British you learned techniques this is a quilting technique my mother taught me when I was there is more Wendy. But I you know coming out of my makers are privy to this information may I Dijjer to make six point concerns about black or even arrange the storms differently. As all of you know I don't enjoy this circle shake. But others registering spending rose instead each of these items his personal preference of each plane maker. Now he's saying that it was a small change but I believe that if you had kind. With their original sketch which was worth the six pointed stars and a different shape I'm. That it would actually very very different I think you're understating the importance a little better here to sign more. C out her house but. It's my days not considered major changes he cedar recent adjustment into Simi that day none of them use errors they are there professional. They have no way of knowing how quickly ran lengthy stretch of time it would take to manufacture the flak the design of the conflict. Not our action so I consider my recommendation is my arm. And tell us how little that Mara what goes into making flatly. Well to construct a flag it isn't fair symbol. I'm going to happen if you blew it attacks the stars and sent back east side I'm going to take the shorter stripes attacks and princess and the site. And then fashion bit longer strikes and set them aside. We'll have those three elements and it attached together nap hoist on the Anderson flag raised and our relatively simple however. This did you that is predominantly used some English Channel is seen as computer complex at one option here we're. One of the main reasons why pollsters asked myself I don't want her making flags Morse than anyone else we are in this edition -- complex pastor. And so at peace and most people know you. Thinking that you created just one flag. Until a little bit about your background and and how you gain the skills to be able to me classes this. You hand in making plans for Iraq correct. Again making flags acting in June 1776. And is speaking to slowly but first arrest and a poster art trade. I think I just for the Honolulu things that make you comfortable and fashionable. This includes many different items curtains or covers for chairs and furnishings actresses like. I simply asked the flat making it to my skills. And it is something I'm happy to do you see making Plaxico is away I'm here to show my support for this revolution. Of course cannot hide in the army and an eighty is chancellor to do but not everyone can next. And are you very famous and Philadelphia during your life. I would not consider myself well known each other and to my. Philadelphia's Aaron varsity the largest intact in this country we have the largest ports as well and sound I want quite a number of pollsters. And Lundqvist number flag makers in this now he is more but I. Hope to be remembered for the fact that I had the pleasure meeting general George Washington himself jets and very elemental. Source. And so did you continue making these funds a lot of our other kinds of flags. Airline. I urge her to continue. Because making laxatives and where an additional export and so flat something I hope to. Had become an increasing part of my apple street business. Economic discipline issues in addition grasses eight times are changing eat reply actually greater. And I asked him marks more in large part in this system. And so we're at your house right now I'm the best era house. And lots of people come by here I understand and asked questions I saw some people doing that early Esther and what are some of the most common. Question you get the most common question most definitely is how long does it take to make a flag and this question and answer it is. Adjust it we see. I'm dating military tools assigned to each planning shop Barry be tumors to use the largest black. A longer time it takes to make by a good estimate for time frame he's in fact one week. That is very quick indeed. My nose has adjusted based on the other actions must take action at 68 pollster a trade. And I asked for an upholstery and his first and foremost climate instantly judged. It depends on the other items and must act certain poultry tree and China can educate the plaques. And what are some of the funniest question you've gotten many small children ask me ask if I like tax. The reason for that and if you have ever visited my daughter's fountain outside. Does civilize these thirteen colonies that aren't based earth recaps on the count. And many divisions assume that we'll have my caps as well. Not just like an African my date is quite expensive so most expensive iTunes would ever purchased for as such. Could you imagine having cast. In here and think them. When all of his maverick in all of the threat that it would not end well for myself or the cat. Up and then tell little bit more about your life because. Your most famous for when you were Betsy Ross. But you actually end. At different names during your lifetime depending on and near married to a tell us a little more about what happened in your life outside. Making the flags went up. I trees to Quaker and it wasn't very good upbringing because you believe and not one. Individual is any more important than any other. So I was educated similarly to my Brothers in Africa are the top casts shadow read write a former resident and like. But when I see your age I began my addition to learning upholstery trains get credits for six years but. I was fortunate to register their college pollster until now by John Webster. Jon Lester has a very large poultry products I was gonna question number practices working under his tutelage at one time. One of those individuals was my first husband John Ross we next we're conducting predictions on the completion we were able to married and he insists together. But as much as I carried her first husband John. John was an English and he was not a Quaker so and I asked my parents came to my choice in husbands reminded her original. And just like his personality past his belief system. I was insistent primaries on as a result was recognized a quick meeting the last great honor. I was able to worshiping my first husband and it's apparently after Christchurch parent now. And on occasionally Gerald Washington himself when he charges and but. I am now remarriage my second husband mr. asks for restaurants passed January 1776. From August but mr. Asher. We've been married her remember when your time and he's married to her passion isn't mariner and he's seen an almost. Last seen him problems Carter additional partners keen department first time I've seen three weeks after art Harris. Harris. Hope the issue returned safely to something unfortunate meeting. Says sounds like you must be quite a strong woman to go against Europe parents' wishes that way. I'm was this comment in your day to is that common for women to. Be. Very strong ally. I guess it's a senior days well it depends on the warning. I very much less insistent on action on it is something that's. I have become an accident or his Thai parents you know what I wish and it was to happen regardless of what others around me. And her card and perhaps that is mean I'm the detention and others. I don't think south Africans are a number of women in my theater justice independent. Abigail Adams others this is not a woman ever happen pleasure meeting I heard through. Different channels that she's equally stubborn. Well in in our day in present day we are thought to have historic events where woman. Is going to be nominated for president could potentially be president of the United States. My knowing you are day. This was. Probably unheard but what are your opinions. Thumb on and that women in leadership. I feel that as long as individual is educated appropriately very very much. Can't have just as much righteous and manner of holding a leadership position it is something question I think should be mutually exclusive. I and wanted to question over a flag makers are exactly Philadelphia. Many of them are women in science and this is concerned quite a great honor leaving or guarantee manufacturers such great thanks. And I seen a difference capturing I just as my cash as a release to manufacturing tools with one's thoughts as well. So I think it is a very good time. And very nice answer there from miss Betsy ash burn. Is so we're here at the Betsy Ross house you're here quite often it people uncommon this that you went in its. Listen visitors every single day. But I am here between Harris 10 in the morning for an afternoon my home now is open until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Thank you so much time Clark nightlife and the history here at the house there's actually a couple of other acts these actresses play. And Betsy so it's. If that's the Ashburn has not herein may be another Betsy hear from a different stage of her life. So you can come by every day here in Philadelphia just one of the many many historical sites here in this town. So the last day of the DNC here that keep watching ABC news because we have so much more coming up from the while ARCO Arena leaders tonight thanks for joining me Charlie James. On ABC's digital and ABC's FaceBook.

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