The First 100 Days: Representative Nancy Mace and Representative Marilyn Strickland

Through the lens of Rep. Nancy Mace and Rep. Marilyn Strickland – ABC News Live documents the first 100 days of the most diverse Congress in history.
49:54 | 04/14/21

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Transcript for The First 100 Days: Representative Nancy Mace and Representative Marilyn Strickland
100 days in office been the biggest challenges. Two women begin again. Making history in politics. Even talking about this for too long. Now it's time after serving in the most diverse congress we've ever seen. We've seen violence across our country for the last nine months in the country were nearly half the labor market is made up of in this hour we go behind the scenes. But to see how it all unfolds. In this unprecedented. Year. It's the bulk packaged violating your office is unconstitutional tell me about your last 100 hours wearing my. First 100 days representative Nancy mace and rep. Presented as Marilyn Strickland. Now from our nation's capital here's ABC's congressional correspondent. Rachel's. God we're in a moment history won't soon for a 117 congress just visually wrapped up their first 100 days in office and so far. A year like no other bullet pass. An unexpected her. Over the past three months we've been following two newly elected freshman congresswoman watching them navigate the world of American politics and that is typically. Been dominated by men. And they've redefined what it means. To be a woman in congress. We representative Nancy name to became the first Republican woman from the fetus South Carolina to be elected to congress and only the second woman ever from the state. To serve a full house her. We also hear from representative Marilyn Strickland the first African American woman elected to congress from the Pacific northwest. And only one of three Korean American women currently serving in the 117. Congress. And then there's me covered it all along side them too and BBC's new congressional correspondent. Looking back this last year has been one. Cheney on it what's going on now ride. We have put nearly a hundred days of unrest. Here after firing fastballs right. Amid one of the most tumultuous political cycle and web history. Mountain resident aliens uses the radical left would hugely I don't miss and always on your list you. America also found itself he. He goal and an invisible war. Fears about a second wave hello hey anybody. 37 states. A global pandemic sweeping across the nation. Claiming the lives of thousands. A day. After day. It painful and sobering milestone. More than 500000. Lives lost the panda. One year later here we are the world still spinning. Coming into Tony 21 we found ourselves surpassing expectations. In ways some would've never believed possible. One of those notable feats the 100 in seventeen congressional freshman class breaking a new record. This year a record number a went from running for congress at a police 150. Of those candidates for women of color. Filling a total of 144. Seats with diverse woman between the house and the senate the most in modern history. To our new members welcome and congratulations. On your election. To the United States House of Representatives. And they were elected to congress on the 100 year anniversary of the woman suffered jacked. This year's freshman class shows just how long the congressional genders guilt has taken the tip in their favor. That recent uptick a female representatives selected this year ended recent years can be seen on both sides of the aisle. Women who are shattering glass ceilings like newly elected congresswoman Nancy mace. Joining us now is south Carolina Republican representative. Nancy mace not only the first Republican female elected from the scenes she also became the second woman ever from South Carolina to be elected from either party to. To serve a full house term. I've had many challenges in my life that I really learned some very tough classes during some very tough times during that period engine. And so yeah I'm guided by those experiences. And it's one reason I'm here to name. Another woman by Washington's Maryland Strickland. Our next guest made history when she became the first co read an American woman. Elected to congress as well as the first African American represented to come out of the Pacific northwest he has a lot of first. How much has your upbringing influenced. Where you are now in your decision to run for elected office you see the world through different lands. I think about the blending of my identity and culture and the conversation about what does it mean to be American. Two women two parties one goal to unite a divided nation. And she believed there is. A new face of the Republican Party right now especially after this past election women like yourself. Men are now here in congress representing the Republican Party in their districts not only air faces more neighbors and they happened in the past us our right. Ideology. In this is vastly different as well. I think the way to congress can stand united used to remember that we were sent here by the people went home to do a job. And that is to address the pandemic to work on an economic crisis to support our families and seniors and to do all these things at the American people desperately want. It's kind of pulled over during your first 100 days but also my first 100 days. I mean isn't. Cell Wednesday. Heights to win someone a freshman woman on the hill had been happening. I'd just become the new congressional correspondent free BC news literally. I don't expect and David tonight so many still talking about those images you have minority leader Mitch McConnell and little denying Nell when my first few weeks would bring doesn't. So we've there not here for twenty minutes. And I am wandering around the halls of congress by myself because I have no idea how to get out of this building. Here's noodling here welcome the congress. My first time actually in a lawmaker. Yeah yeah yankees need to hell yeah yeah you didn't tell and got to be the dog and the gang Beth Thornton. Blame. Typically freshman class at the honeymoon here erratic. And and get bad at all no I mean you are. Orientation in December we were all mass that we came to a hotel we haven't had the opportunity to do a lot of the socializing the you do when you're to congress and so. A lot's happening online through. Digital meetings that I will tell you this we are still committed to doing the people's work to. And the nation entered into Tony 21 with hope and it's hard. The less than 100 hours after the congresswoman took their oath of office. Chaos unfolded at the capitol. Good afternoon come back on the air right now because you're just learn of those protesters on the capitol steps just moments ago and outraged the capital. Aside capital. Yeah some people say that they saw this coming and we shouldn't be surprised if that morning. It was stored in direction the likes of which hadn't happened in the United States since 1814. It is a remarkable scene. Playing out here at Penn it's chaotic Maxi hadn't back because of some of the classes that we have seen just behind. I need to do something that is not a protest that this anarchy. It is eight. Tragically. In the back into the America when our dilemma the theme being undermined by president. Who just doesn't always underdogs. Back oh that's right here in my office and it's interesting because this isn't January was relieved the day that we were gonna certify the election earlier this morning congress confirming. President elect Joseph Biden's Electoral College victory following that horrific day at the US capital that history. Will never forget and some who were there experiencing. It. Of course your thing we barricade the door and then all you have Ehrlich pens and pencils and scissors. And and maybe if you get a leg off a piece of our shores very difficult to do than a sign yet. That's only happen. A failed coup attempt did not keep us from doing our jobs. Ever been deterred before and will be not deterred the day. They try to disrupt our democracy. They failed. Joseph Robinette Biden junior do solemnly swear it. And as a new president took America's Helm we are reminded of the progress still being neat legal rebuild. Back and smiled and looked covered it's just. Watson sock hobbling Harris. Put her hand up NT EO and I was watching this and I didn't realize how emotional looks to be answered right underneath this is his energy and you'll get even on. And just seen apple and he stream is just company. Bill would seem like the first three Wendy's in January blasts in an eternity. The duties of a newly elected congresswoman let's carry on etiquette again. Thank you madam chair and ranking member Davis. On the traffic safety enforcement is top of mind for many of my constituents at home a winner wrestling you. You request comedians and capitation. Actor it includes affordable housing. It includes access to prop especially in rural underserved communities instead of just the ability to meet these huge investment communities to create jobs well. To treat more repetitions. In just do we can help people need beast needs. Constantly reminding us of the work that is getting done. And the progress that is in fact being mate. We salt lot of great things operation more speed and getting it vaccine approved in ten months vs ten years. There are so many good things that happen those are things we can't embrace going to forward. Coming up. I'll close with representative Nancy mace at home in Charleston. Homes in Washington DC. Where's my mom its. I came here. Though fireball from south Carolina's first district. Who does not hold back at work I did not become a candidate jobs at a lot of my new job I just want. And I. I didn't tell us say to shower so. This classic moment house into the White House tonight. Answer your concocted it appears to be different. They typically tracks traffic every. And it's pretty nice and really work and come up. I come up here to do jobs hit a lot of needed job like I just one hour and another announcer Frontline. I want to be in front line. I. Have to take you back the first time that locked in here the first time you sire came on I cried and Baghdad touched my name on the wall in. And it again be alive at 43 little in a member of congress and so. To see how far in the last week I've six years remarkable. History when you first Republican congressman from South Carolina and and before that I was the first woman to graduate. From the citadel Military College Of South Carolina I did that 1999. And yeah. Sweet life view. Have found ourselves. Dictated by an along the lands. And our institution. Will also become Ko and. T believe its second chances. Did you and I and I talk about is a lot and I believe my life has been a series of second chances as much success as I've had I've also failed. And many challenges going up I was raped when I was sixteen and recently but it went high school and and I dropped at a school shortly thereafter and bright and may seventeenth birthday in my first job is. On the side of the interstate waiting tables at a Waffle House is that parents if you're gonna stop going schooling. When you answer where. Obviously the physical trauma and actor and experience but also. The emotional trauma it lasts a lifetime. And it literally to between five yours you talk about it. Publicly in Hillary's and I have is because we were debating a fetal heartbeat bill. There were no exceptions for women even range. You worry about it judgmental people are going to cast upon you. I know you wish you would have shared. What happens to you when it did happen. But is there part of you that is grateful for the week that you did it. There are semi that had that same story that same struggle. And when you talk to them you see that you see the tears and writes you see that it made a difference there like because they said I went through that same thing could talk about it and those moments. I'm sure an analog to use him. 100% chance he can cut but he had it had impacted it took 25 years when I was able to talk about it. I realize. It made such a difference in so many women's lives that they too can have the courage to finally share and then I hear their secret it is our secret. It is important for us to recognize that and acknowledge it talk about it and make it better for the liberal mind it's for our daughters. It's also their reasoning went. Dissident happiness experiences. And I knew that if I can get you personal face that towns have the courage and confidence. She'd go through that experience that I would be a better person. And now I feel doesn't matter what happens I have the confidence spiel to speak cap. In when it comes to politics. Sometimes many times are often times you've got to have that confidence in the courage you're gonna make a difference especially when it means going against members of your own party sometimes. Gotta happen according to consumer trust funds haven't seen Hospira intact three one me. Police in the inner. To go from being a high school dropout in. Now it's sitting member. Congress I don't even believe it is easy prey. Why did you decide to run for office you know life takes nominees have sometimes you traveled on a rare that you didn't know you're gonna travel down it changes your. Perspective. I realize there's this whole other side and no idea about politics and how the government was running. Everywhere and urban Indian inmates here. Holding it or not being. Throughout south conference in front of the victory and other content that we're getting. If you're not buying what Nancy Pelosi selling general asking you to sell the new Nancy to congress in 2017 aryan for. A state house he had special action and decided to run then and then. When Republicans lost the seat in 2018 it was. One of my kids that came to me and said he mommy when every minute take out. My predecessor who can win this is consumed by kids are the reason for congress. Everything here. Then hey. My dad please literally had nothing new and I am not even six beetle and act. Walk your how you live in your office. Yet while some have a closet and that bottle of many friends and here. Close always Ali if you office that here on my way here all my all those supply issues about high heels and boots for days. And then refrigerator stocked full of Dhaka. It's a hot tea and water and there and I. And that's when you have a tiny bathroom. Everyday concealing my diet my make up here I think editors Bryant hear the crash from rushing makes you throwing everything I just. As America and it is Time Warner and how this is fit this is all it. Yes. Cat out of bed and Jeremy get it and it got there and get back this is the budget. And of course can mask. Allison has worn off during its top in making this decision you're making the decision to also. Sleep in your office and and a lot of ways it shows how dedicated you are key constituents. Gaps in the works how seriously you're taking and it's and I want to be an effective. Member of congress I want to govern and given how divided are entry is right now it's important that. He recognized we're here for chuck. Take us back. January 6. It was your first 100 hours it's crazy. And so much of it was filled with fear and it's one of the reasons I was such a strong voice coming out of that his eminence and pictured that this is tasked to stop. He and we have trenches in both parties that have just cost so much division. And it and it continues and I don't wanna be a part of that. Diet transit. Communications my colleagues in congress that rhetoric. As real consequences of the biggest. Any need to stop great gap. He supported former president Donald Trump he congratulated you on your win. Have you spoken to him since last summer and in the fall I did that I have has been intense since January 6. Do you believe some Beers any responsibility. For what happened. I do and I had been one of the strongest voices on on our side and I'm someone who supported him and he he helped me when my election vice Versa I worked for him in 2016. But the advance of that day's changed every. You'll never. Take back our country with the weakness you have to show strength and you have to be strong. You have to condemn in the strongest terms possible anyone participating in that actually prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As a Republican I do believe there are millions of people out there and it don't feel. But their voices are being heard and that's why you see the fringes of both parties the extremities of those parties. Getting their tentacles into so many people that hazy feeling they're not being. Does the Republican Party need to do more. When it comes to diversity racial diversity gender diversity making sure that the party is representative. I'm dioceses and and ideologies across the country we typically don't run on I didn't mean fastest time. That those are really our values but it's important to me now only have I diverse party to rep be represented but also diversity of ideas. And Morgan independent thinker and and my party gives me that we need to be able to do I would ask permission and. Coming we head out west to see representative barely strict rules roots. What's keeping mayor of Tacoma out of Maryland gonna get a moment. And how she plans to wait for young girls look just like her I am hybrid at my cultural identity and more than anything. And American. Yeah a. Do you think about. The identity you have as a woman of color. Navigating spaces where we typically. Do not show up when I used to seeing us. And back in Washington State for example there are legislative proposals being offered to combat the cycle of poverty but actual results from. Tell me about how your parents mats. Your father I don't know where to you. Met your mother. In South Korea lot amnesty should there I'm sure earning an interracial couples and during that time frame they had to face. That's not a challenges and the one story that I tells of one of my mother tells me and you know when we first came the United States. We went to Virginia which is as you know the deep south and back in the sixties and my father was wearing his army uniform my mother was dressed like she was going to church. And I was west and I was one and a half years old. And my mom tells the story and then driving around all night trying to find a motel room and no one ranking them. And then finally someone say yes and so that was my mother's introductions United States was that experience with her black husband in the deep south in the sixties. Powell we're were you the challenges that your parents faces an interracial couple growing up. I think about the fact that my father joined a segregated army when he was a young man and then my mother. Who came to this country's a Korean American woman. And then there's our household and then leave the house we have to fit into mainstream culture. But as I've gotten older my appreciation for my parents and what they had to experience the indignities they had to experience and how desperately need every parent wants better for their child. When did you first realize. That you had a different upbringing that your background. May have been different and when I was in fifth grade and I members of the of the dinner table with a friend of mine. And her family was plate never remember her brother and her father using the inward. Like they were just talking very casually about in and I think about how uncomfortable I felt and how I actually pretend that I got sick and wanted to go home. And that feeling of being another ray thank. And it happened fallow ever as a biracial woman this sentence maybe not black enough for the black people not Asian enough. For the Haitian people on them out of an Atlanta went time and I was dating someone and he needed comments they like what you're not a real sister. And even recently fact that I have elected to congress this history making any former. Elected official who is Korean American and older man made some remark about you know might be only half Korean. I've been asked all my life will deacons sophomore block of North Korean I think to myself I am. A hybrid of my cultural identity but more than anything I'm an American moment. How do we get past that. The and I Kennedy the labeling as long as we as a nation are involving an embracing the fact that people come from different parts of the world. People have accents they look differently at different cultures as we think about what it means to become a nation that works together we just have to focus action accountants. See the evolution of it being embraced his pride and identity and saying this is what makes us American. You've made history but certainly one of the hardest parts about making history is getting people to see you in a space and works someone who looks like you has not existed before rain. And I'm sure that you yourself without that experience you know being in a room. And wanting to speak and having people. Not see you. Doing something and being you race to much in the people take credit for. Or just having to speak up and having people think these are the spokesperson for your entire race. I think about the trajectory of my career and you know my career path has not been Linear. And so my philosophy is always been you know be ready when an opportunity comes up. Speaking near Tacoma. How Michael and Maryland he's gonna go places. I I thought at some point it would threaten governor. She's you just get with the congressman and we could be a new member of congress from Washington tenth district now we know exactly who she will be former Tacoma mayor Marilyn Strickland you've seen a lot of history. And vintage was important movement in its planes sometimes that people see you somewhere before you imagine yourself there. And when I left the mayor's office religions about their problems. And so you know I thought about the growth that's happening here. I couldn't keep that it looks up and have been encouraging her to get involved in politics. GMT of them did speak as well yeah. Its importance is let me ask for anything like you know the more you see yourself represented. And more able you're you are to believe that it like I can do this. It was the first woman of color to be elected mayor. I was the first person of color to actually serve as the CEO of the Seattle metropolitan. I am the first African American. To serve in congress not just from Washington State from the Pacific northwest then one of three Korean American women to serve in congress ever. And so being the first to something that isn't necessarily new to me and I don't perceive these things because I wanna be the first but. Believe me when you the first you never want to be the last continued heavy duty to ensure that you're trying to cultivate and help others come back. Do you ever think about some of the little girls out there and go back to your around out. About how old you looked up and meet you didn't see women of color represented in certain spaces. And now there's a new generation rain will grow not knowing what that is like yet. Absolute I mean I go back to the fact that you have a generation of young people whose first president was Barack Obama. But you raise a really get point because this is about seeing yourself in envisioning yourself. You know when I Wear my Honda on the house for that was it was something that I did to honor my mother. And to honor my culture I had no idea that it would get the attention to it. I was getting calls re letters I had someone from Massachusetts and the glass art which was an image of a little girl wearing a hot book. And I tell that story because they think only they knew instantly that representations and her. Is congress a good representation. Of the diversity. Reflected in east so the 117. Congress is the most diverse congress in its history. So with each successive election you see more people of diverse backgrounds. And you know we talk about diversity to. It is in every possible sense of the word because we know that every congressional district is different. And so you see more people colleagues seem more women you know women make up 51% of the electorate and we're still. 20/20 5% of congress who clearly we have more work to do. Coming up. John making lasting changes in policy and she would benefit their communities. Effect on my floor you do. NASA floor manager for the first time work. Words. Bills my hot fire from one point 5 in the morning in Washington. I'm. How to freshman congresswomen navigate these historic times. You know for every line whether you're Democrat or Republican. It has been quite an introduction into the US House of Representatives but I do say this you know we were able to certify the election on January 6. We had a successful inauguration. And the Democrats did pass the package how so you know the wheels keep turning. We're voting against. And the Croats coming recommending against that deceiving because that's fillets are always talking on his right to work. I rise today in support of my amendment in the country were nearly half the labor market is made up of women. And a quarter for people of color it. Our training programs must include the full diversity of our nation. Just got done on the floor TD. Pass so it's floor manager for the first time to learn. Were different bills. Washington State delegation whenever there is a new member of congress to photograph of each note in implying that it could be reached at. And so that the war will look to be this year because of the newest member of the delegation and Hanks and I obviously you've written. Yeah. And yeah. Oh yeah at some point down the road I have the otter and that to each other and there aren't. So many ways it is not what I thought it was going to be it's very sort of what it was as a state lawmakers. The deficit and it's really end and that the partisanship as it's palpable. This will be an impeachment trial unlike any other in American history the senators now jurors were all witnesses to that deadly insurrection on January 6. And today they will return to them the Erie chamber they fled from the put a former president on trial for the first time in our nation's history. I did not come to congress to impeach a president. But unfortunately insurrection on January 6 requiring us to take action because he violated his oath of office. And it up really early. Help my first cup of coffee this is the first day of impeachment in. You know my feelings on this are one and is it constitutional errors and not because there's some debate whether to impeach a president who's no longer. President. This is an ABC news special report. This second impeachment of former president Donald. We talked about the divisions in the country Republicans were also arguing at that time that an impeachment process would further divide the country do you think it did I don't think it did I mean I think that the people who saw what happened. Pretty much knew where they stood. And you know it was something that wit a responsibility to do. Wind the clock back and ask yourself. If at any point. Donald Trump did not do the things he did with the attack on the capital have happened. If there's only one answer to this question. Of course and on. He said the rhetoric has consequences. And. Fight like hell. And if you don't fight like hell did not gonna have a country anymore. Your democratic colleagues believe that the consequence. For January 6. Would be to impeach. Former president Donald Trump be voted to do so in the house you voted against it why. You cannot eliminate due process for the president. You can only due process for anybody in this country and that is a terrible precedent that you cannot we cannot set it is constitutional. Cancel culture. So for the same reasons that included mr. Freddie electoral college and voted against impeachment because that's what we should do former constitutional. Perspective. As you'll see during the course of this trial that mom was summoned the assembled. And insight. A former president of the United States Donald Trump. You voted to impeach former president Donald Trump. Some of your Republican colleague said that the process was rash they said it was unconstitutional. Violating your oath of office is unconstitutional. Calling for an insurrection is unconstitutional. And when I hear conversations about things being rushed. The impeachment management team that the Democrats put together lit up the case to the American people if those actions did not justify impeachment I don't know when and so there was nothing rushed about the evidence was cleared him was right. There are millions of people that voted for Donald Trump. Many of the people do not feel as if the Democratic Party represents their values I think to challenge here is that you had people in congress. Who did not vote to indicate that and people think that is a reflection of Everest in the Republican I know that there are people who saw what happened and they believe an impeachment was necessary I think the question is you know Heidi we move forward. I was proud to just ask my vote. Mary Beth. It's my heart failure at one point 5 in the morning in Washington. Not be good. This complex currently being beaten in the CNN news and armed. We just got trying idea teammates are wonderful kind of summoned from South Carolina. Amin C. Well thank you very much everyone for joining me Mike Berry burst town hall meeting very exciting and listen wanted to eat. Republicans that voted in favor the wilderness act and the protect public millions although we're still stuck at home with colony. I'm Wendy do something to celebrate Black History Month. I finally down our. Task here me madam chair this is congresswoman Strickland. When you look at the numbers 182 male Republicans in congress a 106 theater right 123. Woman in congress 32. Our republic and when you cede those numbers. And see that even though you're making strides they're still very much in the minority. Trying to when he was a great years you add to our diversity within the party that we can't just do it interplay between an epidemic that we need to do it every two years until our faces due reflect the rest of America now getting a story out of the successes that we've had. It's important did you gotten it's important to identify candidates. That are more paper expects share our principles and our values and. Let's talk about police reform there are some Americans in this country that are looking at congress in this area we've been here before right. After that outrage over the killing in the death of George Floyd. There were talks about bipartisan. Police performance country why is this time different black lights matter. Five years ago was about activism against police brutality. Black lives matter now is something that you see everybody cash type what you wanna to be more than cash and you talk about policing and police reform. It is not about being anti police it's about being pro safety. For every one. To Carlo was under fire many saying that there is a history of excessive force and community. Could more have been done when you repair absolutely every single neighbor tell you there's always more that we can do. But now we have an opportunity to have local government. Work with state government and work with federal government in one thing that you know I would like to see that's been discussed the to have a national standard of policing. At a speech or at and come back here for us. Why not go on this nearly two trillion dollar relief package that would give Americans in need 14100 dollar stimulus tax. Isn't the price tag that that is the issue. It's a bowl package that's the problem I have no problem if people gaining stimulus checks in the end fact if we did it right if we actually had targeted relief he could probably cut larger checks. To those people if you're Republican or Democrat no one wants this year tax dollars wasted. We don't want it going to frivolous spending it should be done and away. That really impacts those who need maps and there are millions of people who were out of work businesses who are shutting down. And we need to make sure we're turning Arrington those people nobody else are you concerned and a no vote. Would send a message to send me your constituents you're voting against relief for now I'm going to be I'm be strong that this is not a coupe and relief package this is a one point nine trillion dollar spending spree. And if there were truly focus on those who needed it most we could have done more with class I really believe that. Coming up a little after 5 PM on the very first flight out hundreds of Washington State today. We visit the women in their districts and learn more about what drives them to make a change awesome players are gonna cut it anymore. Lindsey was here and other obsolete I'm years ago now I think congress representing you in congress. Our senior congressional correspondent Rachel Scott has the latest when Rachel. George good morning a house is now gearing to pass this package. Stepping into the role of congressional correspondent. Can't being the youngest to do that security be seeing Rachel Scott ABC news Capitol Hill yeah. And Indus grinding. Tell me about your last 100 hours. The last limited hours. Bouncing from Washington DC eight. Over to the US Mexico border and back. So I woke up this morning in Texas now we're ending the day here but in his bid and hearing loss of 100 hours. When that very first flight at headed to Washington State today. Spend some time in the district congresswoman Ireland's Catholic running a little late this morning. Some happy. But I'm yeah. Here this is your back it was this say. That's in east Tacoma on. And almost spring day. You. Yeah. Yeah. Lot of people that I know are here especially African Americans and Asian Americans. Because of the military lot of my friends I grew up with three of their black cap and me is lacking for me in black German or some black and it was you know something yet but some combination of something. These are like two of my dearest friends they're picking at him I have a very very. Deep history and mothers meant when they were at the bus stop. And her mother starts speaking to my mother in Japanese and because my mother learned when she was she answered yeah conversations. Over bankrupt. And for fifty years see. Oh. In new. So Erie district stretches from the city and now we're and in the black rage. And we're here at. It's beautiful color here it is it's gorgeous and it's even more gorgeous when you know the trees are fully leaned in everything that's really nice. So much of our our conversations have been focused on the Asian American community in recent months seeing this uptick. In racial violence. She feel like the Asian American community has the last out of the conversation. About racial justice and equality. Still I would say they when people think about racial justice and may think about hate crimes. The Asian American community doesn't always come top of mind. It's happening right now across America fear and anxiety. Heinous and brutal attacks against Asian Americans what's really being done to stop and. Where were you winner you found out about this shooting and Atlanta. I was at home because it happened on Tuesday evening I think I just got something for my news feed. The deadly shooting spree at three spots he made people were killed another here's the attacks may have targeted the Asian community who. ECU some unknown here we go again in America gun violence and what I worry about it worried that gun violence and mass shootings have become so commonplace network known them today. And that brings concern about reform. For a lot of Americans it feels like we go through this cycle including Iran and over again where it's a mass shooting and we have this conversation about gun violence and gun reform but we actually don't get anywhere well here's a deal Fossum players aren't gonna cut it anymore because there are more guns in America than there are people. And so having background check to doing common sense gun background checks. It's not taking anyone's rights away that it may help prevent someone from should have been banned from getting. Congresswoman you are the first female graduate of the citadel and and that the cool thing for me today was missing all the other women that are on this campus. Think about when you're here. It's pretty amazing three cheers again this man is on I graduated from the citadel and this actually the first time I've been back on campus since I was born and congress. I do I ask you about gun violence and has you're just on the heels. I think less than 48 hours how we're there was a shooting. Not too far from here in rock count. How do you address. Backs gun violence in this country. When were talking about gun control these issues when you actually kill black canyon you read the legislation. Oftentimes it actually would never have prevented the violence is intended to you learn that most states. All other information on criminals their databases are all over the place. There's not a single. Database for him to look up some of criminal record whether it's this state law enforcement division counties municipalities or assistant state troopers. You name it they don't talk to child is just 20/20 when he shouldn't have to. Wait three days to find out if someone can legally purchased events for the find out in minutes. And whatnot during the team president Joseph Biden wants the ban all us out cycles is that the answer others gonna pick up a different kind of rifle. Realistically. Is it something that can be done the beacon incrementally make those changes that would make it small changes can make a huge difference in this conversation. As one Saturday at there's there's a lack of common sense and conference. Priorities for you were in the month marriage we're nearing eight. What are the priorities for you in the next couple of weeks. In the last few weeks you know we have passed landmark legislation we passed the American rescue. We passed vPro act which protects people's right to organize and form unions. We passed immigration laws and allowed three years to become citizens and allow foreign workers and citizens. It happened violence against women and so there's so much work that we're doing that as much needed and the 170 congress is going to be very very assertive. In trying to roll out legislation because of the building where people are looking to us because. You want in the order as high school drop. Today. And you elected representatives crazy rain and it's so crazy I have a hard time believing that. I came from that spot so dark and had ample for the future. And look at wearing today and it's it's incredible. Coming up. Looking ahead to the future. Decades on the line what do you hope that your legacy. Is going to be what did these women Lindsay do next. Nancy. Ron cook yes. The good news and build me okay replied Clinton you hear about play five years ago now I think congress. Representing in congress. One of the mean you. She wasn't the one that you can't nothing at the Hudson Barbie doll. And I. And how. As the first 100 days it for you you know what was remarkable was. Historically and I'm to focus on the people that sent me here in my district and working hard and what can we do to really genuine. Bring people together to stop the petition. And just work. What does the next 100 days looked like. I would say the next 100 days look like a lot of work in the district every single person in congress we'll have a chance to demonstrate that they're bringing resources and to their districts. I think that there are a lot of voters. Across the country were frustrated with the lack of bipartisanship. It is there anything. Right now that you could see any issue. Working with Democrats I've already been doing it I just said it looked around justice reforms that that passion of mine and I worked on. As president former criminal justice reform as a state lawmaker. And the first bill that I was rather lead Republican sponsor him as a criminal justice bill. Out of the house that I partnered up with content from across the harder issues were you feel like you'll be able to find common ground of Republicans. I mean we're issues where we shot about. Common ground already the American rescue plan for example V violence against women. Losing it I'm hoping that. As the American rescue plan gets implemented and people are getting vaccines the economy is coming meant it will be able to work on the infrastructure and the nets are really. Important issue. What has been some of that the best moment. For you in the last Saturdays through all of the pain and the pandemic. Would say that you know I'm so proud of the team that I had assembled and my teamed up in Washington DC business in nineteen here at home. So you know I want to have. Really outstanding constituent services that when people call my office and they need a problem. That we're going to be able to solve it as a freshman in congress and there's a publication that looks at the diversity of senior staff. And as a freshman you know I ranked number one and the most diverse Washington DC at the senior level and most diverse. And burn and he is my. Chief of staff is trained American to treat him like now she is my com's director and she is African American men factor alone. Violence that decade he is Latino and LG BTQ. And I chosen because they're the most qualified in the smartest but I'm so proud of that team defense of the DC. The lesson regulars here still carry with you absolutely and then it's all about community Wright getting to meet people in the community whether they're. Starting their day you're getting off there and night shift in their family comes in needs then. People that are regulars that come in every week here visitors that come through town it's really for me. Lying on the value of hard work learning from top classes and some tough times and trying to survive to. And this idea of second chances links. It's something peculiar Mon track you know that it doesn't have to be street my it's okay did did and slowly but come back around and it's all the work out. It works itself out making hat. I clearly if you if you have a dream he sat a few holes in you work hard thing you can keep it. We talked about how crazy the first 100 days have been. This happened one word eventful. And ample in the most positive way. Most positive way animals positive. Positive spin on it because being 117. Congress is the most diverse. We score and a lot of women. We have passed landmark legislation to help people and although it was in the back company pandemic. And economic crisis and racial injustice we are actually doing a lot of positive things. Few decades down the line what do you hope that your legacy. Is going to be they worked extremely hard they worked across CIO. That I said when I was going to do I hate politics. Really do best reason I got into politics as saying pay he could be asked hate hypocrisy. We know the 117. Congress faces a challenging road ahead. As he tried to bridge the divide in our nation at a time when our country and looking for hope. And promise. Our faces but in these newly elected freshman representatives. And they continue to be a voice for the people with the people. I retook got. Thanks for watching.

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