12 suspects in mistaken killing of Bronx teen indicted on murder charges

Five of the 12 suspects were charged with first-degree murder.
2:40 | 07/18/18

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Transcript for 12 suspects in mistaken killing of Bronx teen indicted on murder charges
And emotional outburst in court has twelve alleged gang members were rained in the brutal murder of an innocent teenager in the Bronx. The mother fifteen year old Sandra Guzman for a least known as junior. Yelled out to the suspects as they face a judge Eyewitness News reporter rob Nelson is live this evening in the Melrose section. With details rob. We'll Sandra police now believe they have indeed capture all twelve suspects linked to this brutal murder and each of those men. Had time in front of a judge today as dozens of the victim's family members but. Don't. The twelve defendants appeared in pairs in front of the judge today all of them Nell formally indicted on charges including first and second degree murder. Manslaughter and gang assault there refused and the brutal killing a fifteen year old son drew Guzman Feliz also known. S junior in a case that horrified the city. The chain was hacked to death June 20 by machete and knife carrying gang members. In a tragic case of mistaken identity outside of a Bronx bodega. Those were the screams of junior's mother Leandro inside the courtroom today. Yelling the Spanish word for killer at two of the accused. They get a good glory what if safety assault he was that maybe he wasn't heat. I'm gonna get engineered so that the act. And I want them all the pain after the arraignment the Bronx DA and NYPD commissioner. Spoke out about the chilling case which is believed to be the result of an internal dispute amongst members of a trance Orioles game. I've got to tell you about a cop from us 36 years now. As one of the worst things I've ever seen. I've seen a lot of disturbing things each of the defendants ranging in age from eighteen to 29 entered a plea of not guilty. Police have quickly hunt them all down in less than a month six arrested in Patterson New Jersey five in the Bronx and the final suspect caught. Just last week in Connecticut the community. The NYPD. In the Bronx DA's office work together to round up these killers. In all places they attempted to hide. And authorities also said today the junior's murder was not linked to some kind of alleged. Sex say they believe was out there in some way they do believe again this was the case of true. Mistaken identity gang members thought Jr. was a member of a rival faction of the very same gang and that's. Why they went after him. That night. Authorities also give a lot of credit to social media for helping solve the crime in the meantime junior's family is planning a memorial Friday night to mark one month. Since summer. Reporting live here in the Bronx rob Nelson channel seven eyewitness.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Five of the 12 suspects were charged with first-degree murder.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"56676688","title":"12 suspects in mistaken killing of Bronx teen indicted on murder charges","url":"/US/video/12-suspects-mistaken-killing-bronx-teen-indicted-murder-56676688"}