13-Year-Old California Girl Fights Off Alleged Sexual Attacker

Police hunting for suspect who also allegedly tried to sexually attack another woman last month.
9:26 | 05/07/15

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Transcript for 13-Year-Old California Girl Fights Off Alleged Sexual Attacker
And I chat to us on the done him but. I won't in itself he gets inside and he tries to grab a piece I had patient back and try to get him off and then I slam my hand. Includes face and that's and he is cents down from. Mourning tonight yeah police say this girl is. Actor is still on the loose they call him. Pool as he committed these crimes in the middle of the day now they want to stop them before he strikes again. May fifth was just like any other day for this thirteen year old girl walking from school -- west San Jose home near Stephens creek boulevard in Lawrence expressway. But this surveillance video shows the danger following her. The middle school student first noticed a man when he approached her on the front porch told her he was lost. An ass your name and age and started asking inappropriate questions she tells us what happened next. That's that I just say two men inside the house because I already unlocked it. And I tried to us and the Jon Hamm but I can that in itself he gets inside. The next images from the home surveillance system show the man grabber while she struggles. And fights back slamming your hand into his face he backs often looks out the door the middle school or walks away from him obviously terrified. She says she tried to grab something sharp Brantley to throw whatever if he came matter again. He walked a few steps tourist me. And I thought he was gonna and grabbed me again. He is turns around and looks out the time and this walks allay. The young girl then ran into her parents' closet lock the door and began texting her parents. Her dad call 911. Police arrived and discovered this same man was a suspect in another attempt at sexual assault on April 2. In that case a man followed a 28 year old woman indoor restroom at commits what market at Saratoga and more park in west San Jose. That woman also fought off the attacker for the thirteen year old victim in her Stanley a new reality life will not seem as safe anymore. They should be able to walk. Home from school. Can they shouldn't be kept in captive because south don't stick punts and. And we will be happy and safe and I. Fun and laugh. Fred and Stallone really scared and and below I'm testing the outs and run anymore. While both attacks happened here in west San Jose police don't know where he lives or works so that's why they're asking everyone. In the Bay Area to keep and aisles. Matt Keller from our San Francisco station kgo TV thank you let's bring in ABC's crime and terror analyst Brad Garrett Brad police may not have many leads but they say. The suspect wants to get caught because he's out winning brazen attacks during daylight he's not in any kind of disguise you great. Well I certainly agree that he's unsophisticated. During a high risk crime during this time of day or night when there's more people around. But you know I'll contend the following he's doing these because for him they're easy targets of opportunity. Maybe ish when he gets off from work or maybe he happens to be in a particular location. Like the woman who was attacked. At a store and then this thirteen year old that was attacked insider own home. He just sees people apparently. And then he let's that dried his behavior. So he follows are very blatantly in her house were obviously he could be. Identified. He could be seen entering a house so yes I would agree that he's going to get caught because he's or so unsophisticated. And he's also not particularly motivated I mean both. Thank god both women were able to successfully get away from him. By putting up some resistance. It. Appears. From that they get that he's got a camera in his hand this is something that the girl says frightened her all lot. Why would she be scared about why should she be scared about someone perpetrating that type of attack with a camera in hand. Well because I think he's trying to do think two things he's trying to capture whatever his fantasy is about. What what he wants to do or his intentions with her or the other woman. And the idea that those that video could be can go viral -- go out on the Internet some way. And so it's sort of a it's it's sort of a double whammy for a victim. Besides being personally and physically victimize they also could be ongoing victimized if if a video would get out into the public. Speaking out video we're talking social media here at this video of her defending herself is really making around how important is social media in Africa on horsemen and catching somebody. It's access actually has become critical. I mean you've got decent shots of this guy it appears both. At the thirteen year old's house in and also where the 28 year old was the attempted assault occurred. So. The combination of those two photos the ability to to place them strategically. On the net probably the police haven't on their own their own web site. The police have been quite an FBI have been quite successful in identifying and locating people. Strictly from social media leads because people can be anonymous they consider the lead insane that's Joseph Smith. And he lives the following location and then the police check it out that matches and they got their guy so. Extremely important. We see in the surveillance figure there's a point where she gets free but she doesn't run away that she was actually looking for turning to hit the suspect wit. It worked for her she didn't want to turn our back on hand. But what do you advise people in these scenarios do you run away and risk turning your back on knocked kind of perpetrators. Well the key is obviously to get away from them. But if you feel like you can't safely do that then you have to make a decision. If you attack him. Is he the type of offender but that does in flames because there are there is a type of sex offender that if you'd resist them. They really will become physically. Aggressive with you and hurt you. Others and he appears to fit this profile. Some resistance is too much for him. In both cases apparently the women resisted him and he he fled. So this was the right call with him. You know I tell people to do the following you you basically have to go to your own limitations if you feel like it's the right thing to do. And you think you can deal with it and other words physically confronting him then maybe you should. If you're not one of these people than you have to think about other alternatives but there's a mention earlier the key is to get away from him. For example when she came in the house he obviously was following her. People deceptive be more aware of their environments whether they're thirteen 128. Including gambling and her at all and just Macon is suggestion. That. She may not have even gotten in the house a few to turn around me he was obviously coming up the driveway ripper sidewalk. As she was on locking your front door. So many parents. You know focus on making sure that their children are polite to adults. But obviously when there in countered with something like this. What do you say to parents to teach their kids when their instinct might be telling them something is wrong. You have to tellem the. Follow their instincts and to be aware all the time. Where are you if you were alone. Be aware of your circumstances here we're of the people around you always have the ability to immediately contact somebody with a self. Don't go into areas where. Year you've increased your possibility of being victimized in mean it's kind of one of those things and I'm ready guessed that this thirteen year old. Didn't do one thing wrong shoes is basically trying to work her way home from school. I guess the key for her as she moves around don't walk around with with with earbuds and would you can't hear and you you're not in touch with your environment. The key is to see what's going on around not to be paranoid not to give it to work yourself up into you know an emotional frenzy. But the cognizant and aware. And that. Combined with the locations you're moving to and from. Can minimize the the possibility of being attacked. Bret thank you so much for joining us ABC crime terror analyst Brad Garrett. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and started this story for exclusive updates on the go on tack Hernandez in New York.

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{"duration":"9:26","description":"Police hunting for suspect who also allegedly tried to sexually attack another woman last month.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"30879688","title":"13-Year-Old California Girl Fights Off Alleged Sexual Attacker","url":"/US/video/13-year-california-girl-fights-off-sexual-attacker-30879688"}